Michael Yin

Keepsite @keepsite
Wellington, NZ

paste.js CoffeeScript 334

read image/text data from clipboard (cross-browser)

manager-for-upyun CoffeeScript 141


lixian-portal JavaScript 131

一个简洁实用的 Web 版迅雷离线下载程序。

Faker-zh-cn.js * JavaScript 94


sshkeyd CoffeeScript 50

Forget about the ssh keys

gfwlist2routeos CoffeeScript 36


touchy JavaScript 19


node-lixian CoffeeScript 16

非官方迅雷离线下载服务 API for nodejs

rails-assets-for-upyun Ruby 15


wqy Ruby 11

wenquanyi (文泉驿) 开源中文字体

unchained.coffee CoffeeScript 9

CoffeeScript Unchained!

devhttps CoffeeScript 8

HTTPS proxy for emulating secure connections in development.

chnroutesapp HTML 7


icomoon-bower CSS 7

icomoon free font as a bower component

bnb JavaScript 6

Run and serve your web apps in .dev domains on your develop machine.

svnpod CoffeeScript 5

xxx, 帮我开个svn账号。

node-excel-api CoffeeScript 4

a simple wrapper arround the mature [JExcelApi](http://jexcelapi.sourceforge.net/) project

markem CSS 3

zero(nearly)-conf static site generator

myslides JavaScript 3


freedom-routes * Go 2

Internet Freedom - Implement routes for vpn.

dotfiles Vim script 2

Michael Yin's dotfiles

gitpages CoffeeScript 2

provide 'github pages'-like functionalities for gitlab

git-battlestation JavaScript 2


node-tailer CoffeeScript 2

`tail` in browsers at your own risk

myhome 2


layerssss.github.io HTML 1

chnroutes * Python 1

scripts help chinese netizen, who uses vpn to combat censorship, by modifying the route table so as routing only the censored ip to the vpn

jquery-serialize-object * JavaScript 1

Converts HTML form into JavaScript object

pow_index JavaScript 1

Guide you from other ports to any of your `pow.io` projects

HMM-experiments C# 1

a series experiments with HMM on image-processing

nodebob * Shell 1

nodebob is a build tool for node-webkit.

express-sexy-static JavaScript 1

sexy static content server for express

jadepacker 1

pack your jades

getaport JavaScript 1

Get a random free tcp port.

jquery-ui.daterange JavaScript 1

modified version of jquery-ui.datepicker with range support

gfwlist2ip.js CoffeeScript 1


nginx-book * Python 1


galeriders JavaScript 0

Website of the Gale Riders runners club

commodityprices Ruby 0

kudobob Ruby 0

Experimental programming game with ActionCable

library_app Ruby 0

A simple library management app

gitty-cherry-picker CSS 0

A git runner that `cherry-pick`s branches for you.

compose-reactor JavaScript 0

real_domain_name * CSS 0

dnsboard CoffeeScript 0

a static dns records manager for routerOS , make by nodejs.

reverse-proxy JavaScript 0

parse-hook-error-quirk JavaScript 0

pathifier JavaScript 0

hotel * JavaScript 0

Start apps from your browser and get local domains in seconds!

watch-less * JavaScript 0

A command line tool to watch a directory tree for changes to .less files and output compiled .css files.

tbr Ruby 0

The (unfinished) Backpacker Retreat's website

pptx_masher * Ruby 0

PPTX merging and tweaking

nodesnippets HTML 0

my node snippets

ios-html5-drag-drop-shim * JavaScript 0

A drop-in shim to allow you to use existing html5 drag'n'drop code with mobile browsers

node-gitweb * JavaScript 0

Directly invoke and serve GitWeb through NodeJS.

async * JavaScript 0

Async utilities for node and the browser

coffee-script * CoffeeScript 0

Unfancy JavaScript

bugfreecoffee * JavaScript 0


posts CSS 0

node-gitstat CoffeeScript 0

ruby-china * Ruby 0

ruby-china.org website source code.

jade * JavaScript 0

Jade - robust, elegant, feature rich template engine for nodejs

lixian-cli * CoffeeScript 0

A simple nodejs module including command line tool for xunlei-lixian service.

xunlei-lixian * Python 0


cocos2d-html5 * 0

cocos2d for Web Browsers. Built using JavaScript

Mailmao * JavaScript 0

基于 Trello 的周报发送系统

rubyzip * Ruby 0

Offical Rubyzip repository

githublog_doc 0

doc of `githublog`

test-porta Ruby 0


redirector JavaScript 0

simply redirect(http 302) traffic to a specific url.

goclassing CoffeeScript 0

Node.js goclassing.com

uploador CoffeeScript 0


imgs2pdf C# 0

[in browser] click here to download these images as an pdf (for printing)

SCS C# 0

a compiler-building experiment

zhixiang.in JavaScript 0

node-mail-blackhole 0

your mail went into the blackhole, your mail never came out...

dev-porta JavaScript 0


ispjs.org JavaScript 0

ISP.js is an MVC web framework written by C#.

goclassing.com JavaScript 0

plupload-rails * Ruby 0

Integration of Plupload with the Rails asset pipeline

OnlineClassroom C# 0


lwaker C 0

Wake on Lan MCU (micro controlling unit) for ENC28J60 & AT91SAM7S64

ispJs C# 0

ISP.js is an MVC web framework written by C#.

jquery-pjax * JavaScript 0

pushState + ajax = pjax

dalloc C 0


FingerprintsAnalyzer C# 0

a series of experiments done with fingerprints

19wu * Ruby 0

19屋 - 专注于技术社区的活动平台, Based on Rails and AngularJS

prefixfree * JavaScript 0

Break free from CSS prefix hell!

kuihuabaodian * JavaScript 0


LLife C# 0

a series of experiments been done to improve Micheal's college life

PsudoSoho JavaScript 0


todc-bootstrap * JavaScript 0

Google-styled theme for Twitter Bootstrap.

canku * JavaScript 0


json2yaml * JavaScript 0

Javascript JSON to YAML converter

node-vmc-pusher * JavaScript 0

github servicehook for cloudfoundry

coffee-box * JavaScript 0

A blog engine built upon Node.js, Express, MongoDB and CoffeeScript.

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Ruby 227 98.31% 26
JavaScript 689 99.04% 260
CSS 805 97.80% 10
HTML 1188 97.70% 8
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