Fraser Xu

Melbourne / China

electron-pdf JavaScript 957

📄 A command line tool to generate PDF from URL, HTML or Markdown files.

soundredux-native JavaScript 779

📱 In an effort to try react-native along with redux

react-dropdown JavaScript 461

🔽 A dead simple dropdown component for React

react-chartist JavaScript 439

⚛ React component for Chartist.js

ionic-rating CoffeeScript 145

An angularjs directive that take care of visualising a star rating bar

react-testing-recipes JavaScript 81

📝 A list of recipes to testing your React code

intro-to-react JavaScript 53


gifme JavaScript 40

A tool to make a gif in the browser for sharing

ng-textcomplete JavaScript 39

An angularjs directive for github-like autocomplete

music163-cli JavaScript 39

mucis163 client

gulp-html2js JavaScript 37

Gulp plugin for converting AngularJS templates to JavaScript

jingfm-cli JavaScript 34

start playing music from your awesome command line with jingfm-cli

node-auth-weibo JavaScript 30

A complete oauth flow example for Sina weibo

shenjs JavaScript 27

The shenjs iOS app build with react-native

slack-pokemon-emoji JavaScript 23

A tool to upload all the pokemon to slack emoji.

node-registration JavaScript 23

Simple and robust user registraion process with expressjs + mongoose + nodemailer + more...

stream-handbook-cn 23

A translation for stream handbook from @substack

babel-jsxgettext JavaScript 22

A tool like jsxgettext, but works for es6 + jsx that babel support

swift-github-demo Swift 22


jsconf-china-2016-talk JavaScript 18


webpack-bourbon-test JavaScript 17

A repo to test use webpack sass-loader with node-bourbon

geo-cn 16

China GeoJSON data

react-data-visualization JavaScript 15

A repo to demonstration using react to do data-visualization

docker-tape-run JavaScript 14

A demo to setup a tape-run environment on linux with Docker

bkboard JavaScript 11

A Buildkite build report dashboard in terminal and anywhere else.

electron-video-stream JavaScript 10

Use electron to capture video and stream it to the Internet

music163 JavaScript 9

nodejs client for music163

bel-todomvc JavaScript 6

A todomvc implemented in Bel

gify-app JavaScript 6

Convert videos to gifs as an OS X, Linux and Windows app

secured-static-land HTML 5

:tada: Secured your static website with different oauth provider with ease.

react-yaml-editor JavaScript 5

A yaml editor with reactjs

react-send-action JavaScript 5

A React binding for send-action

isomorphic-github JavaScript 5

An example to test isomorphic application with react + flux + react-router + dispatcher + express

data-canvas JavaScript 4

An app to display the data for the data-canvas project

videocat CSS 4

webrtc video sharing electron app for mac os (Alpha)

element-markdown JavaScript 4

A yo-yo component for rendering Markdown with marked

ionic-infobar CSS 4

A ionic style angularjs directive to display a info bar in the page header

hotdog TypeScript 3

Learning tfjs examples

is-color-bright JavaScript 3


bel-video-element JavaScript 3

A simple video element with bel

next-graphql-github-demo JavaScript 3


react-barchart-envelope JavaScript 3

React component for rendering simple barchart-envelope

array-duplicate JavaScript 3

Find duplicate item from two array

element-wrapper JavaScript 2

A simple and safe way to set innerHTML for yo-yo or bel component TypeScript 2

angular-backoff CoffeeScript 2

exponential backoff for angularjs

buildkite-node JavaScript 2

A buildkite nodejs sdk(WIP)

react-weibo JavaScript 2

Weibo client with react

intro-to-graphql JavaScript 2

A intro to graphql

taco_dev Rust 2

:taco: A Rust command line tool that setup a local domain environment for development using nginx and dnsmasq

