Jiayi Wei

University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

Muse-CGH Scala 98

Stylish Computer Generated Handwritings

textVary Scala 21

Help you write better GRE/TOEFL essays by detecting your repeating phrases.

Singularity Scala 10

Singularity: Pattern Fuzzing for Worst-Case Algorithmic Complexity

Escher-Scala Scala 5

Recursive Program Synthesis using input-output examples

TensorSafe Scala 4

Encode tensor/matrix shapes into Scala's type system.

RainDrop Scala 2

A simple Computer Algebra System in Scala

Einstein Scala 2

A ray tracer written in Scala, featuring dispersion effects

Youdao-for-mac 2

Add "look up in Youdao" Service to your mac. 为你的Mac添加“有道查询”功能。

LazyLang Scala 1

A Haskell-style lazy language in 500 lines of Scala code

TOEFL-preparation 1

GalaxySimulation Scala 1

A demonstration of Barnes–Hut's algorithm for n-body simulations

RecipeManager Scala 1

Mr V+1's Recipe Manager for Scala Programmers

SpaceY Scala 1

Landing rockets using deep reinforcement learning!

Lambda-In-Haskell Haskell 1

A haskell library for lamdba calculus.

ScalaAlgebraSystem Scala 1

A Computer Algebra System (CAS) written in Scala.

CS395T_Project4 Python 0

homepage * Shell 0

Jiayi Wei's homepage

MrVPlusOne.github.io HTML 0

Jiayi Wei's homepage repo

DL-project1 Python 0

Project 1 for CS 395T

old-homepage HTML 0

My personal page

Singularity-related 0

academic-page * JavaScript 0

Github Pages template for academic personal websites, forked from mmistakes/minimal-mistakes

research-goal 0

Combine mechanical and fuzzing reasoning

ComputationalLogic Scala 0

A Scala library for Computational Logic

ArcPercolation Scala 0

2D-percolation simulation with arcs.

SecondMate Java 0

A JEdit parenthesis paring plugin, designed for Isabelle. Based on FirstMate.

Isabelle-stuff Isabelle 0

MC-Gobang Scala 0

Gobang AI based on Monte-Carlo simulations

J--_in_Scala Scala 0

A j-- compiler written in Scala

textVary-storage 0

EssayWriter CSS 0

A simple web page for writing TOEFL essays

WebAccounting HTML 0

A simple web page for accounting.

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Haskell 161 79.13% 1
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