Yihui He

United States

channel-pruning Python 1001

Channel Pruning for Accelerating Very Deep Neural Networks (ICCV'17)

KL-Loss Python 650

Bounding Box Regression with Uncertainty for Accurate Object Detection (CVPR'19)

u-net Python 381

U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation

softer-NMS * Python 355

Bounding Box Regression with Uncertainty for Accurate Object Detection (CVPR'19)

epipolar-transformers Jupyter Notebook 308

Epipolar Transformers (CVPR 2020)

TOEFL-10000-0 281


computer-vision-tutorial 256

computer vision tutorial guide courses books codes slides resources

Modern-Compiler-Implementation-in-C C 204

book and codes for Modern Compiler Implementation in C

GAN-MNIST Python 192

Generative Adversarial Network for MNIST with tensorflow

resnet-cifar10-caffe Python 164

ResNet-20/32/44/56/110 on CIFAR-10 with Caffe

panorama Matlab 147

Image alignment and stitching with MATLAB

resume-template TeX 121

awesome resume, CV, cover letter templates!

resnet-imagenet-caffe Shell 110

train resnet on imagenet from scratch with caffe

3D-reconstruction Matlab 79

two view structure from motion

Estimated-Depth-Map-Helps-Image-Classification HTML 52

Depth estimation with neural network, and learning on RGBD images

Xception-caffe 44

Xception implemented with caffe

Stronger-yolo-pytorch Python 37

mini-ImageNet Python 23

Generate mini-ImageNet with ImageNet for fewshot learning

TOEFL-10000-5 21

Natural-Language-Process HTML 20

Solutions for CS224d: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Exemplar-CNN Matlab 18

Discriminative Unsupervised Feature Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks

named-entity-recognition Python 18

name entity recognition with recurrent neural network(RNN) in tensorflow

Continuous-Energy-Minimization-for-Multitarget-Tracking Matlab 18

Continuous Energy Minimization for Multitarget Tracking

caffe-pro C++ 17

caffe pro

py-faster-rcnn * Python 15

Faster R-CNN that supports channel pruning, etc.

recursive-neural-network Python 14

Recursive Neural Network for named entity recognition(NER), from scratch with tensorflow

An-Analysis-of-Single-Layer-Networks-in-Unsupervised-Feature-Learning Jupyter Notebook 14

Implementation for: An Analysis of Single-Layer Networks in Unsupervised Feature Learning

Objects-Detection-with-YOLO-on-Artwork-Dataset Python 13

Objects Detection with YOLO on Artwork Dataset ( you only look once system)

caffe-dice-loss-layer Python 12

caffe dice loss python/c++ layer

c0-compiler Yacc 11

c0 compiler with lex and yacc in C

yihui-he.github.io HTML 10

my personal website

Awesome-model-compression-and-acceleration * 9

ResNet-tensorflow Jupyter Notebook 8

ResNet in tensorflow for CIFAR-100, CIFAR-10

reconstructing-pascal-voc Mercury 8

Implementation of paper: Reconstructing PASCAL VOC

Badminton-Robot C 7

Badminton Robot for Robocon 2015

TSP Python 7

evaluation of various algorithms for traveling salesman problem

deep-learning-guide TeX 7

deep learning resources: slides,books,papers,blogs

Parsing-Natural-Scenes-and-Natural-Language-with-Recursive-Neural-Networks Matlab 7

Parsing Natural Scenes and Natural Language with Recursive Neural Networks

medical-image-segmentation Python 6

medical image segmentation

lip-tracking-with-snake-active-contour-and-particle-filter Matlab 6

object tracking from scratch

TOEFL-10000-2 6

mahalanobis-distance Python 5

mahalanobis distance from scratch

region-proposal-network Python 5

region proposal network

deep-learning-for-NLP 5

deep learning course for natural language processing

awesome-cheat-sheet TeX 5

awesome cheat sheet templete in latex

medical-image-segmentation-a-survey 5

medical image segmentation: a survey

TOEFL-10000-4 4

TOEFL-10000-1 4

TOEFL-10000-3 4

introduction-to-android 3

西安交大, 安卓实验报告

Edge-detection-with-zero-crossing Matlab 3

edge Detection from scratch

deep-learning-for-lambda-calculus 3

291K final project

YOLO_tensorflow * Python 3

tensorflow implementation of 'YOLO : Real-Time Object Detection'

awesome-architecture-search * 3

A curated list of awesome architecture search resources

install-cuda9-cudnn7-nccl Shell 3

on Ubuntu 16.04

database-experiment 3

Alibaba-supplier-info-Scrapper TeX 2

grab alibaba suppliers infomations

H36M-Toolbox * Python 2

nvcaffe C++ 2

DNS_multi_query Python 2


AI-CS_188 Python 2

least-square-regressor Python 2

linear regression with least square from scratch

DNS_query_Cpp C++ 2

Decision-tree Python 2

decision tree, ranking tree from scratch, based on ID3

Rotary-encoder-System C 2

Rotary encoder System for Robot

caffe-wrapper Python 2

high level caffe wrapper of net builder, trainer, and visualizer

mac-tools-list 2

a curated list of mac tools

ssh-connect-your-computer Shell 2

use ssh to connect your computer under the same network

Ultrasound-Nerve-Segmentation Python 2


MNIST data

CIFAR-10-Python 2

context-cifar Python 2

context CIFAR

caffe-fast-rcnn C++ 2

my caffe-fast-rcnn

MNC-for-ultrasound-segmentation Python 2

MNC for ultrasound segmentation

MNC * Python 2

Instance-aware Semantic Segmentation via Multi-task Network Cascades

cudnn4-install C 2

cudnn4 auto install

org 2


computer-organization-project VHDL 2

computer organization course

introduction-to-java Java 2

my implementations for XJTU java course

install-nccl Cuda 2

Vehicle-Traffic-Driven-Camera-Placement Jupyter Notebook 2

Vehicle Traffic Driven Camera Placement for Better Metropolis Security Surveillance

