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HotFix Java 1376


RocooFix Java 1325

another hotfix framework

MetaballLoading Java 1301

A 2d metaball loading

android_waterfall Java 706


WeexOne Java 677

Weex [one 一个]客户端

PinterestLikeAdapterView * Java 410

implement android pinterest app like multi column list view.

OverscrollScale Java 408

ListView overscroll scale

AnoleFix Java 337

Another hotfix 另一个热修复方案 Alpha,来自InstantRun 和 Robust 类似

DynamicCardLayout Java 259


Gitbook 236


ListItemFold Java 230

ListView and RecyclerView item fold and expand

WaterFallExt Java 205

增强版的瀑布流 扩展自StaggeredGridView.

ToyView Java 194

Drawing animation

PathButton Java 185

仿Path按钮动画效果 a button animation layout like Path

BinderDebug C 81

Android Studio+LLDB调试内核Binder

SimpleSmali Java 45


YoutubeDown Java 44

a Youtube Downloader, can download youtube video on Android ,include encrypted video

DeepInVirtualApp Java 42


BubbleCloudView Java 42

Like apple watch launcher view(仿苹果表应用表盘界面)

AndroidPatcher C 27

Android 下的增量更新

WaveLoadingView Java 27

A loading view animation

TogicLoading Java 20

A loading view animation found in dribbble

TidyDemo Java 19


TraceToHtml C 18

Convert debug trace file to html on Android device

blockindigo Java 15

another ui-block detection library for Android base on Blockcanary

FanPullToRefresh Java 14

Pull to refresh for android

WebPageClip Java 12

Clip the whole webpage

ColorCode Java 11

An android code file reader (一款Android下的代码阅读工具)

fanfoudroid * Java 8


DSPatch Java 7

BSPatch Java implement with android (based on bspatch by Joe Desbonnet, (JBPatch))

dex-ui-ext C++ 6

dex-ui animation project

fanfouapp-opensource * 6


WP7Fanfou C# 5

Windows Phone 7版饭否

TextOnAPathPhone 4

Text on A Path for Windows Phone

android-tech-frontier * 3


interview * Shell 3


DraggedViewPager * Java 3

A View whose pages and items both can be dragged, looking like a ViewPager

dodo_algorithm CSS 2

dodo的算法之路 HTML 2


tinker * Java 2

Tinker is a hot-fix solution library for Android, it supports dex, library and resources update without reinstall apk.

musicbox * Python 2


android-dev-bookmarks * 2

NuwaGradle * Groovy 2

gradle plugin wrote for Nuwa

ShaderEditor * Java 1

Android app to create GLSL shaders and use them as live wallpaper

weex-pack * JavaScript 1

Weex pack tool for Android、iOS and H5 plartform.

ADVMP * C++ 1


droidScripts * Python 1

scripts for android development(Android开发用脚本)

AndroidWiFiADB * Java 1

IntelliJ/AndroidStudio plugin which provides a button to connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected.

MEditor * C# 1

Markdown format, an open source editor

kotlin-in-chinese * 1

kotlin 官方文档翻译

gicentreutils HTML 1

Automatically exported from

dex-method-list * Java 1

A simple utility which lists all method references in a dex file.

Nuwa * Java 1

Nuwa, pure java implementation, can hotfix your android application.

TopitMeDownload C# 1


rave * Java 0

A data model validation framework that uses java annotation processing.

cemu * Python 0

Cheap EMUlator: Simply load, write & execute assembly code for various architectures.

scripts * Shell 0

smali-ide * Pascal 0

Zen * Java 0

Zen! An open source meditation sketch for Android

TimeMachine * Java 0

It's an SDK that looks like IM, and the App module based on Agera & MultiType.

document-detection-scripts * AppleScript 0

These scripts are public domain, donated by me to the Ghostnote community. Feel free to contribute and submit pull requests!

weex-toolkit * JavaScript 0

Weex CLI toolWeex CLI tool

QFix * Java 0

sysui * Dart 0

wooyun_articles * HTML 0 乌云Drops文章备份

VirtualApp * Java 0

An open source implementation of MultiAccount.

NativeIORedirect * C++ 0

Native IO Redirect implementation for Android.

lens-launcher * Java 0

Source Code & Resources for Lens Launcher

gicentreutils-1 * HTML 0

giCentre Utils: Processing library for data visualization

ucorebook_code * C 0

Building ucore OS step by step

DrawFlowDiagramOfSmaliMethods * Smali 0

Draw basic flow diagram of methods in smali file based on unconditional jump and conditional jump instructions.

ideaquicknotes Java 0

Automatically exported from

liquidfun * C++ 0

2D physics engine for games

StaggeredGridView * Java 0

Based of the google staggeredgridview that has been hidden from the ACL, this is an example based off of that.

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