C/C++, PHP, Web, Mobile
Beijing, China

ssdb C++ 4406

SSDB - A fast NoSQL database, an alternative to Redis

icomet C++ 1177

A C1000K comet/push server built with C++, for web and mobile app

Objective-C-RSA Objective-C 538

Doing RSA encryption and decryption with Objective-C on iOS

cocoaui Objective-C 285

Build adaptive UI for iOS Apps with flow-layout and CSS properties

sim C++ 246

Simple C++ network server framework

c1000k C 143

A tool to test if you system supports 1 million connections(c1000k)

iphp PHP 137

An everyone can understand PHP framework for web development

ssdb-rocks C++ 92

ssdb with rocksdb, rocksdb client-server support

icomet-demos Java 83

Demos for icomet server

cocoaui-demos Objective-C 82

Build Native iOS Apps with Simple HTML+CSS, Flow Layout

ssdb-docs HTML 63

SSDB documentation source code

cpy Python 42

Cpy provides you a way to write Python codes in C syntax!

ssdb-bin 41

SSDB pre-compiled binary

tftpx C 40

TFTP server and client implementation in C

CocoaUIDemo 38

moved to

rtc C++ 36

Real-Time Communication Infracture

webrtc-demo C++ 30

WebRTC GIPS C/C++ API demos

libssdb C++ 16

This project is no longer maintained, libssdb is provided in SSDB project

snappy-ios C++ 16

The Snappy compression library for iOS

ssdb-ios Objective-C 13

SSDB for iOS

js-lottery HTML 8


tableview HTML 6

JavaScript TableView, PagerView, SelectorView

ParallaxScroll JavaScript 6

JavaScritp Parallax Scrolling, Swipe guesture

pyhttp Python 6

Event driven HTTP library for Python

libfast C++ 5

Simple FIX and FAST protocol implementation

soc Objective-C 4

Simpler Objective-C/Standard Objective-C Library

iOSScrollPicker Objective-C 3

iOS Scroll Picker

lua-resty-ssdb * Lua 1

Lua ssdb client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API, SSDB is a leveldb server.

snappy * C++ 1

A fast compressor/decompressor

libave C++ 1

Audio Video Engine Library

endlessssh Python 1

Tunneling SSH over HTTP

missing-frame-between-ts 1

how-to-ask-questions 1

教你如何提问, 掌握提问技能.

fifo_test C++ 1

Shows how to properly read and write FIFO on Linux

tovi-js CSS 1

A JavaScript image gallery and HTML slider, with iPhone swipe effect.

shadowsocks * 0

avtest Objective-C 0

sdb C++ 0

leveldb * C++ 0

LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values.

prj-docs-template Python 0

Documentation template and tools for open source project to genterate docs like

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Objective-C 104 99.39% 925
C 124 99.57% 183
PHP 134 99.24% 137
Java 1162 97.42% 83
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