Hu Zhifei

Perfect World Co., Ltd
Beijing, China

qqwry.dat Perl 352

纯真IP地址数据库镜像,mirror of qqwry.dat

latex-templates TeX 69

My ready-to-edit LaTeX templates, for books, articles, and notes, using XeLaTeX, specified both for Chinese and English documents.

latex-beamer-teamplates TeX 13

My LaTeX Beamer Templates for Daily Presentation and Documentation.

bootstrap4-ui-kit-for-indesign 12

Bootstrap 4 UI Kit for Adobe InDesign

z-notes TeX 10

notes structured as org-mode, Markdown, or LaTeX files


"How To", articles on special subjects, in English or Chinese.

react-starter-kit JavaScript 7

Start Kit for React.js and Ant Design, using create-react-app, including JWT authentication flow, and Redux examples. See for using React Hooks.

markdown-reference 5

Markdown 中文参考手册 - Markdown Reference zh_CN

api-dock Python 5

API Dock, a web application for managing and testing your APIs and docs, implemented using Python, Flask and Vue.js.

webpack-static-site-boilerplate JavaScript 2

Webpack 4 static site boilerplate with ES6+, SASS/LESS support, dev-server and livereload.

docker-compose-lemp-stack Dockerfile 2

Docker Compose LEMP Stack, with PHP 7.4, MySQL 8.0, and Redis 6, for PHP applications especially for Laravel projects.

perl-pod-reference Perl 2

perl pod reference zh_CN, perl pod 中文参考手册 - the Plain Old Documentation format

dotemacs Emacs Lisp 1

My .emacs.d configration, structured as an org-mode file.

my-scripts Perl 1

My daily scripts.

go-code-snippets-and-examples Go 1

Go code snippets and examples.

framemaker-templates 1

My FrameMaker Templates for Books, Brochures or Articles.

clean-architecture-in-golang 1

The Clean Architecture Implemented with Go.

data-structures-and-algorithms 1

Data Structures and Algorithms Implemented in Defferent Programming Languages.

MicroMIS JavaScript 1

Micro Management Information System for information with dynamic fields, using Perl and Mojolicious, with MongoDB as backend database.

php-laravel-webapp-boilerplate PHP 1

slides 1

A collection of my talk slides.

phpdev-dockerized Shell 1

Dockerized PHP development stack, specially for Laravel Framework: Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL, Redis and Elasticsearch.

althttpd-mirror C 0

Mirror of althttpd repo, the small, simple HTTP server from sqlite

incubator-shenyu * 0

ShenYu is High-Performance Java API Gateway. SCSS 0

candy-code-box Go 0

Candy Code Box, yet another code snippet box built with Golang, which lets people paste and share snippets of code, like Pastebin or GitHub's Gists.

dockerfile-docker-compose-files Dockerfile 0

My Dockerfile and Docker Compose files used on desktop or servers.

go-encode Go 0

Golang encoding utils.

miniprogram-boilerplate 0

Weixin miniprogram boilerplate

webpack-mobile-site-boilerplate JavaScript 0

Webpack 4 mobile(H5) site boilerplate with vw for layouts, ES6+, SASS support, dev-server and livereload.

bootstrap5-ui-kit-for-indesign 0

Bootstrap 5 UI Kit for Adobe InDesign

laravel-vue-admin 0

Admin system built on Laravel and Vue.js/Element

angular-ng-zorro-antd-boilerplate 0

Start kit for Angular 11 and ng-zorro-antd (Ant Design of Angular)

react-antd-boilerplate 0

Start kit for React.js 17 and Ant Design 4.x, using create-react-app and TypeScript, including JWT authentication.

puppy-regex 0

Puppy Regex, a regular expression toolbox for learning, creating, understanding, testing regular expressions.

docker-compose-go-nginx-pg Go 0

Docker Compose for golang server with nginx proxy and PostgreSQL database.

lfs-notes 0

Notes for building LFS (Linux From Scratch) system.

leetcode 0

LeetCode( Problems' Solutions

po4a * 0

Maintain the translations of your documentation with ease (PO for anything)

bootstrap-jquery-responsive-website-boilerplate JavaScript 0

Responsive Website Boilerplate Using Bootstrap and jQuery.

spring-boot-starter-kit 0

Starter kit for Spring Boot based micro services.

go-design-patterns 0

Collection of idiomatic design & application patterns for Golang.

mean-starter-kit 0

Starter kit for MEAN stack applications - MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js.

vue-responsive-website-boilerplate 0

Responsive Website Boilerplate Based on Vue.js.

