Weibin Yao(姚伟斌)

Hangzhou, China

nginx_tcp_proxy_module C 1370

add the feature of tcp proxy with nginx, with health check and status monitor

nginx_upstream_check_module * Perl 1026

Health checks upstreams for nginx

ngx_http_substitutions_filter_module Perl 406

a filter module which can do both regular expression and fixed string substitutions for nginx

nginx_ajp_module Perl 219

support AJP protocol proxy with Nginx

nginx_syslog_patch Perl 136

add the full syslog feature to Nginx

nginx_limit_speed_module C 85

limit the total speed from the specific user

nginx_limit_access_module Perl 65

support to deny specific variable with HTTP POST interface

nginx_http_recaptcha_module Perl 33

support google's reCAPTCHA with Nginx

nginx_http_oauth_module Perl 32

support oauth client with nginx

captcha_server Java 29


nginx_secure_cookie_module Perl 21

add the secure cookie

nginx_cross_origin_module Perl 21

add the support for cross-origin resource sharing protocol: http://www.w3.org/TR/cors/

aho_corasick_state_machine C 17

Use Aho-Corasick state machine to string matching(C language, under BSD License)

nginx_upstream_keepalive_patch Perl 17

Patch for upstream HTTP protocol keepalive

mod_tcache C 12

Memory cache module for Nginx

nginx-sticky-module C 9

clone from http://code.google.com/p/nginx-sticky-module/

ngx_http_consistent_hash * Perl 9

a module which enables the nginx to use the same consistent hashing distribution for memcache servers as the php memcache module

tengine * C 7

A distribution of Nginx with some advanced features

nginx_session_store_module C 7

add the session support for Nginx

parse_domain C 6

parse the domain and get the Top Level Domain

nginx_http_redis_module C 4

fork from nginx_http_redis_module_0.3.4

squid_gzip Perl 4

add the gzip feature to squid-2.7 on the fly

chinese_text_filter Ruby 3

Process the Chinese text stuff

ngx_http_dyups_module * C 3

nginx-eval-module * C 3

A module for evaluating memcached or proxy response into variable

memc-nginx-module * C 3

An extended version of the standard memcached module that supports set, add, delete, and many more memcached commands.

ngx_openresty * Perl 2

Turning Nginx into a Full-fledged Web App Server

nginx_upstream_hash * C 2

An hashing load-balancer for nginx

libcharguess C 2

clone from http://sourceforge.net/projects/libcharguess/

regex_test 2

test the performance and feature with some regex librarys

nginx_if_contain_patch 2

This a patch for our private use.

mguesser C 2

language detection, fork from http://www.mnogosearch.org/guesser/

zh_conversion Ruby 2

map between traditional and simplified words

language_detector * Ruby 1

ruby language detection library using n-gram

redis * C 1

Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. The data model is key-value, but many different kind of values are supported: Strings, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Hashes

ruby_example C 1

private ruby experimental examples

test VimL 1


super_http_benchmark_test C 1

a more stress and simple HTTP test tool

yaoweibin.github.com 1

My homepage

statistic_game Ruby 1


weighttp * C 1

weighttp on github for easier collaboration - main repo still on lighttpd.net

yaoweibin.ruhoh.com Ruby 1

a blog

yaoweibin_html5_slides JavaScript 1

yaoweibin html5 slides (steal from http://code.google.com/p/html5slides/)

redis-rb * Ruby 1

A ruby client library for the redis key value storage engine

ngx_pagespeed * C++ 0

Automatic PageSpeed optimization module for Nginx

swapdb * C 0


projectanotherdisplayer ActionScript 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/projectanotherdisplayer

fastsocket * 0

Fastsocket is a highly scalable socket and its underlying networking implementation of Linux kernel. With the straight linear scalability, Fastsocket can provide extremely good performance in multicore machines. In addition, it is very easy to use and maintain. As a result, it has been deployed in the production environment of SINA.

lua-nginx-module * Perl 0

Embed the Power of Lua into NginX

tengine-website * Perl 0

the source code of tengine.taobao.org

NewCacheMatters * C++ 0

wrk * C 0

Modern HTTP benchmarking tool

note 0

note with interesting things

dpxdt * Python 0

Make continuous deployment safe by comparing before and after webpage screenshots for each release. Depicted shows when any visual, perceptual differences are found. This is the ultimate, automated end-to-end test.

nginx-docs-cn * Ruby 0

the Chinese translation of nginx documents

nginx-tfs * C 0

An Asynchronous Nginx module providing RESTful API for TFS (Taobao File System).

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Perl 2 99.95% 1991
C 31 99.93% 1536
Ruby 512 96.46% 9
Java 3553 94.89% 29
JavaScript 18931 67.51% 1
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