SpechtLite Swift 3020

A rule-based proxy for macOS

NEKit Swift 2787

A toolkit for Network Extension Framework

Specht Swift 827

A rule-based proxy app built with Network Extension for macOS

tun2socks C 286

A tun2socks framework with Swift wrapper

libnekit C++ 276

Efficient and Flexible Network Utility Library

Resolver Swift 26

Asynchronous DNS resolver for macOS and iOS

TunnelPacketKit Swift 12

TCP/IP stack in Swift

Sodium-framework C 4

libsodium as a framework for iOS and macOS

dandelion Rust 3

YamlSwift * Swift 2

Load YAML and JSON documents using Swift

Lit Swift 1

googletest * C++ 1

Google Test

ProxyClient * Go 1

golang 代理客户端,和net一致的API。支持 socks4、socks4a、socks5、http、https、ss 代理协议。

resume * TeX 1

Software developer resume in Latex

crystal C++ 1

Write your own tensor library

neuraltalk * Python 1

NeuralTalk is a Python+numpy project for learning Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks that describe images with sentences.

webpack-plugin-serve * 0

A Development Server in a Webpack Plugin

react-charts * 0

⚛️ Simple, immersive & interactive charts for React

redux-devtools * 0

DevTools for Redux with hot reloading, action replay, and customizable UI

react-loading-overlay * 0

Loading overlays with fade, spinner, message support.

libc * 0

Raw bindings to platform APIs for Rust

sign-android-release * JavaScript 0

A GitHub action to sign an APK or AAB

electron-webpack-quick-start * 0

A bare minimum project structure to get started developing with electron-webpack.

csharp-mode * Emacs Lisp 0

A major-mode for editing C# in emacs

bazel-rbe-chrome-headless-fix Dockerfile 0

rules_kotlin * 0

Bazel rules for Kotlin

CommonCrypto * 0

CommonCrypto Swift module

apollo-android * 0

:pager: A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for Android and the JVM

gradle-gcs-build-cache * 0

Google Cloud Storage Gradle build cache implementation

tuist * 0

🚀 Create, maintain, and interact with Xcode projects at scale

toolchain-table * CMake 0

Table of CMake toolchains available for Travis CI and AppVeyor (https://github.com/ruslo/polly)

slack-bot-action * JavaScript 0

A GitHub Action that posts to Slack (as a Bot) and will take arguments or data from previous Actions as the information to post.

futures-tokio-compat * Rust 0

async-trait * Rust 0

Type erasure for async trait methods

doom-emacs * Emacs Lisp 0

An Emacs configuration for the stubborn martian vimmer

remacs * Emacs Lisp 0

Rust :heart: Emacs

mio * Rust 0

Metal IO library for Rust

tensorflow * C++ 0

An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

gruvbox-contrib * CSS 0

Ports of the gruvbox colorscheme

conan-cpprestsdk * CMake 0

Conan.io package for cpprestsdk project

Creative-Commons-Markdown * 0

Markdown-formatted Creative Commons licenses

conan-libmaxminddb Python 0

conan-boost * Python 0

Boost library package for conan.io

conan * Python 0

Conan.io - The open-source C/C++ package manager

expected * C++ 0

C++11/14/17 std::expected with functional-style extensions

libmaxminddb * C 0

C library for the MaxMind DB file format

zhuhaow.github.io HTML 0

hamster Ruby 0

Crawl resources from Internet

google-api-padrino-demo Ruby 0

libnekit-c C 0


hunter * CMake 0

:package: CMake-driven cross-platform package manager for C++. Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi.

Apple-Boost-BuildScript * Shell 0

Script for building Boost for Apple platforms (iOS, iOS Simulator, tvOS, tvOS Simulator, OS X)

sugar * CMake 0

CMake tools and examples: collecting source files, warnings suppression, etc.

CRCN * Python 0

Coherence + Recurrent Neural Network + Convolutional Neural Network

check * C 0

A unit testing framework for C

MMDB-Swift * C 0

A tiny wrapper for libmaxminddb which allows you to lookup Geo data by IP address.

CxxUrl * C++ 0

C++ URL handling class with a simple API, and with lazy URL parsing and building

tx-trie * C++ 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/tx-trie

github-binary-release * CMake 0

ios-cmake * CMake 0

A toolchain file and examples using cmake for iOS development (this is a fork of a similar project found on code.google.com)

greatest * C 0

A C testing library in 1 file. No dependencies, no dynamic allocation. ISC licensed.

UInt128 * Swift 0

A Swift 128-bit Unsigned Integer Data Type conforming to the UnsignedInteger Protocol

IDZSwiftCommonCrypto * Swift 0

A wrapper for Apple's Common Crypto library written in Swift.

CarthageTestProject 0

LibYAMLSwift C 0

hamster_ember JavaScript 0

libsodium * C 0

A modern and easy-to-use crypto library.

Carthage * Swift 0

A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa

CountdownLatch Objective-C 0

CountdownLatch in Swift.

tcptest 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/tcptest

tirts 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/tirts

TcpRoute2 * Go 0

TCP 层的路由器,自动尽可能的优化 TCP 连接。 golang 重写的 TcpRoute 。

docker-dev 0

Some docker images to replace Vagrant.

julia * Julia 0

The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing.

event-sinks * JavaScript 0

create a set of sinks for events

deep-learning-demo 0

docker-vagrant * Makefile 0

Dockerfiles for baseimage suitable for Vagrant

word2vec C 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/word2vec

caffe * C++ 0

Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.

XLForm * Objective-C 0

XLForm is the most flexible and powerful iOS library to create dynamic table-view forms. Fully compatible with Swift & Obj-C.

goagent * Python 0

a gae proxy

HTML5lize 0

Convert embeded flash to iframe to support HTML5 video

tablemaker * Ruby 0

create complex, nested HTML tables without manually keeping track of colspan/rowspan

gsearch-parser * Ruby 0

RubyGem for parsing Google Search results.

weibo_2 * Ruby 0

A ruby gem for sina weibo oauth2 api, with examples, and it actually works.

weibo * Python 0

Python sina weibo sdk. More simpler and cleaner than the official one.

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