Hsiaoming Yang

Japan & China

editor JavaScript 2637

A markdown editor. http://lab.lepture.com/editor/

github-cards HTML 1606

The unofficial GitHub Cards. Card for your GitHub profile, card for your GitHub repositories.

mistune Python 1479

The fastest markdown parser in pure Python with renderer feature.

flask-oauthlib Python 1351

You should use https://github.com/lepture/authlib instead.

authlib Python 1007

The ultimate Python library in building OAuth and OpenID Connect servers. JWS,JWE,JWK,JWA,JWT included.

flask-wtf Python 917

Simple integration of Flask and WTForms, including CSRF, file upload and Recaptcha integration.

python-livereload Python 756

livereload server in python

captcha Python 502

A captcha library that generates audio and image CAPTCHAs.

yue.css CSS 430

A typography stylesheet for readable content

nico JavaScript 285

nico is a front-end friendly static site generator, best for web developers like you and me.

vui Vue 255

A UI framework for mobile, built with Vue.

zerqu Python 162

ZERQU is a content-focused API-based platform.

flask-weixin Python 147

Weixin implementation in Flask.

june * Python 135

go to pythoncn/june

otpauth Python 98

Implements two-step verification of HOTP/TOTP. Also known as one time password.

vim-jinja VimL 95

jinja plugins for vim (syntax and indent)

tornado.ext Python 79


flask-turbolinks CoffeeScript 77

Turbolinks for Flask.

markit JavaScript 73

A markdown parser and compiler with custom rendering. Forked from marked.

getbook Python 67

Generate ebooks from a collection of web links.

colorful JavaScript 58

colorful environment for command line tools in node

safe Python 56

Is your password safe?

lepture.com HTML 53

My website. (It is not powered by Jekyll)

ganam JavaScript 50

Yes, it's Ganam Style - a ganam style guide parser. Inspired by kneath's kss.

july Python 48


opencc-python Python 48

OpenCC binding for Python.

safe.js JavaScript 47

Is your password safe?

selection.js JavaScript 47

selection.js provides a clean API to access selection on browser.

chinalaw 46

请关注 https://github.com/cn

terminal Python 45

A terminal environment tools for python.

tower-slack Python 44

将 Tower.im 的消息发送到 Slack 上

tornado.third Python 36

third party for tornado, see howto at https://github.com/lepture/tornado.ext

social JavaScript 36

Share your notes with a beautiful social button.

flask-storage Python 34

Uploader extension for Flask. [WIP]

rewatch JavaScript 32

Watch and execute command.

flask-shorturl Python 32

Short URL generator for Flask.

mistune-contrib Python 30

Contribution for mistune.

dotfiles Python 27

my dot files

tforms Python 25

dingo Shell 25

My personal mini Heroku (WIP)

vino Python 23


mocha-browser JavaScript 20

A mocha test suite for browser.

vim-css VimL 19

css3 syntax support for vim

ansible-sentry * Makefile 19

Ansible role which manage Sentry, with supervisor

ed JavaScript 18

A wysiwyg editor without configuration.

StatusBarApp Objective-C 17

Demo for Status Bar App

example-oauth1-server Python 16

This is an example of OAuth 1 Server.

vim-velocity VimL 15

velocity syntax for vim

onepage JavaScript 15

Onepage scroll webpage in component.

mailship Go 14

A solution for shipping emails as cheaper as possible. (WIP)

Vealous Python 13

This project is DEACTIVE

burglar Python 13

Let's rob the fat guys, and publish everything into feeds.

liquidluck-theme-moment CSS 12

liquidluck default theme

pigeon JavaScript 12

Sending mails over HTTP.

jekyll-vision CSS 12

A jekyll theme that once looked like my blog.

nico-one CSS 12

the one theme for nico

pedantmark Python 12

Python binding of GitHub CommonMark with extensions and renderers.

color-patterns CSS 11

Colors that I love.

