Reeze Xia

Bytedance, Inc
Beijing, China

tipi HTML 2745

Thinking In PHP Internals, An open book on PHP Internals

php-leveldb C 226

The PHP Binding for LevelDB

php-ext-embed C 50

Write your PHP extension with C and PHP!

msgpack-hhvm PHP 13

Msgpack for HHVM ([HHVM])

php-macro C 11

A PHP extension enables you to use macro in PHP

Tango.terminal 7

Tango color theme for OS X 10.7's

php-cld * PHP 3

PHP bindings for the Chrome Language Detector JavaScript 3

My site

remcached Rust 3

A memcached server reimplemented in Rust

braid * Ruby 2

Simple tool to help track git and svn vendor branches in a git repository

bundle-fu * Ruby 2

Ruby on Rails plugin - CSS/JS asset bundling in 10 seconds or less!

workling * Ruby 2

easily do background work in rails, without commiting to a particular runner. comes with starling and spawn runners.

ruby-on-rails-tmbundle * Ruby 2

Ruby on Rails TextMate bundle [Learn it with PeepCode -]

php-yaf * C 2

a php framework written in c, built in php-ext

jekyll * Ruby 2

Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby

functional-php * PHP 2

Primitives for functional programming in PHP


The Tiny PHP VM

composer * PHP 2

Dependency Manager for PHP

zephir * PHP 1

Zephir is a compiled high level language aimed to the creation of C-extensions for PHP

predis * PHP 1

Flexible and feature-complete PHP client library for Redis

redis * C 1

Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. The data model is key-value, but many different kind of values are supported: Strings, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Hashes JavaScript 1

my blog backup

devise * Ruby 1

Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.

angel * Java 1

A Flexible and Powerful Parameter Server for large-scale machine learning

bootstrap * JavaScript 1

HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

reddit * Python 1

the code that powers

php-src * C 1

The PHP Interpreter

nginx C 1

Git mirror of nginx source code

dotfiles * VimL 1

.files, including ~/.osx — sensible hacker defaults for OS X

GateOne * Python 1

Gate One is an HTML5-powered terminal emulator and SSH client

etcdns 1

ruby * Ruby 1

The Ruby Programming Language

web-bugs * PHP 1

The PHP Bugtracking System

AOP * C 1


patches 1

My patches

mdnow 1

A gem to preiview markdown files instantly to speedup markdown file editing

rblog PHP 1

a blog system base on rythm php framework

labs PHP 1

my labs

scribe * C++ 1

Scribe is a server for aggregating log data streamed in real time from a large number of servers. It is designed to be scalable, extensible without client-side modification, and robust to failure of the network or any specific machine.

ngx_transfer 1

A nginx module which transfer stream between users

simpie 1

simpie is a minimal php framework used for tipi project

demos 1

some demos

rythm PHP 1

rythm php framework

personals 1

my personal files

exception_watcher 1

PHP Exception Watcher & Notifier for your PHP Application

mf-php PHP 1

My php Framework

rythm-doc 1

rythm's doc

twinode 1

twitter like system based on nodejs

php-git * C 1

PHP bindings for libgit2

php5-xcom * C 1

X.Commerce message handling extension for PHP5

php-sundown * C 1

php-sundonw is just simple wrapper of sundown

fastimage * Ruby 1

FastImage finds the size or type of an image given its uri by fetching as little as needed

weibo * Ruby 1

a gem to help api integration for 新浪微博 (

bootstrap-will_paginate * Ruby 1

Format will_paginate html to match Twitter Bootstrap styling

carrierwave-upyun * Ruby 1

UpYun storage for CarrierWave

xdebug * C 1


Phuzzy * PHP 1

Fuzzer for PHP in PHP

clever * C++ 1

Clever programming language

elixir * Elixir 1

A modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM

ruby-china * Ruby 1 website source code.

dokuwiki * PHP 1

The DokuWiki Open Source Wiki Engine

runkit * C 1

The runkit that works!

Journey * Objective-C 1

homebrew-alt * Ruby 1

Alternate formulae repos for Homebrew

php-github-api * PHP 1

A simple PHP GitHub API client, Object Oriented, tested and documented. For PHP 5.1 to 5.3.

libgit2 * C 1

The Library

ruby-hacking-guide * Ruby 1

ruby hacking guide english translation

calipso * JavaScript 1

Calipso is a simple NodeJS content management system based on Express, Connect & Mongoose.

whenever * Ruby 1

Cron jobs in Ruby

dropship * Python 1

Instantly transfer files between Dropbox accounts using only their hashes.

