Hu Wan

City University of Hong Kong

FFmpeg-Tutorial-CN TeX 230

FFmpeg Tutorial 中文版

WanHuCV TeX 64

LaTeX Template for Curriculum Vitæ 个人中英文简历 LaTeX 模板

osask-notes TeX 18

《30 天自制操作系统》(人民邮电出版社)读书笔记

mini-vtysh C 16

A shell which is similar to Cisco IOS CLI , tailored from GNU Zebra.

corecircle Java 7


dm-target C 4

A simple device mapper target example.

fetion C 4


pcmsim C 3

Automatically exported from

CityU-Thesis 1

A collection of LaTeX thesis template for students at City University of Hong Kong.

CityU_Thesis * TeX 1

An XeLaTeX thesis template for MPhil, PhD and PD students at City University of Hong Kong.

cnuthesis-master-2017 * TeX 1


PaperRenamer Rich Text Format 1

Rename academic paper files to human friendly names with the paper titles

5diary_chrome 1

A Chrome Web App for (Unofficial) 吾志网 Chrome 扩展应用(非官方)

MAGI-System 1

三贤人超级计算机系统(MAGI System)

linux-buffer-debug C 1

Linux with buffer-layer tracing support for ext4/jbd2.

ly * CSS 0

vimrc Vim script 0

Vim configurations

LaTeXTools * 0

LaTeX plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3

apps * 0

Productivity apps that make life easier!

dlrm * Python 0

An implementation of a deep learning recommendation model (DLRM)

cpuinfo 0

cat /proc/cpuinfo

sl * C 0

SL(1): Cure your bad habit of mistyping

ostep-projects * C 0

Projects for an undergraduate OS course

PageMonitor * JavaScript 0

Stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes.

cleanthesis-cityu * TeX 0

Yet another XeLaTeX thesis template for MPhil, PhD and PD students at City University of Hong Kong.

MoveCursor AutoHotkey 0

Move the cursor between multiple displays using keyboard shortcuts.

Cloud-Message PHP 0

A text message(SMS) web app based on Baidu App Engine

iSightSwitch 0

Turn Off/On Camera in MacBook 2019 (Disable/Enable iSight)

eb-demo-php-simple-app * PHP 0

cnuthesis TeX 0

LaTeX Thesis Template for Capital Normal University 首都师范大学学位论文 LaTeX 模板

pdftitle * Python 0

PDF article title extraction tool

poppler * C++ 0

This is not the poppler repository. Please see

mobibench C 0

This repo copy the mobibench shell version from

gitinfo2 * TeX 0

CTAN - gitinfo2.sty: Use git repository metadata in LaTeX documents

Dropbox-Uploader * Shell 0

Dropbox Uploader is a BASH script which can be used to upload, download, list or delete files from Dropbox, an online file sharing, synchronization and backup service.

.vim Vim script 0

.vimrc file with Neobundle

quartz * C 0

Quartz: A DRAM-based performance emulator for NVM

dynahash C 0

The dynahash library, written by Esmond Pitt, implements Larson’s linear hashing algorithm with an hsearch compatible interface.

linhash C 0

Code from Main-Memory Linear Hashing-Some Enhancements of Larson's Algorithm, by Mikael Pettersson

pcimem * C 0

Simple program to read & write to a pci device from userspace

rDSN * C++ 0

Robust Distributed System Nucleus (rDSN) is an open framework for quickly building and managing high performance and robust distributed systems.

progit2-zh * CSS 0

github-markdown 0

GitHub Flavored Markdown

fsck.pmfs * C 0

fsck.pmfs - check a pmfs file system

nvml * C 0

Active development tree for the NVM Library

pagemon-chrome-ext * JavaScript 0

Stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes.

filebench C 0

File system benchmark(bugfix)

kernel-config 0

Linux kernel configs

luckid_themes * PHP 0

wordpress themes from luckid

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Rich Text Format 66 77.42% 1
C 1185 97.70% 28
Java 9372 88.63% 7
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