aws-glossary-slack-bot JavaScript 2

Send a message to your slack channel daily of one service definition from AWS

myanmar-numeral JavaScript 2

A simple module to convert Arabic numerals to Myanmar numerals

EDMGenerator JavaScript 2

Simple EDM Generator

buildkite-node-docker 2

A buildkite agent to run multiple version nodejs test

spy-react-component-lifecycle JavaScript 2


budget-hack JavaScript 2

Budget Hack

videos CSS 2

element-boilerplate JavaScript 2

A boilerplate to create bel or yo-yo element component

signalhub JavaScript 2

A signalhub server hosted on heroku

slack-translate JavaScript 2

A simple node server use Slack slash command to do translation

go-music163 2

go client for music163

usib JavaScript 2


react-image-magnifier * JavaScript 1

A react component that accepts a high-res source image and produces a magnifier window on mouse hover over the part of the image the cursor is over HTML 1

aframe-ar-experiment 1


tfjs-examples * JavaScript 1

Examples built with TensorFlow.js CSS 1

Jekyll based blog

campjs JavaScript 1

github-voter Vue 1


isomorphic-webpack-dynamic-import-demo JavaScript 1


node-til JavaScript 1

til from command line

ionic-resetfield CoffeeScript 1

Angularjs ionic directive to enable reset-field on your form element

resume HTML 1

personal resume

til 1

keep track of TIL

secured-static-land-next JavaScript 1

Demo using secured-static-land with next.js

elm-counter JavaScript 1


gatekeeper Elixir 1

Enables client-side applications to dance OAuth with GitHub.

gams JavaScript 1


file-converter JavaScript 1

A client-side app that lets you convert between documents written in various markup languages.

es6-demo JavaScript 1

Demo repo for the ES6 in today's project meetup

china-population JavaScript 1

A China population data visualization project

hands-on-react JavaScript 1

Hands on react

grunt-node-webkit-builder * JavaScript 1

Let's you build your node-webkit apps for mac, win and linux with grunt. It will download the prebuilt binaries for a specify version, unpacks it, creates a release folder, create the app.nw file for a specified directory and copys the app.nw file where it belongs.

xnpm-client JavaScript 1

The client code to play with the data generated by xnpm

xnpm 1

Use sparkfun to record how and when I use npm

d3-map 1

A repo to save my progress HTML 0

cypress-autorecord * JavaScript 0

tenyearchallenge HTML 0


rooms 0


zeit-go Go 0

Trying go lang with zeit

collection-api JavaScript 0

collection api

tape-puppet * JavaScript 0

tape + puppeteer

webpack-ts-loader-dynamic-import-rr4 JavaScript 0

A repo to try to make webpack dynamic import work wity ts-loader and rr4 isomorphically

tea HTML 0

I want my tea back

tfjs-models * TypeScript 0

Pretrained models for TensorFlow.js

happy-or-not-happy 0

.laptop Shell 0

Configs to setup my new laptop

exiv2 * Ruby 0

A simple wrapper around exiv2

jasmine-rails * JavaScript 0

A Jasmine runner for rails projects that's got you covered in both the terminal and the browser

material-ui * JavaScript 0

A CSS Framework and a Set of React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

react-fns * TypeScript 0

Modern React components, render-props, hoc's, and utility functions.

axios * JavaScript 0

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

react-dropzone * JavaScript 0

Simple HTML5 drag-drop zone in React.js.

node * JavaScript 0

Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

react-loading * HTML 0

React component for loading animations

nodejs-dwt * JavaScript 0

Dynamic Web TWAIN with Node.js

choo-data-fetching-demo JavaScript 0

micro-ping 0

Ping as a service

township-accounts * JavaScript 0

Node.js library for managing user accounts.

rax * JavaScript 0

:tophat: A universal React-compatible render engine.

qiniu-image-gallery JavaScript 0

An experiment to build an isomorphic image gallery application

node-google-oauth JavaScript 0

simple node.js functions for doing oauth login with google

awesome-pokemon * 0

:video_game: A curated list of awesome Pokemon resources, tools and more.

established-remote * 0

A list of established remote companies

boxen * Ruby 0

Manage Mac development boxes with love (and Puppet).

