Shanghai, China

resume TeX 2954

An elegant \LaTeX\ résumé template

algorithm-exercise Python 2834

Data Structure and Algorithm notes. 数据结构与算法/leetcode/lintcode题解/

programming-notes 169

Notes of learning Programming

docker-gitbook 41

Docker image for GitBook

gitbook-plugin-etoc JavaScript 20

Elegant toc plugin for GitBook

gitbook-plugin-tags JavaScript 12

Tags plugin for GitBook

GPRS-Module-Driver C 10

GPRS Module Driver-M580 With 80C51.

docker-hexo 7

Docker Container for [Hexo](

WBAN-OPNET-Simulation C 5

**NOT MAINTAINED, TRY OMNET++ and refer 802.15.4** - WBAN(IEEE 802.15.6) Simulation based on OPNET Modeler 14.5

ToneClassifier Python 4

Tone Classifier for Machine Learning course at SJTU * CSS 4

Homepage of Rhett(袁斌)

blog Python 3


gitbook-plugin-swiftype HTML 3

Swiftype for Gitbook with custom search engine

dotfiles Shell 3

dotfiles of my configuration under Linux/OS X/Windows

linux4fun C 2

Some scripts/tweaks for linux on my Laptop/Raspberry PI/Cubieboard

hugo-theme-even * CSS 2

🚀 A super concise theme for Hugo

ipfilter4xd 2

ipfilter4xd is used for P2P software such as transmission, utorrent & etc. to block the ip(ipv4) which aren't XiDian.

akka_notes Scala 2

Akka notes while learning akka reactive framework

xdba-thesis * Shell 1


kafka-connect Java 1

kafka-connect including kafka-connect-redis, kafka-connect-elasticsearch

devops Dockerfile 1

devops scripts and documentation

kafka-connect-redis Java 1

moved to

kafka-stream-router Java 1

kafka stream router for Maxwell database and table

coursera-dl * Python 1

A script for downloading course material (video's, pdfs, quizzes, etc) from

hbase-es Java 1

Write HBase data to ElasticSearch with type

latex-fontawesome5 * TeX 1

Bindings for FontAwesome 5 icons to be used in XeLaTeX.

gitbook-plugin-ghcomment JavaScript 1

GitHub issue as comment for GitBook

plugin-sitemap * JavaScript 1

Generate a sitemap for the gitbook website

NetEase-MusicBox * 1


hexo-theme-landscape * JavaScript 1

A brand new default theme for Hexo.

IndexPlus * JavaScript 1


elasticsearch * 0

Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

heroku4ds-algo Python 0

OJ HTML to markdown on heroku

kafka-stream Java 0

kafka-stream related modules

love JavaScript 0

zeus-jdk-common Java 0

JDK common libraries

kafka-stream-etl Java 0

kafka stream etl template

kafka-mirror-maker * Scala 0

Kafka mirror maker with filter

github-rss Python 0

Turn your GitHub repo commits(diff or full-text) into RSS feed **DEPRECATED**

GB2260 * Python 0

中华人民共和国国家标准 GB/T 2260 行政区划代码

SJTUThesis * Perl 0

A XeLaTeX template for Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) thesis.

shc * Scala 0

The Apache Spark - Apache HBase Connector is a library to support Spark accessing HBase table as external data source or sink.

starbase * Python 0

HBase Stargate (REST API) client wrapper for Python.

hexo-theme-light * JavaScript 0

Default theme for Hexo

presto * Java 0

Distributed SQL query engine for big data

gitbook-plugin-feed JavaScript 0

Feed(RSS/Atom) plugin for GitBook.

theme-default * JavaScript 0

Default theme for GitBook

docker-opencv 0

OpenCV docker container

ansible 0

Ansible scripts

chaos * Scala 0

A lightweight framework for writing REST services in Scala.

gitbook-plugin-edit-link * JavaScript 0

GitBook Plugin to add "Edit with Github (or Gitlab)" link on every page

homebrew * Ruby 0

:beer: The missing package manager for OS X.

hadoop-cluster Shell 0

Deploy hadoop cluster based on vagrant with ambari and IBM biginsights

dircolors-solarized * 0

This is a repository of themes for GNU ls (configured via GNU dircolors) that support Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color scheme.

hexo-theme-wipo CSS 0

Yet another theme for Hexo.

fig_composite Python 0

Figure Composition using PIL

Castalia * C++ 0

Castalia Simulator for low-power wireless networks such as Wireless Sensor Networks and Body Area Networks

OpenPNL * 0

Open Source Probabilistic Networks Library from Intel (with community contributions)

srio_test Verilog 0

Serial RapidIO test with SEEDHPS6455

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TeX 2 99.98% 2955
Python 76 99.91% 2842
C 1665 96.72% 17
CSS 1688 96.67% 6
JavaScript 4478 95.86% 36
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