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advanced-go-programming-book Go 9605

:books: 《Go语言高级编程》开源图书,涵盖CGO、Go汇编语言、RPC实现、Protobuf插件实现、Web框架实现、分布式系统等高阶主题(完稿)

go2-book Go 1120

:books: 《Go2编程指南》开源图书,重点讲解Go2新特性,以及Go1教程中较少涉及的特性

awesome-go-zh Go 692

:books: Go资源精选中文版(含中文图书大全)

awesome-wasm-zh WebAssembly 666


awesome-dart-zh 283


gopherchina2018-cgo-talk Go 259

:book: GopherChina2018: 深入CGO编程 - 最新修订

webp Go 164

WebP decoder and encoder for Go (Zero Dependencies).

ptyy Go 139

莆田医院: 莆田系 野鸡医院 查询 (iOS/Swift/Go/Ruby/)

opencv Go 109

Go bindings for OpenCV1.1 (Dev/Zero Dependencies).

guetzli-go Go 80

Guetzli perceptual JPEG encoder for Go (Zero Dependencies).

head-first-dart-book Dart 72

:books: Dart学习笔记(在战争中学习战争)(开发中...)

pbgo Go 70

pbgo is a mini RPC/REST/Grpc-Gateway framework based on Protobuf

notepadplus-go 55

notepad++ support Go language and Go assembly language (Windows).

protorpc Go 50

Google Protocol Protobufs RPC for Go.

gettext-go Go 48

GNU gettext for Go

wasm-book-code JavaScript 35

WebAssembly标准入门 代码

guetzli-js C++ 29

Guetzli for NodeJS/Browser

libfacedetection-go C++ 26

libfacedetection binding for Go

notepadplus-protobuf Protocol Buffer 26

notepad++ support Protobuf (Windows).

base60 Go 26

base60: 天干地支编码: 乙丑癸巳甲寅己亥丁卯甲申丁未甲午己巳

leetcode-go Go 24

:computer:LeetCode练习, Go语言版本

gotlang Go 21

:dog::dog::dog: 狗头语言(gotlang) :dog::dog::dog:

cgo Go 21

golang cgo helper

errors Go 21

Go errors process, support error code, caller info, json format and wraped error.

tiff Go 20

Rich TIFF/BigTIFF/GeoTIFF decoder/encoder for Go (Pure Go/Zero Dependencies)

winsvc Go 19

windows service

bpg Go 18

BPG decoder for Go (Zero Dependencies).

qrcode Go 14

QR code encoder/decoder

cache Go 11

LevelDB style LRU cache for Go, support non GC object.

notepadplus-typescript TypeScript 10

notepad++ support TypeScript (Windows).

qml Go 9

Qt/QML for Golang (fork from go-qml/qml.v1), Qt/MSVC with Win32/Win64.

calculator Go 9


protorpc.cxx C++ 9

This package provides C++ Protobuf-RPC support.

defer C++ 9

Go's defer operator for C++

lucky-star Go 8

幸运之星: 公平公正的抽奖算法

jsonv Go 8

Get Value from JSON

goroutine Go 8

Goroutine helper functions

glua-strings Go 6

Go strings package for gopher-lua

im4corner Lua 6


logger Go 6

Package logger implements a simple level logging package.

goapp-in-docker Go 5

Building Minimal Docker Containers for Go App

pbgo-grpc Go 4

pbgo grpc/rest examples

protorpc3-cxx C++ 4

This package provides C++ Protobuf3-RPC support.

ditaa-docker Makefile 4

docker container for ditaa

wc Go 4

基于flex实现的wc命令, 单词计数

bzip2 Go 4

bzip2 compression for Go

jsonmap Go 4

Map for json/struct/key-value-db

assert Go 4

Assert for Go1.9+

builtin Go 4

Provides some usefull functions for Go.

brainfuck Go 3

brainfuck VM JavaScript 3

:book: chai2010 的博客

llvm-go C 3

Go Bindings for LLVM-3.9.1.

spacestring Go 3

space string contains more than 1 space characters

gdal C++ 3

Go bindings for GDAL.

vimpinyin Lua 2


template Go 2

template helper

LeetCode-in-Go * Go 2

:mortar_board: 100% Go Solution for LeetCode, continually updating.

cc-mini-test C++ 2

C++ Mini UnitTest and Benchmark Library

lzfse-go C 2

LZFSE decoder and encoder for Go (Zero Dependencies).

protoc C++ 2

protoc wrap, support `go get`

version Go 1

get go-app version

wasi-hello WebAssembly 1

print hello world

static-public CSS 1


libconfd Go 1

mini confd lib, based on confd/memkv/secconf/logger

tiny-lang-c C 1

Tiny toy language

ibox-docker Dockerfile 1


luapkg-go Go 1

GopherLua package

etcdfs Go 1

(WIP)virtual file system on etcd

image Go 1

Package image implements a basic 2-D image library.

ini Go 1

INI configuration file parser

plantuml-docker * Shell 1

docker container for plantuml

protoc-gen-grpc-plugins 1

glua-helper Go 1

GopherLua helper function

etcd-docker Makefile 1

etcd docker image

hello-ng2 JavaScript 1

Angular2 & Electron 示例(最少代码)

bench Go 1

ArduinoMegaRTOS C 1

FreeRTOS on Arduino Mega

diffbot-go-client * Go 1

A Diffbot API client for Go

goast-viewer * 0

Golang AST visualizer

tinygo * 0

Go compiler for small places. Microcontrollers, WebAssembly, and command-line tools. Based on LLVM.

lena-go Go 0

lena.jpg data

UnityInActionCode C# 0

code for "unity in action"

static-images 0


clit Go 0


cident Go 0

C标识符 - 生成C标识符

chinese-programmer-wrong-pronunciation * 0


railroad-diagrams * JavaScript 0

:steam_locomotive: A small JS+SVG library for drawing railroad syntax diagrams, like on Now with a Python port!

life * JavaScript 0

number Go 0

interace to int/float64

emoji * 0

:card_index: All of the emoji supported on GitHub pull requests, issues, comments, commit messages, markdown files, etc.

play-etcd Makefile 0


os-tutorial * C 0

How to create an OS from scratch

ldap-play Go 0


star-history * CSS 0

The missing star history graph of github repos

openpitrix-examples 0

OpenPitrix 应用示例

RPG-Maker-MV-Networking * Go 0

A Project to Bring Simple Networking to RPG Maker MV

play-tls C++ 0

fuck tls

hdmmY-HackDay2018 C# 0

rawp Go 0

image format for me

flock Go 0

file lock 0 评论

glua-lustache 0

lustache for gopher-lua

glua-lake Lua 0

lake for gopher-lua

glua-getopt Go 0

getopt for gopher-lua

play-confd Shell 0

confd 娱乐场

grpc-tools-docker 0


protoc-gen-swagger 0

Protobuf plugin to generate swagger * HTML 0

A one pager for emojis on Campfire and GitHub

cc-lru-cache C++ 0

LevelDB LRUCache fork

hello-swig-bug Go 0

SWIG bug on windows

cgo-bug-20160727 Go 0

cgo bug

sqlite3 C 0

sqlite3 driver for go that using database/sql

zopfi C++ 0

Go bindings for zopfi.

T * Go 0

The T text editor.

gocube * Go 0

A Go library for the Rubik's cube

protobuf Protocol Buffer 0

protobuf builtin package

nes * Go 0

NES emulator written in Go.

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WebAssembly 2 99.50% 667
Go 7 99.98% 12633
Dart 107 98.01% 72
C++ 685 98.86% 84
JavaScript 4280 96.05% 39
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