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performance-column 1134

🚅 性能专栏(Performance Column)

online-markdown JavaScript 835

A online markdown converter specially for Wechat Public formatting.

autoconfig-mac-vimrc VimL 508

autoconfig mac vimrc with bundle

blogChat HTML 495

Chat room source code for Barret Lee's Personal Blog.

kindleBookMaker JavaScript 375

Kindle Book Maker with KindleGen, Make Book from RSS/single URL/directory and so on.

algorithms JavaScript 325

All algorithms writing with javascript in the book 'Algorithms Fourth Edition'.

snippets JavaScript 312

Code Snippets

daily-algorithms JavaScript 218


SuperMarker JavaScript 151

An automatic marking tool better than mark man.

blog HTML 151

My Blog & Blog System

javascript-multiple-download JavaScript 92


lazyload HTML 90

Lazyload images or lazy execute scripts. (图片脚本懒加载)

autocreate-ca Shell 57

autocreate cetificate authority

babel-plugin-ast JavaScript 44

使用 babel 进行 AST 分析和处理

myPromise JavaScript 41


hexo-admin * JavaScript 36

An Admin Interface for Hexo

translation-plan 35


Node-Daily-Practice 28


MiniQuery JavaScript 20

MiniQuery,寥寥几行代码,实现一个简单的元素选择器,兼容低版本 IE。

h5crash HTML 18

H5 容器 Crash 问题研究

node-debug HTML 17

Node Debug Demo HTML 17


performance JavaScript 14

Javascript Performace Tester

ddns PHP 10

将本机的外网 ip 推到 DNSPod

hexo-search-plugin-snippets JavaScript 9

一些辅助 `hexo-generator-search` 插件的代码片段,博客右上角看效果 ---->

dive-into-node-stream JavaScript 9

Dive Into Node Stream

duoshuo-migrate-to-disqus JavaScript 9


xss-filter-bypass JavaScript 7


debugging-in-vscode-tutorial HTML 7

Demostration of Debugging in vscode.

Micro-Share HTML 3


node-legacy-debug JavaScript 2

Node Legacy Demo

git-rebase HTML 2

Git Rebase Demo

wooyun_public * Python 2

乌云公开漏洞、知识库爬虫和搜索 crawl and search for public bug(vulnerability) and drops

parser-learning JavaScript 1


hexo-lazyload-image-enhance JavaScript 1

a hexo plugin which is used to have all images support lazyload, with the help of this functionality, it will improve lots of the loading proformance.

ppt 1

3d-demo 1

Collection of 3D Demo

base64-utf8-transfer JavaScript 1

base64 for utf8 character

gitbook-plugin-tbobook JavaScript 1

dht JavaScript 1


pocket 1

pocket list

Rime-config Shell 1

Rime Config

weibo 1

weibo list

skylarblog JavaScript 1

blog for skylar

exploits * 0

alipay-sdk-nodejs-all * 0

支付宝开放平台 Alipay SDK for Node.js

redux-with-domain * 0

蚂蚁大数据部孵化出的一款企业级前端框架,适用于复杂的 SPA 场景。开箱即用,通过领域驱动的开发方式与运行时约束,让项目具备良好的可维护性。

shadowsocks * Python 0

fork project

doc * JavaScript 0


gpg-demo 0

gpg demo

vscode * TypeScript 0

Visual Studio Code

Makers-Union * JavaScript 0

Makers Union 创作者联盟 💍

code-server * TypeScript 0

Run VS Code remotely.

CVE-2019-5786 * JavaScript 0

FileReader Exploit

test HTML 0

Generated by the Red Hat Developer Launcher (

dotfiles Shell 0


vscode-vsce * TypeScript 0

VSCode Extension Manager

webpack-plugin-amd2cmd JavaScript 0

A webpack plugin - Transfer amd bundle to cmd.

deps-matcher JavaScript 0

Match JS file's all dependencies.

reading HTML 0

show what's your reading now.

rax * JavaScript 0

:tophat: A universal React-compatible render engine.

md-to-wp * PHP 0

import static markdown "blog posts" into wordpress if you dare [only tested with md files from a site generated by nanoc, can i live]

XLocalStorage * JavaScript 0

Cross subdomain localStorage (base on JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol)

wp-theme-moustache 0

slides JavaScript 0


resolve-blob JavaScript 0

Temporarily file uploader service.

recent-visitors HTML 0

Recent visitors in Barretlee's Blog.

spider JavaScript 0

A Spider Man in multiple processes

ioc-demo JavaScript 0

An IoC(inversion of control) implementation with nodejs.

dns-webserver 0

A Web Service for DNS configure

mini-fileSystem-WebServer JavaScript 0

A mini file system web server.

spec * 0

This repository contains the specifications.

xtemplate-demo HTML 0

xtemplate 测试页面

ali-wai HTML 0


crafty-demo JavaScript 0

Crafty game engine create a simple demo.

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
VimL 4 99.93% 508
HTML 89 99.90% 800
JavaScript 163 99.85% 2505
Shell 434 98.86% 58
PHP 1849 93.26% 10
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