Lex Tang

Shanghai, China

LTMorphingLabel Swift 7660

[EXPERIMENTAL] Graceful morphing effects for UILabel written in Swift.

VPNOn Swift 4302

Turn On your VPN like a hero.

fontdiao CSS 586

[已废弃]中文图标字体,可用于 Web 或 iOS,同时提供了国内各种常用网站、应用的徽标 SVG 源文件。

ios-makefile Shell 581

[DEPRECATED] The universal makefile for my iOS projects distributes IPAs in seconds

ios-dev-playbook Ruby 544

不会运维的 iOS 开发不是好设计师。这个 Ansible Playbook 能快速配置 iOS 开发需要的服务,安装如 Gogs、GitLab、Jenkins、Ghost、Ajenti 等常用服务。

LTBouncyPlaceholder Swift 495

A learning-by-doing UITextField extension written in Swift

LTJelloSwitch Swift 372

A rapid prototype of UISwitch built with Swift and PaintCode.

LeetCode.swift Swift 353

Once upon a time there was a noob of algorithms, and he knew a little about Swift.

PhoneticContacts Swift 300

为你的联系人加上拼音属性,这样即使你的 iPhone 设置成英文,也能有按拼音分段的功能。暂时还没有改成用 Contacts framework,Xcode 10 无法运行哦

LTFinderButtons Rich Text Format 281

My Finder buttons collection for macOS.

vpn-deploy-playbook * Shell 187

A collection of Ansible Playbooks to deploy VPN and proxy services.

RegExPlus Swift 182

A nifty RegEx test tool built with SwiftUI

QLSwift Objective-C 180

A Quick Look plugin for Swift files

Huahui Swift 149

。.゚✧:✿花༙྇灰༙྇✿:✧゚.。 - 灰化肥会发黑,花会化灰。又名『中国程序员常读错的英文单词的 App』

LTBlacklist Objective-C 149

[DEPRECATED] The missing Blacklist app for your iOS 5/6 with private APIs. No Jailbreak Required!

APN Objective-C 116

[已废弃]适合 iOS 7 的 APN 设置工具,又一个没过审核的周末项目

MMDB-Swift C 113

A tiny wrapper for libmaxminddb which allows you to lookup Geo data by IP address.

do-ikev1 87

你再也不用担心你的女票不会自己在 DigitalOcean 上安装 Cisco IPSec 的微屁恩了。

LTUpdate Objective-C 75

[DEPRECATED] LeT'sUpdate to the new version available in the AppStore! A GCD powered, ARC/MRC compatible class with block interfaces.

KissDefault Swift 45

[EXPERIMANTAL] 💋Keep It(UserDefaults propertyWrapper) Simple and Stupid

SWWebView * JavaScript 44

An experiment in adding Service Worker APIs to an iOS WKWebView

LTTabBar Objective-C 32

[DEPRECATED] A clumsy mimic of the Chrome-style tab bar for iOS.

do-shadowsocks 28

你再也不用担心你的女票不会自己在 DigitalOcean 上安装 Shadowsocks 了。

LexClockWidget Swift 24

LexNightmare Swift 23

A boring game built with SpriteKit and Swift.

HNAPI Swift 22

Tiny HackerNews API wrapper.

.files Shell 20

My fish + neovim + iTerm2

YLProgressBar * Objective-C 20

Custom progress bar for iOS (4.0 or over) with an animated background

iDevBox Swift 19

Yet another learning-by-doing XcodeKit project

LTDribbbleAPI Objective-C 15

Yet another Dribbble API client for iOS 6.0+ and Mac OS X 10.8+ based on AFNetworking 2.0.

XcodeAutomator 9

Automator services for Xcode

PixelPusher Swift 7

Compare your app with the original design pixel-by-pixel.

GCD Shell 6

GCD = Ghost + Caddy + Dropbox

ansible-role-docker 6

An Ansible role to install Docker in Debian or Ubuntu

XcodeTemplates 3

My personal Xcode templates

lexrus 2

ios_notebook 2

LibWebpXCDemo Swift 1

proton * 1

Purely native and extensible rich text editor for iOS and macOS Catalyst apps

ZCAnimatedLabel * Objective-C 1

UILabel replacement with fine-grain appear/disappear animation

lexrus.github.io SCSS 1

My personal Hugo website: https://lex.sh

MortyUI * 1

A very simple Rick & Morty app to demo GraphQL + SwiftUI

Telegram-iOS * 1


KingfisherWebP * 1

Elegantly handle WebP format with Kingfisher.

WeChatExtension-ForMac * Objective-C 1


FLEX * Objective-C 1

An in-app debugging and exploration tool for iOS

PopMenu * Swift 1

A fully customizable popup style menu for iOS 😎

JTNetworkUtils * Swift 1

Network Utils Written in Swift

phonefinger * 0

"Finger simulator" to help you demo iOS apps on your Mac

danger-ruby-swiftformat * Ruby 0

A danger plugin to check Swift formatting using SwiftFormat.

MonkeyKing * Swift 0

MonkeyKing helps you to post messages to Chinese Social Networks.

SwiftLint * 0

A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions.

yyjson * 0

A high performance JSON library written in ANSI C

libwebp-Xcode * 0

A wrapper for libwebp + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods && SwiftPM.

pixel-picker * 0

A tiny menu bar application that helps you pick colours from your screen! 🔍✨

GKPageScrollView * Objective-C 0


WeChatICU-ForMac * 0

Mac版企业微信消息防撤回, 聊天会话去水印

Logger * 0

A simple logger for Swift

TTAnalyzeLoadTime * 0

通过Mach-O文件NonlazyClassList构建动态库进行iOS load方法耗时检测

FinestWebView-Android * 0

Beautiful and customizable Android Activity that shows web pages within an app.

trace * Dart 0

Full-featured, modern crypto portfolio & market explorer. Built with @Flutter

Localize-Swift * Swift 0

Swift friendly localization and i18n with in-app language switching

RxKeyboard * Swift 0

Reactive Keyboard in iOS

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CSS 72 99.87% 586
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