Surfingkeys JavaScript 3693

Map your keys for web surfing, expand your browser with javascript and keyboard.

KeyCastOW C++ 611

keystroke visualizer for Windows, lets you easily display your keystrokes while recording screencasts.

DBGPavim Python 134

This is a plugin to enable php debug in VIM with Xdebug, with a new debug engine.

cscope.vim VimL 113

A vim plugin to help you to create/update cscope database and connect to existing proper database automatically. JavaScript 47

The site to share pre-built tools or something interesting.

tts C++ 40

A command line tool to read text with Microsoft Speech API (SAPI).

cloudboard.vim Python 32

a cloud-based clipboard, yank text into a numbered cloud register on a machine, put the text from the cloud register on another machine.

kv C 14

Command line dictionary tool

k.vim Vim script 13

let you quickly run external command, and show the result in a scratch window.

vimfiles VimL 7


wikenotes C 5


obs_event_trigger Java 4

a jenkins plugin to trigger build by OBS event

ag.vim * Vim script 3

Vim plugin for the CLI script 'ag'

licecap C++ 3

fork of

uniqrcode JavaScript 2

a chrome extension to generate QRcode and read QRcode via context menu locally


clone of

jdb.vim Vim script 1

A jdb wrapper for VIM as a plugin

SqliteDictBuilder CSS 1

A python script to build dictionary for Dictorium.

kv.crx JavaScript 1

A chrome extension to use kv's http service to lookup word.

scriptbundle Perl 1

a bundle of scripts

neco-php * 1

A neocomplcache plugin for PHP

firenvim * TypeScript 0

Embed Neovim in your browser.

amule * 0

'All-platform' P2P client based on eMule

wtl C 0

Clone of Windows Template Library

wisconsin-calculus * PostScript 0

Source files for the UW Madison calculus text

hellojava Java 0

a sample java project

javaExtractor Java 0

A CLI java program to extract identifiers from java source code with ANTLR.

stanford-nlp-demo Java 0

hellospring Java 0

a sample spring project

pyPopUp * C++ 0

Windows python extension for simple notification popups

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VimL 10 99.81% 120
JavaScript 106 99.90% 3743
C++ 129 99.79% 654
Python 1435 98.42% 166
C 1730 96.71% 21
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