Tesla Ice Zhang‮

China, Pennsylvania, Gensokyo

resume TeX 295

:space_invader: My resume / 我的简历

A8Translate * Kotlin 94

一个无毒的Android Studio / IntelliJ IDEA 翻译插件

Books Agda 91

Open-source books I've written

jimgui Java 72

:sparkling_heart: Pure Java binding for dear-imgui

Kt2Dart Haskell 70

:flashlight: [Deprecated] Transpile Kotlin codes into Dart, Make Flutter Great Again

dev-kt Kotlin 60

:crystal_ball: Single file Kotlin/Java IDE features in lightweight.

algo4j C++ 55

:horse_racing: An algorithm library using java native interface

CompilerWorks 52

:octocat: 编译原理相关的工作岗位收集

code_wars_android Dart 43

:computer: A mobile client for CodeWars

learn Haskell 40

:books: codes written while learning them.

ice1000.github.io HTML 38

Personal tech blog

NppExtension Perl 35

:smiley: Language extension for notepad++

intellij-zig Kotlin 32

The IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the Zig programming language ┗:smiley:┛ ┏:smiley:┓ ┗:smiley:┛ ┏:smiley:┓

MapGen Kotlin 21

A tiny program generates game maps

dialogs 16

This is a codeless and useless repo.

AIAndroid Java 16

An Android UI framework for chatting APPs.

Dekoder Kotlin 15

:musical_score: A materially designed music player

Castle-game Kotlin 13

Java&Kotlin Castle game(RPG)

text-sequence C++ 12

Text sequence data structures

OI-codes C 10

:closed_lock_with_key: Solutions for online code challenges. Don't be evil.

PlasticApp Kotlin 9

:computer: An Android app for learning of programming.

KitikuMaker Kotlin 4

An extremely interesting Android app, playing kitiku sounds

Artemis C++ 3

Shooting Game editor

TeXiFy-IDEA * Kotlin 0

LaTeX support for the IntelliJ platform by JetBrains.

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Agda 1 94.74% 91
Haskell 5 99.58% 110
TeX 20 99.80% 295
Kotlin 73 99.02% 248
Java 2540 97.13% 88
更新于2019-11-02 14:34:53