shadowsocks * Python 11

feedme Python 10

Feeds by Doocer

ganam-cli JavaScript 9

The command line tools for ganam style guide.

flask-alchemy Python 9

Flask-Alchemy is designed to work with SQLAlchemy default declarative_base, with powerful master-slave and seprated databases support.

aiowhoosh Python 9

Whoosh over HTTP by aiohttp

pydouban Python 8

deactived. see tornado.third instead.

sanitize JavaScript 8

sanitize html for safety.

learn-ios-development 8

Keep the tune of learning.

jsdc-2014 JavaScript 8

Slide for JSDC TW 2014

flask-sphinx-themes * Python 7

Sphinx Themes for Flask related projects and Flask itself

github.js JavaScript 7

GitHub API in seajs

liquidluck-theme-octopress JavaScript 7

octopress theme for Felix Felicis

caret JavaScript 7

Manipulate caret, selection and range.

writeup Python 7

Don't use it. This is designed for my own.

ansible-scrapyd 7

Ansible role for scrapyd.

ebook Python 6

ebook library for mobi and epub

format JavaScript 6

An easy way for formatting in content editable.

color-picker JavaScript 6

Color picker component.

gaussian-blur JavaScript 6

Gaussian blur effect for images.

og.py Python 6

Parse open graph and twitter card from HTML content.

nico-boilerplate Python 5

An example for nico blog on GitHub.

placeholder JavaScript 5

placeholder for contenteditable

ipinfo Python 5

Query an IP Information.

semantic-ui JavaScript 5

Semantic-UI as a component.

python-wheels 5

Build my wheels

heroku-stripe HTML 5

My Simple Stripe system on Heroku.

removie Go 4

Play m3u8

17monip * 4

IP search based on 17mon.cn, the best IP database for China.

email-howto CSS 4

How to write email templates in practice.

hentry Python 4

Parse hentry from microformats

vue-translate 4

A translator directive for Vue.

whitepac JavaScript 4

Generate whitelist pac for proxy.

markdown-textarea JavaScript 4

A <textarea> with markdown toolbar.

liquidluck-editor JavaScript 3

editor server for Felix Felicis

book-chenmaoxiu 3

九一話人生 陳茂修自傳

node-vc JavaScript 3

change version of a package.json

init Python 3

init: for a simple life [not ready]

k-format JavaScript 3

Fix keyboard behavior for format.

mistune-renderers Python 3

Changed to https://github.com/lepture/mistune-contrib

cordova-plugin-socialkit Objective-C 3

Cordova plugin for requesting social services. (WIP)

substitute JavaScript 3

A proxy image server

vue-hammer JavaScript 3

Hammer directive for Vue

liquidluck HTML 3

Moved to https://github.com/avelino/liquidluck

ansible-elasticsearch 3

Ansible role which manage Elasticsearch 2.x.

marked * JavaScript 3

A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.

mardict Python 2

just a dict bot

longjing JavaScript 2

longjing is a full stack logging system for node.

upload * JavaScript 2

file upload and progress api

python-sdk * Python 2

Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage SDK for Python

thriftpy * 2

Pure python implemention of thrift in a pythonic way.

iojs-cn * 2

io.js 中文化

pythondotorg * Python 2

Source code for python.org

oauthlib * Python 2

A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic

vue * JavaScript 2

Simple yet powerful library for building modern web interfaces.

conda * Python 2

OS-agnostic, system-level binary package manager and ecosystem

pagination.js Vue 2

A sane pagination with UI components.

feedpod Python 2

Podcasts by Doocer

flask * Python 2

A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions

vue-router * JavaScript 2

The official router for Vue.js.

liquidluck-theme-chiang Python 1

chiang theme for small project

buffo Python 1

FTP Library for human

flair JavaScript 1

Aggressive css compiler. [ON DEVELOPMENT]

jscoverage * JavaScript 1

jscoverage tool, both node or javascript support

builder.js * JavaScript 1

Component builder implemented with node.js

player JavaScript 1

A simple HTML5 based player.

