Guangzhou China

30dayMakeOS C 3931


LearningMasteringAlgorithms-C C 654

Mastering Algorithms with C 《算法精解:C语言描述》源码及Xcode工程、Linux工程

vue-json-ui-editor JavaScript 418

Edit JSON in UI form with JSON Schema and Vue.js

YOS C 194

YourtionOS 基于 30dayMakeOS (OSASK) 构建你自己的操作系统

YXWaveView Swift 135

A water wave animation view (类似百度外卖的头像波浪效果)

SurgeConfigGenerator PHP 125

Surge配置生成器 (快速生成属于你自己的 Surge 配置)

DataminingGuideBook-Codes Python 122


SuperLogger Objective-C 94

Save NSLog() to file and send email to developer

Alfred_ShadowsocksController Python 71

ShadowsocksX controller for Alfred

Demo_CustomQRCode Objective-C 68

Generate a colorful QRCode using CIFilter with Objective-C.

objc-zen-book-cn 68

GitBook for 《禅与 Objective-C 编程艺术》

node-ip2region TypeScript 63

IP/IPv6 to region on Node.js (IP/IPv6 地址到区域运营商)

DataminingGuideBook 62


LearningOpenCV C++ 62

Source code for Learning OpenCV 《学习OpenCV》源码及 Mac 运行工程

SimpleDeployer JavaScript 38

A simple deployer base on Node.js . Easy deploy using git WebHook

HTTPDNS-OC Objective-C 33

HTTPDNS 库 Objdctive-C 实现(使用DNSPod 、AliyunDNS、 Google ...)

Alfred_NumToCny Python 29

转换数字为人民币金额的Alfred Workflow

Alfred_SourceTree Python 26

Alfred workflow to quickly find and launch your SourceTree bookmarks

EventLogger Objective-C 20

Log event count and event time in iOS

AutomatorGenerateICON Shell 17

Use automator batch generate icons

HTTPDNS-Swift Swift 16

HTTPDNS 库 Swift 实现(支持 DNSPod 与 AliyunDNS )

SwiftDesignPatterns 15

Swift设计模式 (iOS)

LearningCPointer C 14


LearningFunctionalProgramming Scala 12


GradleGuideBook 11

Android Gradle 插件中文指南

Demo_PDFtoHTML JavaScript 10

Convert pdf to html using Node.js

Demo_OpenGLCamera Objective-C 10

iOS camera preview add real time filter by GPU using OpenGL

node-erest TypeScript 8

快速构建 Rest API 并自动生成API文档、Swagger、Postman文件与测试

SwiftDesignPatterns-Demo1 Swift 8

Demo1 for SwiftDesignPatterns

FreeProgrammingBooksCN CSS 8


liquid-swift Swift 7

A Liquid syntax template engine for Swift.

Demo_LineAnimation Objective-C 7

iOS Line and Object Animation Demo

Aerial * Swift 7

Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac

yourtion.github.io JavaScript 6

Source Code for my blog

LearningSpringCloudAD Java 6

基于 Spring Cloud 微服务架构下广告系统设计与实现

YXNetworkDiagnose-OC Objective-C 6

Network Diagnose Framework for iOS and OSX

LearningAndroid Java 5

《Android编程权威指南》第一版 源码(学习 Android 记录)

Alfred_Gitignore 5

Easy get git ignore from Alfred workflow

Alfred_SimulatorLauncher Python 5

Easy to launch simulator form Alfred

Demo_CMYKImageUploader JavaScript 3

Demo for CMYK Image upload and color process using Node.js

node-ecache TypeScript 3

Easy use Memory and Redis cache implementation

Demo_VotingApp JavaScript 3


Demo_SwiftFaceDetection Swift 3

Detecting and tracking faces in camera live video using swift

node-smtp-auth TypeScript 3

Auth user from smtp server

node-qq-mta-sdk JavaScript 3

Node.js SDK for QQ MTA 腾讯移动统计数据接口API Node.js SDK

express-coroutine JavaScript 3

Generator function and Async function to be used as middlewares in express like koa.

node-rekognition-sdk JavaScript 3

ReKognition Node.js SDK

MonitorixMobile PHP 3

Access Monitorix from Mobile (iPhone Android).Monitorix WebAPP

deno-sql TypeScript 2

Powerful and Easy use SQL Query Builder on Deno From @leizm/sql

SimpleCURD JavaScript 2


node-sm4-addon JavaScript 2

基于 N-API 构建的 Node.js SM4 C++ 扩展,支持 Linux、Mac、Windows,性能卓越

prometheus-manual-book-cn 2


Electron-BatchCreateQRCode JavaScript 2

Batch Create QRCode Electron APP

go-short-url Go 2


BlogCodes HTML 2

Code in my blog

Demo_VideoRecord_iOS Swift 2

Record video in iOS using swift and compress for upload

LearningReactNative JavaScript 2

《React Native入门与实战》实例

ReactNative-SuperID Objective-C 2

SuperID ( Face OpenID ) SDK in ReactNative

LearningMicroService Java 2


Simple PHP MVC Framework

mctimeline JavaScript 2


Vapor * CSS 2

A minimal, responsive theme for Ghost.

