John Lui

Beijing, China

Learn-Laravel-5 PHP 3483

Laravel 5 系列入门教程

SwiftSideslipLikeQQ Swift 1676

再造 “手机QQ” 侧滑菜单

AutoLayout Swift 1217

Auto Layout 秘境

Pitaya Swift 856

🏇 A Swift HTTP / HTTPS networking library just incidentally execute on machines

SwiftNotice Swift 785

GUI library for displaying various popups (HUD), written in pure Swift.

JSONNeverDie Swift 470

Auto reflection tool from JSON to Model, user friendly JSON encoder / decoder, aims to never die

AliyunOSS PHP 448

阿里云 OSS 官方 SDK 的 Composer 封装,支持任何 PHP 项目,包括 Laravel、Symfony、TinyLara 等等。

Swift-On-iOS Swift 355

JohnLui 的 Swift On iOS 代码仓库

Swift-MMP Swift 342

🎧 Stream Material-design Music Player written by Swift for iOS.

FireUpYourVPN Swift 315

在通知中心一键启用 VPN

Learn-Laravel-4 PHP 224

Laravel 4 系列入门教程 代码示例

My-First-Framework-based-on-Composer PHP 101

利用 Composer 一步一步构建自己的 PHP 框架 代码示例

LaraDuoshuo PHP 87

Laravel 5 实现的私有评论系统,用于 Hexo、Jekyll 等静态博客系统

CodeIgniter-2-with-Eloquent PHP 41

CodeIgniter 2.2.0 with Eloquent

MarkDown-for-Emlog JavaScript 35

十分漂亮的 Markdown 编辑器,完美替代 Emlog 自带编辑器。

KillTYZ PHP 24

KillTYZ 干掉拖延症

go_static Go 22

A simple static tool for any single page with golang, also can be used in Emlog platform for the whole website. 使用Go语言编写的跨平台的网站首页静态化工具[也适用于emlog整站(首页+文章+页面)静态化]

Surf * C 19

DOUAudioStreamer-Swift * Objective-C 12

Core Audio based streaming audio player for iOS and macOS adaptable to Swift

JSON-API-for-Emlog PHP 4

强大的 JSON 格式的数据输出插件,为 Emlog 而生。

Ultimo-emlog PHP 2

Ultimo 主题 for Emlog

PHPSwift Swift 1

Write Swift like PHP, just for fun.

emlog * PHP 0


Kingfisher * Swift 0

A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.

swift * C++ 0

The Swift Programming Language

laravel4-categorize * PHP 0

Multi Level Category Hierarchy.

Change PHP 0

a Emlog template

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PHP 7 99.98% 4414
Go 1068 97.06% 22
C 1548 96.96% 19
JavaScript 4554 95.80% 35
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