june-for-iphone Objective-C 1

The iPhone Application for June

coverage-render JavaScript 1

Coverage renderer for JSCoverage.

component-runtime JavaScript 1

Component builder for runtime.

superagent * JavaScript 1

Ajax with less suck - (and node.js HTTP client to match)

requests * Python 1

Python HTTP Requests for Humans™.

installer.js * JavaScript 1

Component installer implemented with node.js

hypermark * Python 1

Markdown for Humans.

gitreceive * Shell 1

Easily accept and handle arbitrary git pushes

lepture.github.com CSS 1

project pages

media-query 1

A solution for element level media query.

ghp-import * CSS 1

Easily import docs to your gh-pages branch.

metaflask * 1

A repository to organize the Flask ecosystem.

co-mongo * 1

A mongodb wrapper that plays nicely with co.

bootstrap JavaScript 1

turbolinks * CoffeeScript 1

Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster (use with Rails Asset Pipeline)

elasticsearch-py * 1

Official Python low-level client for Elasticsearch.

jsdelivr * JavaScript 1

A free Open Source CDN for webmasters and developers

webpack-dev-server * JavaScript 1

Serves a webpack app. Updates the browser on changes.

sqlalchemy * Python 1

Mirror of SQLAlchemy

flask-debugtoolbar * JavaScript 1

A port of the django debug toolbar to flask

flask-cache * Python 1

Cache extension for Flask

styleguide 1

My style guide

linguist * Ruby 1

Language Savant. If your repository's language is being reported incorrectly, send us a pull request!

pyenv * Shell 1

Simple Python version management

word-color * JavaScript 1

Color your words!

vuejs.org * JavaScript 1

The website.

Stouts.kibana * Makefile 1

Ansible role to install and configure Elasticsearch Kibana

mysql * Shell 1

Ansible role for MySQL

awesome-vue * 1

A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

vue-resource * JavaScript 1

Resource component for Vue.js

pingpp-html5 * Objective-C 1

Stouts.supervisor * Shell 1

Ansible role which manage supervisor

ansible-influxdb 1

dva-docs * 1


ansible-role-mysql * Shell 1

Ansible Role - MySQL

polyfill-service * JavaScript 1

Automatic polyfill service

raven-python * Python 1

Raven is a Python client for Sentry (getsentry.com)

pyjwt * Python 1

JSON Web Token implementation in Python

hoedown * C 1

Standards compliant, fast, secure markdown processing library in C

flask-sqlalchemy * Python 1

Adds SQLAlchemy support to Flask

iview * Vue 1

A high quality UI Toolkit built on Vue.js

werkzeug * Python 1

A flexible WSGI implementation and toolkit

wtforms * Python 1

A flexible forms validation and rendering library for Python.

udata * Python 1

Customizable and skinnable social platform dedicated to (open)data.

sphinx * Python 1

Main repository for the Sphinx documentation builder

sentry * Python 1

Sentry is cross-platform crash reporting built with love

click * Python 1

Python composable command line utility

markupsafe * Python 1

A Python module that implements the jinja2.Markup string

website * HTML 1

Repository for the Pallets website.

gspread * Python 1

Google Spreadsheets Python API

black * Python 1

The uncompromising Python code formatter

auth0-python-web-app * Python 1

Auth0 Integration Samples for Python and Flask Web Applications

itsdangerous * Python 1

Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments

RSSHub * JavaScript 1

🍰 万物皆可 RSS

oauth.net * HTML 1

:lock: The oauth.net website. Feel free to send pull requests with updates.

misaka * C 1

A Python binding for Hoedown.

create-react-app * JavaScript 1

Set up a modern web app by running one command.

qdaily JavaScript 1

for testing

docker-aria2-with-webui * Shell 0

Docker container for Aria2 download client with integrated WebUI.

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