MGSpotyCollection Objective-C 2

Beautiful ViewController with a CollectionView and amazing effects.

BestNPM-iOS Swift 2

iOS client for https://npm.best/

FMMoveTableView * Objective-C 2

An iOS UITableView subclass that allows you to move rows without being in edit mode simply by tapping and holding the appropriate row.

DataStructuresAndAlgorithms-Golang Go 1

Learn DataStructures & Algorithms using Golang

node-estat TypeScript 1

Easy statistics

ydocker Go 1


AwesomeAPI JavaScript 1

API test like Swagger

pm2-guarded TypeScript 1

通过 pmx 获取运行应用的 metrics 并上报到 Influxdb,通过 Grafana 进行展示

LearningGo HTML 1

Learning Golang

MIT-6.824 Go 1

MIT-6.824 分布式系统课程 2020

ghost-on-heroku CSS 1

在 Heroku 上部署 Ghost 3.x

exitwp * Python 1

Exitwp is tool primarily aimed for making migration from one or more wordpress blogs to the jekyll blog engine as easy as possible.

node-alertover JavaScript 1

AlertOver (https://www.alertover.com ) client for Node.js

myVim VimL 1


java-dubbo-monitor HTML 1

Dubbo Monitor (forked from https://gitee.com/handu/dubbo-monitor) 因为项目需要重新修改并汉化更新

node-apollo-conf TypeScript 1

Apollo agent to load config

docker-node-ffmpeg Dockerfile 1

ffmpeg and Node.js in Docker

Demo_SocketIO_Game JavaScript 1

基于 socket.io 的多人挖金子游戏

qiniu-ffmpeg JavaScript 1

Use ffmpeg in Qiniu dora ufopv2(在七牛自定义数据处理中使用ffmpeg)

SparkInternals * 1

Notes talking about the design and implementation of Apache Spark

reading JavaScript 1

My reading list

Demo_OpenCV-DLib-FaceSwap C++ 1

Use OpenCV and DLib to do face swap

qiniu-swift Swift 1

qiniu sdk on swift4

SwiftDesignPatterns-Demo2 Swift 1

Demo1 for SwiftDesignPatterns

TicTacToeGame Swift 1

TicTacToe Game using GameKit and SpriteKit

Django-Chinese-Docs * Python 1

Django 中文文档 1.5

RestfulClient Swift 1

Use Swift bulid a restful clinet

Demo_iOSRadiusAvatar Objective-C 1

iOS RadiusAvatar Demo

AlfredWorkflow 1

My Alfred Workflow

MonitorixAPI PHP 1

Provide a series of Monitorix API using PHP.

LearningJavaScript TypeScript 0

JavaScript 学习记录

Algorithms-Kotlin Kotlin 0

Writing DataStructures And Algorithms with Kotlin

LeetCode Java 0

My new LeetCode Repository

nginx-confd-nacos Java 0

Dynamic Nginx Load Balancing from an Nacos Registry

nginx-testing * 0

Support for integration/acceptance testing of nginx configuration in TypeScript/JavaScript.

dns.js.org * JavaScript 0

Providing nice and free domains for GitHub Pages since 2015

deno-toy-docker TypeScript 0

基于 Deno 写一个玩具 Dokcer

yourtion CSS 0

My profile

Demo_TodoList JavaScript 0

use Vue Koa to build Todo App ( with mysql jwt test ... )

LearningJava JavaScript 0

ReactNative-AddressBook JavaScript 0

AddressBook App build on React Native

node-generator-erest TypeScript 0

Yoman generator for erest. Easy build rest api

pm2-monit-daemon JavaScript 0

move to https://github.com/yourtion/pm2-guarded

go-leetcode-note Go 0

LeetCode 笔记程序

domain-proxy Go 0

基于泛域名的内网 HTTP(S) 穿透服务

go-utils Go 0

My go library

leizm-sql * TypeScript 0


eslint-config-guo JavaScript 0

eslint-config for Node.js React Mocha

deno-web 0

Deno web framework like @leizm/web

deno_website2 * 0

deno.land website

LearningBigData Scala 0

nacos-docker * 0

This project contains a Docker image meant to facilitate the deployment of Nacos .

node-ealert TypeScript 0


node-generator-gyx JavaScript 0

My yeoman generator

node-elimiter TypeScript 0

easy use rate limiter

MessageDisplayKit * Objective-C 0

An IM App like WeChat App has to send text, pictures, audio, video, location messaging, managing local address book, share a circle of friends, drifting friends, shake a fun and more interesting features.

