Jichao Ouyang

@MYOB-Technology <=< @ThoughtWorks
Melbourne, AU

dotfiles JavaScript 185

Jichao Ouyang's awesome dotfiles

glist CoffeeScript 128

Taking notes with :octocat: Gist from Atom

grokking-monad TeX 88

购买 :point_right: https://gum.co/grokking-monad 在线阅读 :point_right:

clojure-flavored-javascript CSS 81

Writing in the most popular language, but thinking in Clojure

gh-omnibar Clojure 71

[Deprecated(use github's`/` instead, you're welcome github)] Github Omnibar Extension for Firefox and Chrome

gira JavaScript 48

:sparkles:Github Issue Really Awesome:sparkles:

blog JavaScript 44

Jichao Ouyang's Blog, generated by orgpress

orgpress Emacs Lisp 41

modern emacs static blog generator https://ghcr.io/jcouyang/orgpress

jujiu Scala 39

Functional Scala Cache

owlet Scala 39

Typed Spreadsheet UI library for ScalaJS

functional-javascript 39

DEPRECATED: moved to https://github.com/jcouyang/clojure-flavored-javascript

dhall-generic Scala 36

Dhall generic decoder for Scala

react-falcor JavaScript 35

react falcor todomvc example

ru JavaScript 34

clojurize javascript

gh-widget CSS 30

Github Contribution Widget

conjs * Clojure 27

a featured fork of mori, with core.async included

meow Scala 25

Catless Category Theory in Dotty/Scala 3 meow ~

django-taobao Python 16

taobao helper for django

cats.rb Ruby 16

a simple Category Theory lib for Ruby

cat.js JavaScript 15

Category Theory for JavaScript

luci Scala 12

Extensible Free Monad Effects

zhuyu Scala 10

Typed, Functional Scala SQS Consumer

dhall-aws-cloudformation Haskell 10

Typecheck, template and modularize your AWS CloudFormation with Dhall

scala-dojo Scala 10

Some exercises to walk you to through https://underscore.io/books please don't peek `answers` before you finished

react-workshop JavaScript 10

gitbook-plugin-jsbin JavaScript 7

jsbin intergration into gitbook

http4s-example Scala 7

alacarte JavaScript 7

Data Types a la carte from PureScript -> JavaScript

gulugulu JavaScript 6


.emacs.d Emacs Lisp 4

my awesome emacs config, DEPRECATED, it has been merge in https://github.com/jcouyang/dotfiles/tree/master/.emacs.d

evergist JavaScript 4

ev*rnote but with version control

js-mvc-dojo JavaScript 3

BoxSync Python 3

Box.net Sync Client

jest-example JavaScript 3

essential-riot JavaScript 3

A minimal skeleton for building testable Riot apps using ES7 async function

clearly-code * JavaScript 3

Syntax highlighting while reading with Evernote Clearly. add support for alreadey formated code...

buildkite.dhall Dhall 2

Typecheck, template and modularize your Buildkite definitions with Dhall

plugin-export Shell 2

export like bash

disqus-to-hypothesis Rust 2

migrate comments from disqus to hypothesis

aquamacs-starter-kit * Emacs Lisp 2

All the code you need to get started, with an emphasis on dynamic languages.

progfun Scala 2

Functional Programming Principles in Scala Assignments

hubot-bamboo-pr CoffeeScript 2

handle pull request from gtihub and trigger bamboo with custom variables

react-on-wails JavaScript 2

TWHN Arc 2

ThoughtWorks Hacker News

kokaku JavaScript 2

the most simple JavaScript MV* framework

Mevernote JavaScript 2

Markdown note sync with Evernote™ and Dropbox™

django-monetize * Python 2

A pluggable Django application for delivering highly targeted advertisement.

