Belleve Invis

Microsoft / WDG
Beijing, China

Iosevka HTML 6729

Slender typeface for code, from code.

Sarasa-Gothic JavaScript 1330

Sarasa Gothic / 更纱黑体 / 更紗黑體 / 更紗ゴシック

vscode-custom-css JavaScript 205

Custom CSS Plugin for Visual Studio Code. Based on vscode-icon

source-han-sans-ttf JavaScript 77

A (hinted!) version of Source Han Sans

eido JavaScript 52

A text generator

patrisika JavaScript 51

An AST Library

idris-codegen-es Haskell 46

Optimized JS codegen for Idris

vscode-iconset 31

Icon set for vscode-icons

jk JavaScript 24

A “lightweight” markup language with a powerful kernel beneath.

your-type JavaScript 23

vsc-theme-verdandi JavaScript 22

Another theme

PatEL JavaScript 22

The Patrisika Example Language

node-sfnt * JavaScript 15

SFNT parser and generator for Nodejs.

vsc-theme-railgun 11

VSCode Theme Railgun

nagisa-w 10

A nodejs based shell, Windows side.

libspiro-js JavaScript 9

JavaScript port of libspiro

idris-dict Idris 7

A Dict k v in Idris

typo-geom TypeScript 6

A Basic Geometric library for Type Design

codeface * Python 6

Typefaces for source code beautification

dotfiles * Python 3

My personal dotfiles for vim and other tools

primitive-quadify-off-curves TypeScript 3

Arbittrary curve => TTF off-curves

sublimetext-eido 2

Eido highlighting + build for Sublime Text 2

Resume 2

My Résumé

neetdns JavaScript 2

A nameserver that really finds the fastest address

vuex-remote-experiment JavaScript 2

eido-eqn JavaScript 2

An equation layouting system for Eido

Verdandi-Modern PowerShell 1

A modern-style font

ot-cubic-boolean-extension 1

Draft for Cubic and Boolean extension for OpenType

Necessaria JavaScript 1

Ens necessarius Javascripti

electron * C++ 1

Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies

sublimetext-moescript 1

Moescript highlight for Sublime Text HTML 0 side contents


Proposal of the ZVAR table

OpenTypeDesignVariationAxisTags * 0

Repo for discussion and review of proposals for registration of OpenType design-variation axis tags.

cubic2quad * JavaScript 0

Aproximates cubic bezier curves with quadratic ones.

GoogleIPRange * 0

Idris-dev * Haskell 0

A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language

vscode-idris * JavaScript 0

Idris for Visual Studio Code

julia-vscode * TypeScript 0

julia language support for VS Code

PowerShell-RFC * 0

RFC documents for community feedback on design changes and improvements to PowerShell

rollup-plugin-patel JavaScript 0

PatEL plugin for rollup

RustyCode * TypeScript 0

Rust for Visual Studio Code

checkedc * TeX 0

Checked C is an extension of C that adds bounds checking to C. This repo contains the specification for the extension, test code, and samples.

cff-opcode-fonts * 0

OTF fonts for testing CFF opcode support

patrisika-scopes JavaScript 0

patelify JavaScript 0

algorithms.js * JavaScript 0

Atwood's Law applied to CS101 - Classic algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript

munhap 0

yin * Java 0

the Yin programming language

localHT JavaScript 0

A local manga viewer

SmartDNS * JavaScript 0

A local DNS server for crossing the GFW.

s1-ime-prototype JavaScript 0

IME core algorithm prototype based on Stage1st corpus

girlfriend_require * 0

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
HTML 3 100.00% 6729
Haskell 10 99.19% 46
JavaScript 153 99.83% 1837
TypeScript 409 96.27% 9
Python 4615 92.73% 9
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