Barry Arthur


LearnVim 340

A Suggested Path for Learning Vim

vim-fanfingtastic Vim script 93

Find a char across lines

bisectly VimL 56

Binary search tool

vimple Vim script 51

Develop VimL

VimRegexTutor VimL 50

A vimtutor clone for learning Regular Expressions in Vim

vim_waz_ere HTML 49

Vimmified version of the venerable Walter A. Zintz Vi/Ex Tutorial Series

SearchParty VimL 47

Extended search commands and maps for Vim

vim-asciidoc Vim script 38

Enhanced editing support for Asciidoc files in Vim

vim-lotr Vim script 38

Lord of the Registers

VimGym VimL 26

A place for Deliberate Practice of Vim skills

LearnVimL VimL 22

A suggested path for learning Vim's scripting language, VimL

Insertlessly VimL 22

Waste no more time entering insert mode just to insert enters!

MarkMyWords VimL 19

Arbitrary bookmarks for your files and Vim docs

vim-stack VimL 19

Stack processing at your Vim command-line

Vimpeg VimL 16

A PEG parser for Vim

vim-KWEasy VimL 13

Jump to the very character you've got your eyeballs on!

Area-41 VimL 11

Vim Plugin Skeletons

vimdictive Vim script 10

Finding meaning in your Vim

Nexus VimL 10

Incrementor Objects for Vim

vim-help VimL 8

Easier navigation within Vim help files

VimFindsMe VimL 8

Light-weight, "fuzzy", &path dependent file browser for Vim on *nix

VimLint VimL 7

A correctness and sanity checker of vim configuration.

EditorConfig VimL 7

An implementation of in 100% VimL

Vimazing VimL 7

A maze generator for practising hjkl in Vim.

Vimmy-The-Pooh * 7

As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen. - Vimmy the Pooh

Vim-Timer VimL 6

A timer event for Vim

VimLocalMacros Vim script 6

Store and execute macros in current file

vim-mash VimL 6

Motion Activated Search Highlighter for Vim

vim-foist VimL 5

Complete whole lines from any partial therein

vim-whitelines VimL 5

Multiline Whitespace Text Objetcs for Vim

vim-u-dmen VimL 5

Dmenu Awesomeness for Vim

Severalections VimL 4

Manipulate several visual selections at the same time

tabby VimL 4

Using Vim's Tabs the Right Way

Land-of-newLISP Common Lisp 4

Selected snippets from Land of Lisp rewritten in newLISP

vim-rng VimL 4

Random Number Generator for Vim

obscene Ruby 4

A subscene subtitle search and filter tool written in Ruby.

VimTestRunner VimL 4

Runs tests with a red/green bar to show fail/pass

vim-efmc VimL 4

Vim Error Format Compiler

vim-type-datetime VimL 3

Date/Time Objects for VimL

vimpeg-parser-viml VimL 3

Vimpeg Parser for the VimL (vimscript) Language

diffo VimL 3

Show unsaved differences (DiffOrig)

libvimregex C 3

C library providing Vim's flavour of regex - Vim Everywhere!

zombies_versus_unicorns VimL 3

Binary Search Fault Localisation of $MYVIMRC

nlpeg Common Lisp 3

newLISP PEG Parser Generator

uzbl-utrs JavaScript 3

mkng uzbl tlrbl

vim-ipa VimL 2

Antimoon ASCII Phonetic Alphabet <--> IPA

SinTax VimL 2

A DSL for generating Vim syntax highlighting files

VimCallGraph Vim script 2

Graphviz call graph visualisations for Vimscript

VimOptionsDescriptionTree VimL 2

Add a pretty little tree of option settings descriptions

Chroma VimL 2

Simple extensible markup based colour message (:echo) printer for Vim

Supybot-Infobot * Python 2

Infobot plugin for Supybot

VimLAssessments 2

A central repository for VimLAss (VimL Assessment) repositories

Cleopatra VimL 2

Handle Marks like a Queen

inCiSiVe VimL 2

A zippy way to enter CSV data in Vim

RelNumBar VimL 2

Show relativenumbers alongside normal numbers in Vim

Marathon-Wow Common Lisp 1

Wow Even Longer

vimpeg-toml-parser VimL 1

Parse TOML files from within Vim

MinYankRing.vim VimL 1

A minimalistic reimplementation of YankRing.vim

Unsullied VimL 1

Highlight your attention

todolist Vim script 1

Toy todolist as demonstration of parsing approach.

VimSharedSearch VimL 1

Share most recent search across Vim instances.

vim-grillz VimL 1

Flash your wicked grillz!

vim-zebra VimL 1

Stripe your edits

VimaholicsAnonymous VimL 1

Anonymous functions for VimL

bdu NewLisp 1

Better du -- displays file sizes in human readable form, sorted and coloured by magnitude.

