Sunny Chen


Apworks C# 273

Apworks is a flexible, scalable, configurable and efficient .NET based application development framework that helps software developers to easily build enterprise applications by applying either Classic Layering or Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architectural patterns.

ByteartRetail C# 171


we-text C# 140

WeText is a sample application that demonstrates the implementation of DDD/CQRS and microservice architectural patterns in C#.

apworks-core C# 39

Apworks framework supporting .NET Core

ByteartRetail_Apworks JavaScript 39

集成了Apworks框架的Byteart Retail案例,所有核心组件都由Apworks框架提供。是展示Apworks框架的一个很好的案例。

CloudNotes C# 33

A personal note system running on the cloud.

daxnet-blog C# 27

A blog web site for daxnet.

wizard-framework C# 20

A Windows Forms based framework for building wizards.

apworks-examples TypeScript 14

Example projects demonstrating Apworks framework.

raspkate C# 14

A simple and small web server that can run on either Windows or Linux.

UnifiedQueries C# 11

Unified Queries defined a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) to describe a common schema of a query specification.

Json2DataSet C# 10

Converts the json string to the ADO.NET DataSet object

Starwar C# 8

A star war game developed with MonoGame

irony C# 6

A modified version of the Irony project ( with .NET Core support

CalculateIt2 C# 4

A calculation generation engine for students.

hal C# 2

The C#/.NET Core implementation of Hypertext Application Language (HAL) specification.

adaptive-console C# 2

A framework of building complex console applications with C#

pkiwhosnext TypeScript 1

The Who's Next program designed for PKI.

easymemo C# 1


guluwin C# 1

mdocwriter C# 1

Markdown Document Writer

irony-explorer C# 0

A project contains both the sample grammars as well as the Windows Forms based grammar explorer for Irony.

sphinx-demo 0

A demonstration project of sphinx and

calculation-service Java 0

A sample project which demonstrates the using of Spring Boot, Embedded Jetty, Swagger and Docker in a Java RESTful service application.

spotfire_dom_viewer * C# 0

A tool can view Spotfire document DOM structure at runtime.

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TypeScript 79 97.81% 15
JavaScript 1748 96.86% 39
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