kcp C 3351

KCP - A Fast and Reliable ARQ Protocol

asyncrun.vim Vim script 436

Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 / NeoVim and Output to Quickfix Window

mini3d C 426

3D Software Render Engine in 700 Lines !!

quickmenu.vim Vim script 151

A nice customizable popup menu for vim

emake Python 128

你见过的最简单的 GCC/CLANG 项目构建工具

ECDICT Python 93

Free English to Chinese Dictionary Database

FastMemcpy C 78

Speed-up over 50% in average vs traditional memcpy in gcc 4.9 or vc2012

pixellib C 72

High Quality 2D Graphics Library

BasicBitmap C++ 45

Simple and high-performance and platform independent Bitmap class (34% faster than GDI/GDI+, 40% faster than DDraw)

AsyncNet C 44


gobang Python 43

Gobang game with artificial intelligence in 900 Lines !!

vimmake Vim script 31

Customize shell tools for vim (supports asynchronous job feature in vim 7.4.1829)

atom-shell-commands JavaScript 28

Execute user defined shell commands (looking for new maintainers)

Intel2GAS Python 28

Convert MSVC Style Inline Assembly to GCC Style Inline Assembly

terminal Python 17

Open Terminal Window to execute command in Windows / Cygwin / Ubuntu / OS X

nanolib C 16

Cross-Platform Networking Library

vim Vim script 13

Personal Vim Profile

memslab C 10

Slab Memory Allocator in Application Layer

easenet C 8

Automatically exported from

writemdict * Python 5

A library for writing dictionary files in the MDict (.mdx) format

pyp2p Python 5

Python P2P Framework

collection Python 4

The Collection of Python Scripts I Wrote for Daily Use

asmpure C 3

Asmpure is a library written in C for compiling assembly code at run-time

markpress Tcl 3

Writing WordPress with Markdown in command line

cannon C 3

Cross Platform Network Framework

the-art-of-command-line * 2

Master the command line, in one page

LavaXVM * C 2

LavaX虚拟机 Python 2

Pages of Skywind

vim-hidecmd * C++ 1

Hide console window opened by vim

docker Shell 1

Docker Images

echofunc * VimL 1

Display c/c++ function declaration in vim command/status line.

ShadowVPN * C 1

A fast, safe VPN based on libsodium

vimuiex * Python 1

Vim UI extensions: a pack of plugins that use an overlapping popup list

support Vim script 1

plugin collections for vim

language Erlang 1

Language Collection

emacs Emacs Lisp 1

Personal Emacs Profile

treasure C++ 0

Personal tools collection

vim-wakatime * Python 0

Vim plugin for automatic time tracking and metrics generated from your programming activity.

ShadowVPN-iOS * 0

Removed according to regulations.

vim-src * C 0

The official Vim repository

bufferhint * Vim script 0

A handy buffer switcher for VIM

vimoutliner * Vim script 0

Work fast, think well.

lemma.en 0

English Lemma Database - Compiled by Referencing British National Corpus

pages * HTML 0

vim-signify * VimL 0

:heavy_plus_sign: Show a diff using Vim its sign column.

adplug * C++ 0

Hardware-independent AdLib sound player library

NetEase-MusicBox * Python 0


tagbar * VimL 0

Vim plugin that displays tags in a window, ordered by scope

vimpress Python 0

forked from VimPress

transmod C 0

Automatically exported from

asclib Java 0

Basic Java Network Lib

asyncredis Python 0

Async Redis Client for Python

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C 6 99.98% 4014
Vim script 9 99.69% 632
Python 196 99.56% 326
C++ 430 98.71% 46
JavaScript 2618 95.89% 28
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