sparkstreaming-kafka Scala 150

:boom: :rocket: 封装spark读取kafka,sparkstreaming动态调节batch time;封装sparkstreaming 1.6 - kafka 010 用以支持 SSL;封装spark与其他组件;

spark-utils Scala 33

:boom: :alien: :hotsprings::rocket:Encapsulated spark 与其他组件的结合api,方便使用,例如 es,hbase,kudu,kafka,mq等

flink-learn Scala 13

kafka flink 例子,flink state 实现wordcount,并写入hbase

spark-learn Scala 9

Spark Version Test Code.:boom:

face-recognition_java Java 7

java 人脸识别; Face recognition

recommendation-Algorithm Java 2

Recommendation algorithm

sparkMeasure * Scala 1

SparkMeasure is a tool for performance troubleshooting of Apache Spark workloads. It simplifies the collection and analysis of Spark task metrics data.

storm-demo Java 1


data-structure Scala 0

data Structure Sample Code .

spark-metrics Scala 0

grafana prometheus

flink-streaming-demo * Scala 0

Spark-The-Definitive-Guide-Chinese-Traslation-2019 * Scala 0

Spark权威指南( Spark The Definitive Guide) -中文版翻译项目

rocksdb-demo Scala 0

rocksdb demo

kafka-util Scala 0

kafka offset manager ,record to zookeeper

flink-training-course * 0

java-util Scala 0

java 如何调用js脚本和python脚本(jython)

hbase-rdd * Scala 0

Spark RDD to read and write from HBase

rabbitmq-util Scala 0

rabbitmq consumer or producer util demo

kafka-spark-consumer * Java 0

High Performance Kafka Consumer for Spark Streaming. Compatible with every Spark and Kafka versions including latest Spark 2.2.0 and Kafka 0.11.0. Now supports Kafka Security. Offset management in Zookeeper. Reliable No-Dataloss gurantee. No dependency on HDFS or Checkpointing and WAL. In-built PID rate controller. Support Message Interceptor . Offset Lag checker.

contents * JavaScript 0

Table of contents generator.

predictionio * Scala 0

PredictionIO, a machine learning server for developers and ML engineers. Built on Apache Spark, HBase and Spray.

spark-kafka-writer * Scala 0

Write your Spark data to Kafka seamlessly

spark-avro * Scala 0

Avro Data Source for Apache Spark

kafka-storm-starter * Scala 0

Code examples that show to integrate Apache Kafka 0.8+ with Apache Storm 0.9+ and Apache Spark Streaming 1.1+, while using Apache Avro as the data serialization format.

bigdata-basic-knowledge 0


spark-sourcecodes-analysis * 0


kafka-manager * Scala 0

A tool for managing Apache Kafka.

spark-druid-olap * Scala 0

Sparkline BI Accelerator provides fast ad-hoc query capability over Logical Cubes. This has been folded into our SNAP Platform( an Integrated BI platform on Apache Spark.

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