Iosevka JavaScript 12710

Versatile typeface for code, from code.

Sarasa-Gothic JavaScript 6479

Sarasa Gothic / 更纱黑体 / 更紗黑體 / 更紗ゴシック / 사라사 고딕

vscode-custom-css JavaScript 559

Custom CSS Plugin for Visual Studio Code. Based on vscode-icon

source-han-sans-ttf JavaScript 281

A (hinted!) version of Source Han Sans

idris-codegen-es Haskell 53

Optimized JS codegen for Idris

eido JavaScript 53

A text generator

patrisika JavaScript 49

An AST Library

vscode-iconset 48

Icon set for vscode-icons

vsc-theme-verdandi JavaScript 47

Another theme

PatEL JavaScript 36

The Patrisika Example Language

jk JavaScript 26

A “lightweight” markup language with a powerful kernel beneath.

your-type JavaScript 25

node-sfnt * JavaScript 18

SFNT parser and generator for Nodejs.

idris-dict Idris 15

A Dict k v in Idris

vsc-theme-railgun 14

VSCode Theme Railgun

libspiro-js JavaScript 12

JavaScript port of libspiro

vscode-theme-dolch TypeScript 9

typo-geom TypeScript 7

A Basic Geometric library for Type Design

prompt PowerShell 6

My PwSH prompt

typable TypeScript 3

Typables and dynamic casting

primitive-quadify-off-curves TypeScript 3

Arbittrary curve => TTF off-curves

YesPlayMusic * 2

高颜值的第三方网易云播放器,支持 Windows / macOS / Linux :electron:

spiro-js TypeScript 2

(new) port of Raph's Spiro

markdown-it-mdeqn-be TypeScript 2

Notepads * 2

A modern, lightweight text editor with a minimalist design.

vuex-remote-experiment JavaScript 2

eido-eqn JavaScript 2

An equation layouting system for Eido

sublimetext-eido 2

Eido highlighting + build for Sublime Text 2

neetdns JavaScript 2

A nameserver that really finds the fastest address

ot-cubic-boolean-extension 1

Draft for Cubic and Boolean extension for OpenType


Proposal of the ZVAR table

sublimetext-moescript 1

Moescript highlight for Sublime Text

Necessaria JavaScript 1

Ens necessarius Javascripti

Verdandi-Modern PowerShell 1

A modern-style font

b-spline-edit-experiments TypeScript 1

B-spline editing experiments

node-cldr * 0

node.js library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

lkg-app * C++ 0

A template for a standalone looking glass app in Raylib

eslint-plugin-import * 0

ESLint plugin with rules that help validate proper imports.

patrisika-scopes JavaScript 0 HTML 0 side contents

otb-monorepo * TypeScript 0

Notepad3 * 0

Notepad like text editor based on the Scintilla source code. Notepad3 based on code from Notepad2 and MiniPath on code from metapath. Download Notepad3:

neovim * 0

Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

DxFontPreview C++ 0

cubic2quad * JavaScript 0

Aproximates cubic bezier curves with quadratic ones.

vscode-idris * JavaScript 0

Idris for Visual Studio Code

rollup-plugin-patel JavaScript 0

PatEL plugin for rollup

patelify JavaScript 0

cff-opcode-fonts * 0

OTF fonts for testing CFF opcode support

s1-ime-prototype JavaScript 0

IME core algorithm prototype based on Stage1st corpus

multilinear-master-experiment TypeScript 0

opentype-next * 0

Ideas for fundamental changes to the spec

hexo-renderer-markdown * JavaScript 0

Markdown-it renderer plugin for Hexo.

matrix * JavaScript 0

Matrix manipulation and computation library

TextLayoutSampler * C++ 0

Utility to display text via multiple Windows API's simultaneously.

OpenTypeDesignVariationAxisTags * 0

Repo for discussion and review of proposals for registration of OpenType design-variation axis tags.

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Idris 3 88.89% 15
JavaScript 12 99.99% 20302
Haskell 14 99.05% 53
PowerShell 45 97.62% 7
TypeScript 660 96.78% 27
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