dhall-buildkite-plugin Shell 1

TBBR JavaScript 1

TaoBao Batch Rater 淘宝批量评价器

pact-test-demo Scala 1

purescript-most PureScript 1

jcouyang.github.com HTML 1

Jichao Ouyang's Homepage

elm-flavored-javascript JavaScript 1

upgma C++ 1

upgma from mustang 3.2.1

baidu-pcs-uploader Python 1

python script which can upload files to baidu pcs from any machine

pyTao 1

python taobao helper

SwapTouch JavaScript 1

Huanduoduo Mobile Version/ 换多多 移动版

source-of-blog JavaScript 1

Jichao Ouyang's Blog --source

taobao-bad-rate-jerk-detector 1


kissy * JavaScript 1

An Enjoyable UI Library

django-categories * Python 1

fork for adding transmeta support

django-locations * Python 1

A location based social network using Django

django-instantmessage * 1

IM-like application for Pinax social networks (Django), that allow you to see which friends are online and chat them

twitter-bootstrap-typeahead * JavaScript 1

An extension of Twitter's Bootstrap Typeahead plugin with additional customisation.

pyTOP * Python 1

Taobao Open Platform API Python Wrapper

aquamacs-emacs-starter-kit * Emacs Lisp 1

An Aquamacs specific starter kit that is inspired by emacs-starter-kit, but not a direct fork. Structure differs to suit Aquamacs conventions.

taozhuli C++ 1

Taobao Mobile For Seller

django-adzone * Python 1

A django application to manage advertising and advertising zones.

hub-buildkite-plugin Shell 0

finagle-prometheus * 0

Provides a bridge between Finagle and Prometheus metrics

nixpkgs * 0

Nix Packages collection

dhallbin Haskell 0

Dhall as a service

jcouyang Scala 0

awesome-dhall * 0

A curated list of awesome dhall-lang

http4s.g8 Scala 0


dhallj * 0

Dhall for Java

repos * 0

type-driven-development-with-purescript JavaScript 0


buildkite-agent Dockerfile 0

Buildkite Agent on Heroku

watch-dog Java 0

watch dog can recieve SMS from you phone just on your mac

evereciept Java 0

note down your receipt into evernote

scala-steward * 0

:robot: A bot that helps you keeping your Scala projects up-to-date

quill * 0

Compile-time Language Integrated Queries for Scala

http4s-finagle * Scala 0

ox-tufte * Emacs Lisp 0

Emacs' Org-mode export backend for Tufte HTML

javascript-action * 0

Create a JavaScript Action with tests, linting, workflow, publishing, and versioning

airtable-report JavaScript 0

Report Pull Request Statistic to Airtable

gistrunner Ruby 0

run ruby gist

circle-sbt 0

circleci orb - sbt

graalvm-sbt Dockerfile 0

airtable-action JavaScript 0

labeler * TypeScript 0

An action for automatically labelling pull requests

zhuyu.g8 Scala 0

quickly generate a type safe SQS worker

opencensus-scala * 0

A scala wrapper for the opencensus-java library

docker * Ruby 0

GitHub Actions for interacting with Docker

kong-certbot-agent * PHP 0

Let's Encrypt integration with Kong

shapeless * 0

Generic programming for Scala

scala-lang * CSS 0

The Scala Website

purescript-x-react JavaScript 0

duckling * Clojure 0

Probabilistic parser

scala-seed.g8 * Scala 0

Giter8 template for a simple hello world app in Scala.

http4s * Scala 0

A minimal, idiomatic Scala interface for HTTP

scalafiddle-io * Dockerfile 0

Configuration repository for scalafiddle.io

cats * Scala 0

Lightweight, modular, and extensible library for functional programming.

pdf.js-hypothes.is * Java 0

PDF.js + Hypothesis viewer / annotator

docker-flink * Shell 0

Docker packaging for Apache Flink

evergist-deprecated JavaScript 0

finch-for-free.g8 Scala 0

A Giter8 template for creating Pure FP Micro Service

hr-s-little-helper Ruby 0

HR's little helper, auto interviewer matcher

finch * Scala 0

Scala combinator library for building Finagle HTTP services

hammock * Scala 0

Purely functional HTTP client

node-fetch * Scala 0

A light-weight module that brings window.fetch to Node.

nodejs * Scala 0

This project provides Scala.js type-safe bindings for Node.js (current) v8.7.0 and LTS v6.11.4 APIs. The platform supports MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJs, NodeJS), Cassandra, MySQL and many other npm projects.

