Huang Bin

China, Beijing

top-programming-fonts Shell 1965

molokai-theme Emacs Lisp 120

Yet another molokai theme for Emacs 24.

smart-shift Emacs Lisp 27

Smart shift text left/right by current major mode indentation width.

mina-nginx Ruby 19

Mina tasks for handle with Nginx.

deprecated-emacs.d Emacs Lisp 7

hbin's Emacs configuration.

emacs.d * Emacs Lisp 4

Prelude is an enhanced Emacs 24 distribution that should make your experience with Emacs both more pleasant and more powerful.

git-rollback Ruby 3

Easily rollback commits.

dotfiles Shell 2

My home dotfiles

besike-ios-Fortuna Swift 1

ios-AdaptiveWeather Swift 1

It's an example project of Adaptive Layout.

besike-ios-FingerPaint Swift 1


shoryuken-batch * Ruby 1

Shoryuken Batch Jobs Implementation

nginx-conf * 1

A collection of useful Nginx configuration snippets

webpack-react-boilerplate JavaScript 1

api-pagination * Ruby 1

Link header pagination for Rails and Grape APIs.

sample_app Ruby 0

homeland * HTML 0

:circus_tent: Open source discussion website.

quantitative-study * 0

grow of myself

oh-my-zsh * Shell 0

A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 120+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, macports, etc), over 120 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community. Ruby 0

advent_of_code_2018 Ruby 0

jobbr * Ruby 0

Rails engine to manage and supervise your batch jobs. Based on sidekiq.

shoryuken-upstart-conf-example 0

This is an example to setup Shoryuken Upstart scripts

presto-client-ruby * Ruby 0

Presto client library for Ruby

railscasts-downloader * Shell 0

A script to download railscasts videos to watch them later =)

newrelic-presto Ruby 0

whenever-web * Ruby 0

Web GUI for Whenever gem

rucaptcha * Ruby 0

This is a Captcha gem for Rails Application. It run ImageMagick command to draw Captcha image.

sina-emoji * Ruby 0

Emoji images and names.

melpa * Emacs Lisp 0

Scripts for building Emacs packages from Version Control

redux-react-router-async-example * JavaScript 0

A showcase of the Redux architecture with React Router

capistrano-sidekiq * Ruby 0

Sidekiq integration for Capistrano

capistrano-puma * Shell 0

Puma integration for Capistrano 3

passenger-ruby-websocket-demo * CSS 0

Demonstration of WebSockets on Phusion Passenger

ogx-io-web * Ruby 0 is a community for geeks

12factor * CSS 0

web-mode * Emacs Lisp 0

web template editing mode for emacs

rails * Ruby 0

Ruby on Rails

docker-dev-box 0

hl-anything * Emacs Lisp 0

Emacs - Highlight thing at point, selection and more

emacs-neotree * Emacs Lisp 0

A emacs tree plugin like NerdTree for Vim.

git-up * 0

Stop using "git pull". Be polite.

sketch-login 0


carrierwave-webp * 0

CarrierWave module for processing your uploads into WebP format

http-api-design * 0

HTTP API design guide extracted from work on the Heroku Platform API

mina-puma * Ruby 0

Puma tasks for Mina

awesome-config * Lua 0

Example awesome wm configuration. Includes personalization support (personal.vim), theme, polyglot unicode taglists, mpd support.

hello-world * ActionScript 0

Hello world in every programming language. If I can't automatically merge your changes on github, I'm not merging them :)

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Shell 24 99.94% 1967
Emacs Lisp 26 99.09% 158
Ruby 294 98.27% 24
Swift 1810 84.76% 3
JavaScript 25263 65.83% 1
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