diaspora * Ruby 1

Distributed and contextual social networking

php.js 1

A php runtime upon javascript

cappuccino * Objective-J 1

Web Application Framework in JavaScript and Objective-J

ties * 1

A Ruby on Rails log filterer

reditor 1

a lightweight online html editor

rythm-site 1

rythm framework's official site

litty 1

a light weight web server * 0 github mirror

awesome-mlops * 0

A curated list of references for MLOps

hummingbird 0

predictive bird?

sparrow 0

small but complete

go-system-programming * Go 0

Go System Programming

devdocs * Ruby 0

API Documentation Browser

support.996.ICU * 0

Microsoft and GitHub Workers Support 996.ICU

machine-learning-for-software-engineers * 0

A complete daily plan for studying to become a machine learning engineer.

tensorflow * C++ 0

Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning

uwsgi * C 0

uWSGI application server container. This fork focus on branch 1.4

newsyc * Objective-C 0

An iPhone Hacker News client.

Dash-User-Contributions * Python 0

Dash repo of user contributed docsets

Protobuf-PHP * 0

[PHP5.2 backport]PHP implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers with a protoc plugin compiler

sudo-touchid * C 0

A fork of `sudo` with Touch ID support.

swig * C++ 0

SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages.

rust-cpython * Rust 0

Rust <-> Python bindings

websocket * Go 0

A WebSocket implementation for Go.

write-you-a-haskell * Haskell 0

Building a modern functional compiler from first principles. (

websocket-ninja 0

websocket server stress testing in go

php-langspec * PHP 0

PHP Language Specification

rust * Rust 0

A safe, concurrent, practical language.

replayfu 0

mirror your requests with confidence.

liblex * C 0

C library for Lexical Analysis

gor * Go 0

HTTP traffic replay in real-time. Replay traffic from production to staging and dev environments.

coreutils.hs Haskell 0

Unix coreutils in haskell

mighttpd * Haskell 0

A simple but practical HTTP server in Haskell. 'mighttpd' should be called 'mighty'.

brainfuck.hs PHP 0

Brainfuck in Haskell

ready Go 0

Ready? Go!

github-contrib-led PHP 0

Write anything to your Github contributions

web-pecl * PHP 0

The PECL website

hhvm * C++ 0

Virtual Machine, Runtime, and JIT for PHP

haskell-scheme Haskell 0

for the book

streem * C 0

prototype of stream based programming language * CSS 0


travis-playground PHP 0

Run test scripts for myself. I use it to test tmp scripts.

Haxl * 0

A Haskell library for efficient, concurrent, concise data access.

PHP-CPP * C++ 0

Library to build PHP extensions with C++

programming-language-theory-readings 0

Programming Language Theory Readings.

php-gccjit 0

PHP bindings for libgccjit

haskdown Haskell 0

A Haskell static site generator

swoole-src * 0

Asynchronous & concurrent & distributed networking framework for PHP.

hhvm-third-party * 0

All of the dependencies that hhvm needs which don't have nice packages

jitfu * C 0

Creating native instructions in PHP since 2014

goplay 0

go play, boy

go-internals * Go 0

dig into implemention of the go programming language

msgpack-php * PHP 0[PHP]

gitbook * JavaScript 0

Command line utility for generating books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown

hippyvm * PHP 0

HippyVM - an implementation of the PHP language in RPython

gopractice 0

playground for go

ros 0

r os

ral C 0

Proof of Concept for RAL

data-structure 0

toy data structure implementations for fun

reackr 0

cgroupcache 0

fsevents 0

A cross platform filesystem events monitor for PHP

devlife * 0

Developer Life Animated Gif Emoticons

life * 0

Life - a timeline of important events in my life

dragon-book-exercise-answers * Java 0

Compilers Principles, Techniques, & Tools (purple dragon book) second edition exercise answers. 编译原理(紫龙书)第2版习题答案。 0


snapure Objective-C 0

A simple app to take a photo of you when you are working. Yes, Mac only.

appsim 0

appsim for you

goesque 0

Resque for Go

cleanpress * JavaScript 0

Elegant, Clean, White Theme for Octopress

fakeThunder * C++ 0

fakeThunder is an unofficial Thunder(aka Xunlei) client for OS X.

MPlayerX * Objective-C 0

media player on Mac OS X

5minutefork * JavaScript 0

A 5 minute fork of a github project for a quick play and test

LetsMove * Objective-C 0

A sample that shows how to move a running Mac application to the /Applications directory

ZendOptimizerPlus * C 0

rbase 0


eaccelerator * C 0

eAccelerator PHP opcode cache

pthreads * C 0

Threading for PHP - Share Nothing, Do Everything :)

textmate * C++ 0

TextMate is a graphical text editor for OS X 10.7+

php-mruby * C 0

Wow, this php performs mruby!

php-rar * C++ 0

PECL rar extension

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