Zhuang Ma

Wuhan, China

awesome-adb 6444

:lollipop: ADB Usage Complete / ADB 用法大全

chinese-copywriting-guidelines * CoffeeScript 2499

:mahjong: Chinese Copywriting Guidelines:中文文案排版指北(简体中文版)

mzlogin.github.io HTML 796

:speak_no_evil: My Blog / Jekyll Themes

vim-markdown-toc Vim script 267

:package: A vim 7.4+ plugin to generate table of contents for Markdown files.

CleanExpert Java 102

:green_heart: A cleaner app for android

markdown-intro 97

:m: Markdown Intro / Markdown 简介

guanggoo-android Java 69

:zap: 光谷社区第三方 Android 客户端。

rtfsc-android 66

:pencil: Read The F*cking Android Source Code

csdncommenter Python 29

:snake: 自动打分评论指定 CSDN 账号内所有下载过待评论的资源。

jekyll-theme-solid CSS 24

🐤 A simple and clean jekyll theme without javascript

online-markdown * JavaScript 15

:pencil: 微信公众号 Markdown 排版工具

config-files GDB 13

🗄 config files in home dir

common-mistakes-in-thinking 11


QRCodeScanner C++ 11

A QRCode Scanner for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux in Qt.

project-management-notes 10


android-reverse-engineering 7

My notes for android reverse engineering learning.

vim-i-know 6

:v: 关于 Vim,我知道的都在此。

skill-tree 6

:palm_tree: 期一日,汝参天。

AndroidPractices Java 6

:robot: android practices demo records

android-study-guide 5

:baby_bottle: Android 从入门到放弃

android-ui-demos Java 5

:robot: Android UI develop practices / Custom Views

android-exceptions 5

:bug: Android 崩溃与异常情景分析

vim-smali * VimL 4

smali syntax highlighting for vim by lohan

WiFiDirect Java 4

A server and a client for WiFi Direct transmission

patterns-and-architectures 3

Life is full of routines, the code is the same.

WrapContentListView Java 3

A ListView which its height can wrap content even if it is nested in a ScrollView.

snippets Java 2

🐌 My own snippets

spring-practices Java 2

💚 学习 Spring 过程中的实践代码

java-notes 2

☕️ Java 语言、Spring 系列学习笔记

MemIniParser C++ 2

A memory ini parser

LeetCode C++ 2

:pencil2: LeetCode Problems' Solutions

AndroidDebugHelper Java 2

:knife: A tiny tool for Android Developers

android-studio-settings 2

My Settings & Monokai theme for Android Studio 2.0+.

wunder Java 2

A wunder tool.

git-tutor-for-svn-user Shell 2

:octocat: Git tutor for SVN user / SVN 用户的 Git 指南

vim-kramdown-tab VimL 2

:package: A vim plugin to resolve indent issue of content nested in Markdown lists, especially for kramdown.

learn-vba-the-hard-way 1

Learn VBA the Hard Way / 笨方法学 VBA 办公自动化

translation-spring-mvc-4-documentation * JavaScript 1

Spring MVC 4.2.4 RELEASE 中文文档完整翻译稿

vimwiki * Vim script 1

Personal Wiki for Vim

AMapDemo Java 1

基于高德地图和导航 SDK 开发过程中的功能实现和遇到的问题解决

BlackHoleAnimationView Java 1

blog-comments 1

This repo is used to store comments of mazhuang.org

DesignPatternDemos C++ 1

design pattern study notes

platform_demo * PHP 1


drawio-files 0

Diagrams which can edit with draw.io

asciidoctor * Ruby 0

:gem: A fast, open source text processor and publishing toolchain, written in Ruby, for converting AsciiDoc content to HTML 5, DocBook 5, and other formats.

wechat-format * JavaScript 0

微信公众号排版编辑器,转换 Markdown 到微信特制的 HTML

yujian_back * JavaScript 0


wechat-toutiao Java 0

style-guides 0

:book: My personal style guides.

android-controller Python 0

🎛 Just a handle simulator to control Android on PC.

listen1_android 0

one for all free music in china (mobile edition)

html-textview * Java 0

TextView to display simple HTML content

atom-flight-manual * 0

:book: 翻译自 Atom Flight Manual

awesome-fiddler 0

:violin: Fiddler Usage Complete / Q&A

more-search-engines-for-safari JavaScript 0

An extension to add more search engines for safari.

qzxing * C++ 0

Qt Quick 2.0 port of the ZXing multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library

time-for-windows C++ 0

A command to stats program running time on Windows.

StickExpandListHead * Java 0

Android library to stick your ExpandableListView's head view at the top of list

cscope_macros.vim * VimL 0

basic cscope settings and key mappings

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
CoffeeScript 1 99.98% 2499
Vim script 34 99.50% 268
HTML 66 99.93% 796
Java 1609 98.19% 199
Python 3697 95.77% 29
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