John Lui

Beijing, China

Learn-Laravel-5 PHP 3544

Laravel 5 系列入门教程

SwiftSideslipLikeQQ Swift 1677

再造 “手机QQ” 侧滑菜单

AutoLayout Swift 1222

Auto Layout 秘境

Pitaya Swift 854

🏇 A Swift HTTP / HTTPS networking library just incidentally execute on machines

SwiftNotice Swift 836

GUI library for displaying various popups (HUD), written in pure Swift.

AliyunOSS PHP 488

阿里云 OSS 官方 SDK 的 Composer 封装,支持任何 PHP 项目,包括 Laravel、Symfony、TinyLara 等等。

JSONNeverDie Swift 465

Auto reflection tool from JSON to Model, user friendly JSON encoder / decoder, aims to never die

Swift-MMP Swift 362

🎧 Stream Material-design Music Player written by Swift for iOS.

Swift-On-iOS Swift 355

JohnLui 的 Swift On iOS 代码仓库

FireUpYourVPN Swift 315

在通知中心一键启用 VPN

Learn-Laravel-4 PHP 219

Laravel 4 系列入门教程 代码示例

My-First-Framework-based-on-Composer PHP 110

利用 Composer 一步一步构建自己的 PHP 框架 代码示例

LaraDuoshuo PHP 90

Laravel 5 实现的私有评论系统,用于 Hexo、Jekyll 等静态博客系统

CodeIgniter-2-with-Eloquent PHP 42

CodeIgniter 2.2.0 with Eloquent

MarkDown-for-Emlog JavaScript 36

十分漂亮的 Markdown 编辑器,完美替代 Emlog 自带编辑器。

AliyunOSS-Laravel7 PHP 31

阿里云 OSS 官方 SDK 的 Composer 封装,专门支持 Laravel 7、Laravel 8

KillTYZ PHP 24

KillTYZ 干掉拖延症

go_static Go 22

A simple static tool for any single page with golang, also can be used in Emlog platform for the whole website. 使用Go语言编写的跨平台的网站首页静态化工具[也适用于emlog整站(首页+文章+页面)静态化]

Surf * C 19

DOUAudioStreamer-Swift * Objective-C 12

Core Audio based streaming audio player for iOS and macOS adaptable to Swift

JSON-API-for-Emlog PHP 5

强大的 JSON 格式的数据输出插件,为 Emlog 而生。

GraphQL-Laravel PHP 4

A Laravel GraphQL reference implementation forked from webonyx/graphql-php

Ultimo-emlog PHP 2

Ultimo 主题 for Emlog

PHPSwift Swift 1

Write Swift like PHP, just for fun.

setup-ipsec-vpn * 0

Scripts to build your own IPsec VPN server, with IPsec/L2TP, Cisco IPsec and IKEv2

vue * 0

🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

emlog * PHP 0


Kingfisher * Swift 0

A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.

laravel4-categorize * PHP 0

Multi Level Category Hierarchy.

Change PHP 0

a Emlog template

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Swift 8 99.94% 6087
Go 1335 96.48% 22
C 1822 96.47% 19
JavaScript 4904 95.53% 36
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