amazon-kinesis-data-visualization-sample Scala 0

drone-ci-demo Makefile 0

material-ui * JavaScript 0

A CSS Framework and a Set of React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

yow-patterns-in-types * Scala 0

YOW 2013 - Introduction to Functional Programming in Scala

build-image * Shell 0

This is the build image used for running automated builds

huginn * Ruby 0

Build agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!

ical-parser Scala 0

Read iCal format text, convert to List of Event case class

tw-tech-contest * HTML 0

most * JavaScript 0

Ultra-high performance reactive programming

org-blog Emacs Lisp 0

publish blog style sitemap

union-type * JavaScript 0

A small JavaScript library for defining and using union types.

learningshapeless * CSS 0

Materials for workshop on Type-level programming with Shapeless

awesome-browser-extensions-for-github * 0

A collection of awesome browser extensions for GitHub.

haml_coffee_assets * JavaScript 0

Haml Coffee templates in the Rails asset pipeline or as Sprockets engine.

cycle-react-native * JavaScript 0

A Cycle.js Driver for interacting with React Native

igist-mock-data API Blueprint 0

graphql-clojure Clojure 0


pkg-z * Shell 0

Integration with z (autojump alternative).

awesome-javascript * 0

A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

ocds-guide-to-setting-up-mac * 0

OCD's Guide to Setting up Mac

hr-s-little-helper-front JavaScript 0

the front end of HR's little helper

awesome-clojure * 0

A curated list of awesome Clojure libraries and resources. Inspired by awesome-... stuff

graphql-js * JavaScript 0

A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

falcor * JavaScript 0

A JavaScript library for efficient data fetching

closure-library 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/closure-library

autocomplete * CoffeeScript 0

Autocomplete Atom package

pandoc * Haskell 0

Universal markup converter

trackif HTML 0

react-native * JavaScript 0

A framework for building native apps with React.

blogist * JavaScript 0

my bloggist power by blogist.github.io

editorconfig-emacs * Emacs Lisp 0

EditorConfig plugin for emacs

starter * CSS 0

A starter site for Jekyll + Prose

clojure-allonge 0

mebot CoffeeScript 0

ox-leanpub * Emacs Lisp 0

Orgmode export for http://leanpub.com

pun * JavaScript 0

A small library to enable pattern matching in javascript and coffeescript

bootchef 0

gitbook * 0

Utility for generating books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown

learnxinyminutes-docs * 0

Code documentation written as code! How novel and totally my idea!

language-gfm * CoffeeScript 0

GitHub Flavored Markdown in Atom

first-mate * JavaScript 0

TextMate helpers

android-bootstrap * Java 0

A template/bootstrap/boilerplate application that includes tons of great open source tools and frameworks.

nodegit * C++ 0

Native asynchronous bindings to libgit2 for Node.js.

douswap Python 0

HeartVoice_iOS Objective-C 0


richman Java 0

homework for winter holiday

django-social-auth * Python 0

Django social authentication made simple

gira-addon JavaScript 0

jasmine-jquery * JavaScript 0

jQuery matchers and fixture loader for Jasmine framework

railsgirl Ruby 0

python-social-auth * Python 0

Social auth made simple

skewer-mode * Emacs Lisp 0

Browser JavaScript REPL in Emacs

watchi-chrome JavaScript 0

watchi chrome extension

evernote-dev-mode Ruby 0

evernote mode for emacs which using developer key for auth.

watchi-server JavaScript 0

jasmine-session JavaScript 0

session about jasmine

emacs-color-theme-solarized * Emacs Lisp 0

Emacs highlighting using Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color scheme

mailtoweibo 0

wedding JavaScript 0

octopress * Ruby 0

Octopress is an obsessively designed framework for Jekyll blogging. It’s easy to configure and easy to deploy. Sweet huh?

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Clojure 10 99.09% 98
Scala 22 99.73% 181
CoffeeScript 29 99.50% 130
CSS 280 99.50% 111
JavaScript 944 99.15% 419
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