Demo_GraphqlWithReact JavaScript 0

Building URL shortener using React, Apollo and GraphQL 

node-wxmini 0


node-elock TypeScript 0

Easy use distributed redis lock implementation

node-icbc-open TypeScript 0

LearningTaro TypeScript 0

node-cmb-open TypeScript 0

掌上生活开放平台 Node.js SDK

DSBN-TS TypeScript 0

Design SVG By Numbers ( DBN like language for building SVG )

node-estore 0

Easy use Store in File Redis MySQL

simple-docker-log JavaScript 0

Simple Docker logger, save docker log to file use syslog driver

node-ebase TypeScript 0

Easy MySQL model for Node.js

node-erdb TypeScript 0

simple mysql with db query

node-rd * JavaScript 0


gyx.js.org 0


LearningFlutter Dart 0

Learning Flutter

node-dysms JavaScript 0

Alidayu SMS (dysmsapi.aliyuncs.com) for Node.js simple

node-youtu JavaScript 0


youtu_nodejs_sdk * JavaScript 0


qiniu-mac 0

qiniu client for osx

DevEnv-Docker Nginx 0

Use docker for setup dev env

Dockerfiles 0

My Docker file for use

Dash-iOS * Objective-C 0

Dash gives your iPad and iPhone instant offline access to 150+ API documentation sets

SimpleOCR Objective-C 0

ShiYanLou-Codes Python 0

My Codes in ShiYanLou

RemoteLogger-OC Objective-C 0

WebSocket-OC C 0

Simple WebSocket in Objective-C

SuperLogger-Android Java 0

Utils-PHP PHP 0

docker-android-ndk 0

docker-android 0

Docker for android project for GitLab-CI or others

express-router-async-support * JavaScript 0

async function support for express.Router

lei-coroutine * JavaScript 0

简单的 coroutine 库

YXGestures-Swift Swift 0

Simple Gestures identify

Demo_FirebaseRN JavaScript 0

Demo for using Google Firebase in ReactNative

HTTPDNS-Java Java 0

letapm * Objective-C 0

收集iOS http网络性能、问题的SDK

DaoCloudManager PHP 0

DaoCloud services manager

CNode-Android Java 0

CNode.js Android Client

YXCryp-OC Objective-C 0

MacPing Objective-C 0

Demo_OpenCV3_iOS Objective-C 0

LearningArduino Arduino 0

The code when I learn Arduino

node_rrd * JavaScript 0

A node.js native binding for RRDtool (node rrd)

YXLayoutUtils Objective-C 0

Auto Layout utils (make Auto Layout easy to use)

MusicForProgramming-iOS Swift 0

iOS client for Music-for-programming(http://musicforprogramming.net/)

SimpleFileReceiver Python 0

A simple HTTP server to receive file.

wechat4u * JavaScript 0

wechat4u 微信网页版接口的JavaScript实现,兼容Node和浏览器

DevelopEnvironment Shell 0

My Develop Environment setting.

oclint-docs-cn 0

OCLint documentation in Chinese

YourtionView 0

My an other blog

AlfredWorkflow.com * Python 0

A public Collection of Alfred Workflows.

Debug-Swift Swift 0

Simple debug log for swift with colorful debugging console

MXPullDownMenu * Objective-C 0

自制的一个下拉菜单UI控件, 使用方式简单.

SuperDeBuger 0

Debug tools for iOS and Mac developer in one DeBuger

objc-zen-book-cn-1 * Ruby 0

ObjC Zen Book 中文翻译

objc-zen-book-en 0

GitBook for 《objc-zen-book》

TimelineJS * JavaScript 0

TimelineJS: A Storytelling Timeline built in JavaScript.

csf193p-Shutterbug Objective-C 0


csf193p-Imaginarium Objective-C 0


csf193p-Attributor Objective-C 0


csf193p-Machismo Objective-C 0


phpRSSviewer PHP 0

wordprss RSS to web app

pythonRSSimages 0

Python fetch image from RSS

xiaohuangji-new * Python 0


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Python 1027 98.87% 255
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