protected-minidocs 0

Protected minidocs for private Github repo

async-props * JavaScript 0

Co-located data loading for React Router

minidocs * CSS 0

:pencil2: build a minimalist site for your documentation

electron * C++ 0

Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies

yo-yoify * JavaScript 0

Transform yo-yo or bel template strings into pure and fast document calls

sheet-router * JavaScript 0

fast, modular client-side router

submit-data * JavaScript 0

WIP! Submit data to a JSON file via a form using the GitHub API

discourse * Ruby 0

A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

rails-es6-demo Ruby 0

A repo to demo how to use es6 with Rails app

react-native-player * Java 0

Media player for React Native

shanghai_road_traffic HTML 0


jsxgettext * JavaScript 0

Extract gettext calls from JavaScript, EJS, and other template formats.

electron-music163 JavaScript 0

A NetEase Music player that lives in your menubar.

Cumulus * JavaScript 0

A SoundCloud player that lives in your menubar.

awesome-electron * 0

Useful resources for creating apps with Electron (formerly atom-shell)

browserify-react-live * JavaScript 0

React Live Patch for browserify

loopback-intro JavaScript 0

The repo for demo using

arabic-to-myanmar JavaScript 0

A simple module to convert Myanmar numerals to Arabic numerals

pdf-generation-on-the-web 0


v2ex * Python 0

Community running on Google App Engine

git-pre-hooks * JavaScript 0

Automatically install git pre hooks in your git repository that run your task

Griddle * JavaScript 0

Simple Grid Component written in React

plain-wechat-redirect 0

Give you an address bar on a plain page so that you can go to website without qrcode

react-select * JavaScript 0

A Select control built with and for React JS

react-slider * JavaScript 0

A Slider in React

Get-D2-2014-Ticket * 0

Get D2 2014 Ticket - Designer & Developer Frontend Technology Forum

devops-ghost 0

Setting up two ghost blogs with on one digitalocean box

cal-heatmap * JavaScript 0

Cal-Heatmap is a javascript module to create calendar heatmap to visualize time series data

angular-image-crop * 0

A better way to crop images client-side using AngularJS

five * 0

Gives you five

CommunityJSData * 0

The actual data for

functional-javascript * 0

ng-focus-on * CoffeeScript 0

A directive to make angular elements focusable

ng-cordova * JavaScript 0

AngularJS Cordova wrappers for common Cordova plugins.

swift-cheat-sheet * 0

A short guide to using Apple's new programming language, Swift.

Phonegap-Plugins-ParsePushNotifications * Objective-C 0

ionic-plugins-keyboard * Objective-C 0

Ionic Keyboard Plugin for Cordova PHP 0

code for ansbotanics

bubble-map-cn 0

A Chinese population bubble map build with d3.js

angular-markdown-directive * JavaScript 0

AngularJS markdown directive using Showdown.js

carcass * JavaScript 0

An Express.js framework with a bunch of tools and assumptions.

carcass-auth * JavaScript 0

Authentication middlewares, in Carcass style.

ningdongxiyang 0

凝动夕阳 | 凝聚智慧力量,定焦最美夕阳

player * JavaScript 0

a simple wrapper of node-speaker, support play `.mp3`s both from url and local songs.

level-todo JavaScript 0

A simple todo-list app using leveldb

angular-underscore * JavaScript 0

Underscore adapter for AngularJS

angular-elastic * JavaScript 0

Elastic (autosize) textareas for AngularJS, without jQuery dependency.

bindonce * JavaScript 0

Zero watches binding for AngularJs

passport-hash-auth JavaScript 0

password hash with passportjs & node-password-hash

jekyll-video 0

video support for jekyll template based web page

imgur-node-api * JavaScript 0

A way to access imgur's api from node.js

npmd * JavaScript 0

api-stability-indicator JavaScript 0

Simple API stability indicator

douban_bookshelf JavaScript 0

bookshelf for the new year

feathers * JavaScript 0

a angularjs boilerplate

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