Apprentice * HTML 1

A dark, low-contrast, Vim colorscheme.

Asif VimL 1

Process a block of text as if it were in a buffer of a different filetype

vim-optimal VimL 1

Opinionated, Functional Options Manager for Vim

vim-vat VimL 1

A pile of files is just not Hipp

vim-quiz VimL 1

A demo application for the tiktok timer library

newlisp-manual Common Lisp 1

Asciidoc version of the newLISP manual

vim-subtle VimL 1

SRT subtitling, right from within Vim

SnippetsBar VimL 1

A Tagbar-esque Snippets List

zzzomg VimL 1

Fallback Filetype Detection

o_O 1

Blinded by the Awesomeness of Vim

Objector 1

A Vim game to practice normal mode navigation, text-objects and, if installed, the Surround plugin.

iObject VimL 1

Extra Text Objects for Vim

Aboriginal VimL 1

User Completion Function for Abbreviations in Vim

WordWall 1

Generator for Word Wall Cards in the ESL classroom

ExWM Shell 1

Managing Windows Better

qxolotl VimL 1

A Vim plugin to open quickfix entries in the source window.

Wow 1

A Second Language (ESL) Guessing Game

vim-olive VimL 1

Vim Mode Line Verifier

firstly VimL 1

Convert Between Numeric, Spelt, and Short & Long Ordinal Forms of Numbers

SyntaxHighlighter * JavaScript 1

Includes Vimscript Brush and Blackboard Theme for Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter project

colorsel.vim * VimL 1

A RGB/HSV color selector

vimmish * Ruby 1

Translate vim commands into human-readable texts

gripe VimL 0

la lurid little lvimgrep

TabMeIfYouCan VimL 0

Attempt to use an existing buffer open in another tabpage for arbitrary Vim functionality

Taggle VimL 0

A ctags tickler -- lightweight auto-rebuild tool for tag files in Vim

vimoutliner * Vim script 0

Work fast, think well.

DiffLine Vim script 0

Diff the Diffs on Just This Line

Periodic VimL 0

The Tardy Timer and Job Scheduler for Vim

vcl VimL 0

Vim Control Language (a tiny TCL-ish for Vim)

daft VimL 0

Diagnose Aberrant FileType plugins

tdop VimL 0

Top Down Operator Precedence Parser

noisy Perl 0

Don't chat quietly (weechat channel noises)

vim-wtf VimL 0

Set your &fo straight

VimCompletesMe * VimL 0

A super simple, super minimal, super light-weight tab completion plugin for Vim.

Squint VimL 0

Focus your attention where it's needed

the-patient-vimmer * 0

A guide for patient Vimmers.

Hie VimL 0

Quick Notes Tool in Vim

Marksman VimL 0

Never miss your mark again

badnick Perl 0

Color disliked nicks to dissuade communication with reprobates.

SeenIt Shell 0

Knows what you've seen so you don't have to.

vimhelp Common Lisp 0

Emulates Vim's `:help tag` lookup

Fossilise VimL 0

Poor man's collaborative editing in Vim

vimpeg-orgmode-parser VimL 0

Example vimpeg parser for a simplified orgmode format

SlidePark VimL 0

slides aren't just for presentations

VimSedFred 0

Kickin' it sed style in the Vim side of town.

psycyb 0

Extracts of selected chapters from Maxwell Maltz's Psycho Cybernetics in Asciidoc Slidy format.

vim-sm2 VimL 0

SM2 Spaced Repetition Algorithm for Vim

viml 0

Everything you ever wanted to know about Vim scripting

Vimpartial 0

Collect the current word you're typing in insert mode into b:partial_word

lisper-vim * VimL 0

This vim plugin provide lisp environments for vimmers.

vim-u-test VimL 0

Micro unit-testing for single scripts in VimL

VimLAss_Trainee_001 Shell 0

Establish a working VimL Dev environment

ArgfulJuggler VimL 0

For juggling collections

vimpeg_parser_csv VimL 0

A demonstration of the VimPEG PEG parser generator library. Toy CSV functionality.

rkdots Ruby 0

Generate a graphviz visualisation of the given javascript statement.

toycsv Ruby 0

A toy CSV parser written in ruby + lexr + racc

SohiVila 0

GNU source-highlight Vim language

Punisher VimL 0

Punisher hurts you where it hurts most - your time.

tiktok VimL 0

TikTok provides a simple asynchronous timer object for VimL.

ShowMarks * VimL 0

Visually shows the location of marks.

asciidoc-blogger-backend * 0

AsciiDoc backend for generating Blogger friendly HTML

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
VimL 5 99.92% 441
Common Lisp 18 95.93% 9
Vim script 38 99.45% 239
HTML 692 99.23% 50
Ruby 771 95.02% 5
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