Carl Chen

Servicewall @Servicewall

xcode_shell Perl 1036

shell script that used to auto-build xcode project Ruby 66

my blog

CCMakefile4iOS 53

makefile for iOS project to compile and package the xcode project automatically.

Transformers Swift 42

A framework to transform data like JSON elegantly using the power of Swift programming language.

CCRevealLoader Logos 40

A theos tweak to load RevealServer.framework(support version 7) into iOS apps on jailbroken devices.

IPMsg4Android Java 38

The software IPMsg in android

HandOfTheKing Swift 16

A fast bootstrap framework environment for iOS project using Swift. Include some useful tools.

SwiftNest Swift 6

An implement of VSCode's Language Server Protocol for Swift programming language.

IronBank Swift 4

A decentralized project dependency manager written in Swift.

lwIP-iOS C 3

WechatOpenSDK Objective-C 3

iOSCITools Objective-C 3

CI tools

my-blog-docker Go 2

Dockerfiles of my blog

ToolKit Shell 1

My ToolKit for development.

Swifter TypeScript 1

VS Code extension for Swift programming language.

leetcode-solutions C++ 1

my solutions for leetcode

blogHooker Swift 1

makeOS Assembly 1

nvim Vim script 0

my neovim configuration repository

myvimscript Vim script 0

hugo-theme-diary * CSS 0

Moments piled up. A Hugo theme ported from SumiMakito/hexo-theme-Journal.

wg_config_tools Shell 0

rtl8814AU * C 0

Realtek 8814AU USB WiFi driver

elk-docker Dockerfile 0

Start ELK service by docker. including elasticsearch, logstash, kibana

Dockerfiles Dockerfile 0

My dockerfiles

sourcekite * C++ 0

the backend of SDE's language server

sde * TypeScript 0

Swift Development Environment based on VS Code

CarthageSpecs 0

gifsicle-lossy-docker Shell 0

SILKCodec * C 0

SILK Speech Codec

tun2socks * C 0

A tun2socks framework with Swift wrapper

jailbreak-tools 0

my-dockerfiles Shell 0

VPNOn * Swift 0

Turn On your VPN like a hero. * ASP 0


OpenGL-es-iOS-swift4-Demo Objective-C 0

OpenGL ES Demo project for iOS platform in Xcode 9 beta with Swift4

WechatLib Objective-C 0

PokemonHook * Ruby 0

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Perl 4 99.91% 1036
Logos 8 97.42% 40
Ruby 140 99.21% 66
Swift 432 96.89% 69
Java 4271 95.22% 38
更新于2021-09-24 04:00:14