vgg-training-Imagenet * 2

awesome-model-compression-and-acceleration-1 * 2

a list of awesome papers on deep model ompression and acceleration

cocoapi * Jupyter Notebook 2

COCO API - Dataset @ http://cocodataset.org/

gpustat * Python 2

monitor multi GPUs available memory status

SVM Jupyter Notebook 2

SVM for digits recognition

compilers-paper TeX 2

pytorch * C++ 1

Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration

imiss C++ 1

break apk with scala, 西安交大 imiss 笔试

os C++ 1

os-report TeX 1

billiards Java 1

billiards Game for Java final project

cv-yihui TeX 1

my CV template

caffe2-tutorials * Python 1

Caffe2 Tutorials

bjCamera * JavaScript 1

Beijing Traffic Camera Map For Non Beijing license plate Car

basic-linear-classifier Jupyter Notebook 1

basic linear classifier from scratch

BinaryConnect * Python 1

location-estimation-using-solar-shallow Jupyter Notebook 1

Position estimation using solar shallow

medical-fraud-detection Jupyter Notebook 1

medical fraud detection

dilation * Python 1

Dilated Convolution for Semantic Image Segmentation

knn Python 1

k nearest neighborhood from scratch

kernel-perceptron Python 1

dual perceptron from scratch

bagging Python 1

model ensemble using bags of basic linear classifier, from scratch

segmentation 1

semantic segmentation paper reading

machine-learning-tutorial TeX 1

machine learning tutorial books slides codes rescources

Ultrasound-Nerve-Segmentation-train_mask 1

Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation train_mask

Ultrasound-Nerve-Segmentation-train_data 1

Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation data

Ultrasound-Nerve-Segmentation-test 1

Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation test data

lexical-analysis C 1

lexical analysis for tiger in c++

compilers 1

Data-Structure-and-Algorithm 1

Data Structure and Algorithm course

Artificial-Intelligence-course 1

AI course

pstat-report 1

Statistics course experiment report

my-Notes 1

Miscellaneous, remain here for historical reason

thermometer C 1

measure temperature with MSP430

LCD-display C 1

display on LCD with MSP430

winio C++ 1

winio measure and control hello world

Csharp-course 1

my learning resources for Csharp course


light LED with AVR

beep-music-avr Makefile 1

play music with beep on avr

digitron-counter-with-AVR Makefile 1

implement a counter and display on digitron with AVR

interupt-AVR Makefile 1

implement interupt on AVR

bus-control-winio C++ 1

bus control winio

motor-control-winio C++ 1

motor control with winio

8-bits-shifter VHDL 1

8 bits shifter with vhdl

clock-AVR Makefile 1

implement a digital clock with timer on AVR

elevator-control C++ 1

elevator control with winio

operating-system 1

external-interrupt-avr Makefile 1

computer-interface Assembly 1


print on LCD display with AVR

office-2013 1

books 1

PASCAL_VC * Jupyter Notebook 1

caffe-1 * C++ 1

Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.

caffe-fast-rcnn-1 * C++ 1

Caffe fork that supports Fast R-CNN

images 1

fair_self_supervision_benchmark * Python 1

Scaling and Benchmarking Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning

MobileNet-Caffe * 1

Caffe Implementation of Google's MobileNets

vgg-cifar10-caffe 1

TSP-report TeX 1

TSP-paper TeX 1

paper for TSP project

Naive-Bayes Python 1

Spam emails detection with Naive Bayes

signal-detector C 1

detect input signal and estimate its frequency with MSP430

ID3 Python 1

ID3 algorithm

kNN-for-digits-recognition Python 1

k nearest neighbors for hand written digits recognition

Logistic-Regression Jupyter Notebook 1

Logistic Regression Alogorithm

neural-network-regression Python 1

fit a sine function with 2 layers neural network

onnx * 0

Open standard for machine learning interoperability

onnxjs * 0

ONNX.js: run ONNX models using JavaScript

streamlit-plotly-events * 0

Streamlit component that allows Plotly events to bubble back up to streamlit. Makes Plotly charts interactive!

longformer * Python 0

Longformer: The Long-Document Transformer

react-player * 0

A React component for playing a variety of URLs, including file paths, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia and DailyMotion

python_backend * 0

Triton backend that enables pre-process, post-processing and other logic to be implemented in Python.

touchTorch * Python 0

Use the Force Luke! Learning to Predict Physical Forces by Simulating Effects [CVPR2020] (https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.12045.pdf)

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Matlab 9 99.85% 278
TeX 46 99.54% 142
Jupyter Notebook 79 99.66% 341
Python 104 99.88% 2934
C 323 99.40% 221
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