electron-vue-boilerplate 0

Electron and Vue.js Boilerplate for Desktop Apps.

weixin-miniprogram-boilerplate 0

Weixin Miniprogram Boilerplate.

animate.wxss 0

Animation for Weixin miniprogram, based on animate.css 3.x, removing -webkit-*.

golang-gin-vue-boilerplate 0

angular-starter-kit 0

Starter kit for Angular, with PrimeNG as UI Components.

bootstrap4-ui-kit-for-xd 0

Bootstrap 4 UI Kit for Adobe XD

ant-design-ui-kit-for-xd 0

Ant Design UI Kit for Adobe XD

ant-design-ui-kit-for-indesign 0

Ant Design UI Kit for Adobe InDesign. UI kit for Ant Design and NG-ZORRO, an enterprise-class UI design language.

english-words * 0

:memo: A text file containing 479k English words for all your dictionary/word-based projects e.g: auto-completion / autosuggestion

java-webapp-boilerplate 0

jquery.birthday.picker.js JavaScript 0

jQuery plugin for birthday picker, cascading year, month, and day picker.

MediaArtisan 0

MediaArtisan, a must-have media conversion tool, convert all types of video, audio and image files with ease.

design-patterns 0

Design Patterns, Implemented in Defferent Programming Languages.

ssm-maven-starter-kit 0

Another boilerplate for SSM project, Java web application project template, which integrating Spring, Spring MVC, MyBatis, Maven, Vue.js, etc.

ssm-gradle-starter-kit 0

Another boilerplate for SSM project, Java web application project template, which integrating Spring, Spring MVC, MyBatis, Gradle, React.js, etc.

dev-test-stage-prod 0

The developing and deploying workflows of Git managed projects, from development, to testing, to staging, and finally to production.

vimrc VimL 0

dotvim, .vimrc

flask-vuejs-starter-kit JavaScript 0

Flask + Vue.js Project Template

personal-backlog 0

A personal TODO list manager, another alternative for Emacs org-mode and JIRA.

latex-cv-resume-templates 0

My collection of curriculum vitae (CV) or resume templates using the LaTeX Typesetting System.

indesign-doc-templates 0

My document templates for books, articles or posters, using Adobe InDesign CC.

hostsctl 0

HostsCtl, a hosts file management tool, changing, controlling hosts file has never been easier.

cc-video-tuner 0

CC Video Tuner, optimize client hosts to enhance video viewing experience.

subtitle-trimer 0

Subtitle Trimer, make subtitle file clean and neat, bulk remove English or Chinese Subtitle line from *.srt files.

team-room 0

TeamRoom, create a place where you and your team members can share information, store documents, and collaborate with one another.

perl-by-example-5th-edition-src 0

Source code for Perl by Example, 5th Edition

ng2-file-upload * TypeScript 0

Easy to use Angular2 components for files upload * HTML 0

Project Euler | 欧拉计划 中文翻译站

project-euler-solutions Visual Basic 0

Solutions of problems from using different programming languages.

agile-development-documents 0

Agile Development and Design Documents

the-latex-of-latex 0

The LaTeX of LaTeX. A Guide to LaTeX Written in LaTeX.

my-freebsd-make.conf 0

My FreeBSD /etc/make.conf

php-specs 0

PHP Specifications, and best practice. PHP 编码规范,最佳实践。

centos7-dockerfile 0

Dockerfile for CentOS 7

front-end-specs 0

Front-end Specifications 前端开发编码规范

english-grammer 0

The summary of English grammer. 英语语法总结

systemd-services 0

Services files for systemd.

dockerfiles 0

:whale: My dockerfiles.

fusion Perl 0

An amazing Q&A system, built and run on Perl and Mojolicious web framework.

the-little-cpp 0

The Little C++

the-little-c 0

The Little C

refactoring 0

Refactoring. 重构。

perl-primer 0

Perl Primer Book

perl-one-liners-sed-awk 0

Perl One-Liners, sed & awk.

design-patterns-in-php PHP 0

Design Patterns in PHP - PHP 设计模式

bootstrap-snippets CSS 0

Bootstrap snippets. Bootstrap 代码片段。

php-fig-psr-cn 0

PHP-FIG PSR 中文版,fig-standards 中文版。

git-the-complete-reference 0

Git: The Complete Reference, written in LaTeX, zh_CN

gnu-emacs-book 0

The GNU Emacs book, written in LaTeX, zh_CN

best-perl-modules 0

Best Perl Modules - Perl 推荐模块

colour-schemes * JavaScript 0

Colour schemes for a variety of editors created by Dayle Rees.

gitignore * 0

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

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