Felix Hao


JSCPP CoffeeScript 664

A simple C++ interpreter written in JavaScript

react-jianpu JavaScript 25

A numbered music notation renderer (a.k.a JianPu 简谱)

websocket-sharp * C# 8

A C# implementation of the WebSocket protocol client and server

react-stylable-diff * JavaScript 5

Given two inputs, highlights the differences

console * C++ 1

This is a modified version of Console 2 for a better experience under Windows Vista/7/8/10 and a better visual rendering.

Cognitive-Speech-TTS * C# 1

Microsoft Text-to-Speech API Android SDK and sample code in several languages, part of Cognitive Services

TerrorAttacks12-15 JavaScript 1

Visualization of terrorism attacks during 2012 to 2015

DocumentTranslator * C# 1

Microsoft Document Translator

DefinitelyTyped * TypeScript 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

vscode * TypeScript 0

Visual Studio Code

python-language-server * C# 0

Microsoft Language Server for Python

node-oniguruma * JavaScript 0

Oniguruma Node Module

vscode-cpptools * TypeScript 0

Official repository for filing issues against and getting support for the Microsoft C/C++ extension for VS Code

vscode-textmate * JavaScript 0

A library that helps tokenize text using Text Mate grammars.

transformer-xl * Python 0

language-java * CoffeeScript 0

Java package for Atom

PagodaNet2018 0

The code and model for PagodaNet, an RNN-based document classification model.

SublimeText2-Antlr-syntax * 0

Antlr syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2/3

using-coffee-react-for-frontend-dev-walkthrough CoffeeScript 0

A walkthrough for developing frontend with Coffee&React

bootstrap-slider * JavaScript 0

A complete rewrite of the original bootstrap-slider by Stefan Petre.

jieba.NET * C# 0


CortanaSkillInteractiveStory JavaScript 0

Cognitive-Speech-STT-ServiceLibrary * 0

Service SDK - C# Samples, documentation for service to service speech to text

react-boilerplate-vs * JavaScript 0

For Visual Studio: :fire: Quick setup for performance orientated, offline-first React.js applications featuring Redux, hot-reloading, PostCSS, react-router, ServiceWorker, AppCache, FontFaceObserver and Mocha.

busboy-body-parser * JavaScript 0

esformatter * JavaScript 0

ECMAScript code beautifier/formatter

react-ace * JavaScript 0

React Ace Component

esformatter-jsx * JavaScript 0

esformatter plugin: format jsx files (or js files with Facebook React JSX Syntax)

sublime-esformatter * Python 0

JavaScript formatter plugin for Sublime Text

react-winjs * JavaScript 0

React wrapper around WinJS's controls

react-data-grid * JavaScript 0

Excel-like grid component built with React, with editors, keyboard navigation, copy & paste, and the like http://adazzle.github.io/react-data-grid/

package_control_channel * Python 0

Default channel file for Package Control. Follow the directions at:

ICSE13TD-richComments Java 0

ICSE13 Tool demo - richComments, an Eclipse plugin for multimedia comments

pegjs-util * JavaScript 0

Utility Class for PEG.js

pegjs-coffee-plugin * JavaScript 0

Plugin for PEG.js to use CoffeeScript in actions.

grunt-peg * JavaScript 0

a npm module that registers a grunt multi task that generates parsers from peg grammars

mysong-reinvent Matlab 0

reinvent of mysong (http://research.microsoft.com/apps/pubs/default.aspx?id=64277)

voice-changer * Matlab 0

Time-Domain Pitch and Time Scale Modification of Speech Signal

react-scrollnav CoffeeScript 0

Scroll Navigation Bar for ReactJS

Sublime-CoffeeScript-Formatter * Python 0

A sublime plugin for formatting CoffeeScript

Sublime-PEGcoffee * 0

Syntax for PEGcoffee in Sublime Text

incubator-zeppelin * Java 0

Mirror of Apache Zeppelin (Incubating)

react-multiprogressbar CoffeeScript 0

Progressbar in React for tracking multiple progresses

TinyWorld * 0

Ludum Dare game entry from the 10th Anniversary Ludum Dare! Theme "Tiny World". Written in Java, rendering engine: Java2D.

ranking_system Ruby 0

Ranking system for Contests 2014

p3.monkeyaround.biz * JavaScript 0

p3 project source code for Guang Long

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CoffeeScript 7 99.88% 664
C# 1191 94.07% 10
JavaScript 4915 95.46% 31
C++ 9541 73.92% 1
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