Barry Arthur


LearnVim 394

A Suggested Path for Learning Vim

vim-fanfingtastic Vim script 106

Find a char across lines

bisectly VimL 60

Binary search tool

VimRegexTutor VimL 55

A vimtutor clone for learning Regular Expressions in Vim

vimple Vim script 53

Develop VimL

vim_waz_ere HTML 50

Vimmified version of the venerable Walter A. Zintz Vi/Ex Tutorial Series

SearchParty Vim script 47

Extended search commands and maps for Vim

vim-lotr Vim script 39

Lord of the Registers

vim-asciidoc Vim script 38

Enhanced editing support for Asciidoc files in Vim

VimGym VimL 29

A place for Deliberate Practice of Vim skills

Insertlessly VimL 22

Waste no more time entering insert mode just to insert enters!

LearnVimL VimL 21

A suggested path for learning Vim's scripting language, VimL

vim-stack VimL 20

Stack processing at your Vim command-line

MarkMyWords VimL 19

Arbitrary bookmarks for your files and Vim docs

Vimpeg Vim script 16

A PEG parser for Vim

vim-KWEasy VimL 13

Jump to the very character you've got your eyeballs on!

vim-help VimL 12

Easier navigation within Vim help files

Area-41 VimL 12

Vim Plugin Skeletons

vimdictive Vim script 11

Finding meaning in your Vim

Nexus VimL 11

Incrementor Objects for Vim

Vimmy-The-Pooh * 9

As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen. - Vimmy the Pooh

VimFindsMe Vim script 8

Light-weight, "fuzzy", &path dependent file browser for Vim on *nix

VimLint VimL 7

A correctness and sanity checker of vim configuration.

EditorConfig VimL 7

An implementation of in 100% VimL

Vimazing VimL 7

A maze generator for practising hjkl in Vim.

Vim-Timer VimL 6

A timer event for Vim

VimLocalMacros Vim script 6

Store and execute macros in current file

vim-mash VimL 6

Motion Activated Search Highlighter for Vim

vim-foist VimL 5

Complete whole lines from any partial therein

vim-whitelines VimL 5

Multiline Whitespace Text Objetcs for Vim

vim-u-dmen VimL 5

Dmenu Awesomeness for Vim

vim-rng VimL 4

Random Number Generator for Vim

VimCallGraph Vim script 4

Graphviz call graph visualisations for Vimscript

zombies_versus_unicorns VimL 4

Binary Search Fault Localisation of $MYVIMRC

Severalections VimL 4

Manipulate several visual selections at the same time

tabby VimL 4

Using Vim's Tabs the Right Way

Land-of-newLISP Common Lisp 4

Selected snippets from Land of Lisp rewritten in newLISP

obscene Ruby 4

A subscene subtitle search and filter tool written in Ruby.

VimTestRunner VimL 4

Runs tests with a red/green bar to show fail/pass

vim-efmc VimL 4

Vim Error Format Compiler

vim-type-datetime VimL 3

Date/Time Objects for VimL

diffo VimL 3

Show unsaved differences (DiffOrig)

libvimregex C 3

C library providing Vim's flavour of regex - Vim Everywhere!

nlpeg Common Lisp 3

newLISP PEG Parser Generator

uzbl-utrs JavaScript 3

mkng uzbl tlrbl

Cleopatra Vim script 2

Handle Marks like a Queen

vimpeg-parser-viml VimL 2

Vimpeg Parser for the VimL (vimscript) Language

vim-ipa VimL 2

Antimoon ASCII Phonetic Alphabet <--> IPA

SinTax VimL 2

A DSL for generating Vim syntax highlighting files

VimOptionsDescriptionTree VimL 2

Add a pretty little tree of option settings descriptions

Chroma VimL 2

Simple extensible markup based colour message (:echo) printer for Vim

Supybot-Infobot * Python 2

Infobot plugin for Supybot

VimLAssessments 2

A central repository for VimLAss (VimL Assessment) repositories

inCiSiVe VimL 2

A zippy way to enter CSV data in Vim

RelNumBar VimL 2

Show relativenumbers alongside normal numbers in Vim

vimpeg-orgmode-parser VimL 1

Example vimpeg parser for a simplified orgmode format

vcl VimL 1

Vim Control Language (a tiny TCL-ish for Vim)

Marathon-Wow Common Lisp 1

Wow Even Longer

MinYankRing.vim VimL 1

A minimalistic reimplementation of YankRing.vim

Unsullied VimL 1

Highlight your attention

todolist Vim script 1

Toy todolist as demonstration of parsing approach.

VimSharedSearch VimL 1

Share most recent search across Vim instances.

vim-grillz VimL 1

Flash your wicked grillz!

vim-zebra VimL 1

Stripe your edits

VimaholicsAnonymous VimL 1

Anonymous functions for VimL

bdu NewLisp 1

Better du -- displays file sizes in human readable form, sorted and coloured by magnitude.

Apprentice * HTML 1

A dark, low-contrast, Vim colorscheme.

Asif VimL 1

Process a block of text as if it were in a buffer of a different filetype

vim-optimal VimL 1

Opinionated, Functional Options Manager for Vim

vim-vat VimL 1

A pile of files is just not Hipp

vim-quiz VimL 1

A demo application for the tiktok timer library

newlisp-manual Common Lisp 1

Asciidoc version of the newLISP manual

vim-subtle VimL 1

SRT subtitling, right from within Vim

SnippetsBar VimL 1

A Tagbar-esque Snippets List

zzzomg VimL 1

Fallback Filetype Detection

o_O 1

Blinded by the Awesomeness of Vim

Objector 1

A Vim game to practice normal mode navigation, text-objects and, if installed, the Surround plugin.

iObject VimL 1

Extra Text Objects for Vim

Aboriginal VimL 1

User Completion Function for Abbreviations in Vim

WordWall 1

Generator for Word Wall Cards in the ESL classroom

ExWM Shell 1

Managing Windows Better

qxolotl VimL 1

A Vim plugin to open quickfix entries in the source window.

Wow 1

A Second Language (ESL) Guessing Game

vim-olive VimL 1

Vim Mode Line Verifier

firstly VimL 1

Convert Between Numeric, Spelt, and Short & Long Ordinal Forms of Numbers

SyntaxHighlighter * JavaScript 1

Includes Vimscript Brush and Blackboard Theme for Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter project

colorsel.vim * VimL 1

A RGB/HSV color selector

vimmish * Ruby 1

Translate vim commands into human-readable texts

vimpeg-toml-parser VimL 0

Parse TOML files from within Vim

gripe VimL 0

la lurid little lvimgrep

TabMeIfYouCan VimL 0

Attempt to use an existing buffer open in another tabpage for arbitrary Vim functionality

Taggle VimL 0

A ctags tickler -- lightweight auto-rebuild tool for tag files in Vim

vimoutliner * Vim script 0

Work fast, think well.

DiffLine Vim script 0

Diff the Diffs on Just This Line

Periodic VimL 0

The Tardy Timer and Job Scheduler for Vim

daft VimL 0

Diagnose Aberrant FileType plugins

tdop VimL 0

Top Down Operator Precedence Parser

noisy Perl 0

Don't chat quietly (weechat channel noises)

vim-wtf VimL 0

Set your &fo straight

VimCompletesMe * VimL 0

A super simple, super minimal, super light-weight tab completion plugin for Vim.

Squint VimL 0

Focus your attention where it's needed

the-patient-vimmer * 0

A guide for patient Vimmers.

Hie VimL 0

Quick Notes Tool in Vim

Marksman VimL 0

Never miss your mark again

badnick Perl 0

Color disliked nicks to dissuade communication with reprobates.

SeenIt Shell 0

Knows what you've seen so you don't have to.

vimhelp Common Lisp 0

Emulates Vim's `:help tag` lookup

Fossilise VimL 0

Poor man's collaborative editing in Vim

SlidePark VimL 0

slides aren't just for presentations

VimSedFred 0

Kickin' it sed style in the Vim side of town.

psycyb 0

Extracts of selected chapters from Maxwell Maltz's Psycho Cybernetics in Asciidoc Slidy format.

vim-sm2 VimL 0

SM2 Spaced Repetition Algorithm for Vim

viml 0

Everything you ever wanted to know about Vim scripting

Vimpartial 0

Collect the current word you're typing in insert mode into b:partial_word

lisper-vim * VimL 0

This vim plugin provide lisp environments for vimmers.

vim-u-test VimL 0

Micro unit-testing for single scripts in VimL

VimLAss_Trainee_001 Shell 0

Establish a working VimL Dev environment

ArgfulJuggler VimL 0

For juggling collections

vimpeg_parser_csv VimL 0

A demonstration of the VimPEG PEG parser generator library. Toy CSV functionality.

rkdots Ruby 0

Generate a graphviz visualisation of the given javascript statement.

toycsv Ruby 0

A toy CSV parser written in ruby + lexr + racc

SohiVila 0

GNU source-highlight Vim language

Punisher VimL 0

Punisher hurts you where it hurts most - your time.

tiktok VimL 0

TikTok provides a simple asynchronous timer object for VimL.

ShowMarks * VimL 0

Visually shows the location of marks.

asciidoc-blogger-backend * 0

AsciiDoc backend for generating Blogger friendly HTML

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
VimL 5 99.91% 387
Common Lisp 20 95.63% 9
Vim script 39 99.45% 331
HTML 772 99.16% 51
Ruby 799 94.85% 5
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