Jackson Tian

Hangzhou, China

fks JavaScript 9710

前端技能汇总 Frontend Knowledge Structure

eventproxy JavaScript 2067

An implementation of task/event based asynchronous pattern.

doxmate CSS 662


ping JavaScript 365


anywhere JavaScript 345

Running static file server anywhere / 随启随用的静态文件服务器

diveintonode_examples JavaScript 189


bagpipe JavaScript 129

Async call limit

loader JavaScript 124

Assets loader.

ejs-mate * JavaScript 104

Express 4.x layout, partial template functions for the EJS template engine.

drama JavaScript 102

Mobile Web App startup framework/前身为V5

bufferhelper JavaScript 90

Concat buffer correctly and easily.

api-doc-service JavaScript 84

Node API Documentation Service

shenjs JavaScript 69

深JS上的分享《Node Profiler》

jsconfcn2016 JavaScript 66

ghost JavaScript 55

Node Front-end automation test framework

node-interview-questions * JavaScript 51


unittesting JavaScript 38


para JavaScript 30

Parallel README

using_list 28

What companies are using Node.js in China

diveintonode_figures 22


limitablemap JavaScript 22

The limitable map, for avoid memory leak issue.

modulelint JavaScript 21


vue2js JavaScript 20

Compile a .vue file to .js file

compiler JavaScript 20


markbook CSS 20


slidemate JavaScript 18

diveintonode_site 17


ipod JavaScript 15


node_ci JavaScript 15

A NodeJS MVC Framework (Like CodeIgniter).

dependparser JavaScript 15


jacksontian.github.com CSS 14

My homepage http://html5ify.com

re-captcha JavaScript 14


waterfall JavaScript 13

See Demo http://jacksontian.github.com/waterfall/

loader-builder JavaScript 13

Loader's builder

doxco CSS 13

Documentation generator, docco for dox

plusplus JavaScript 12

I need a better Underscore in Node.js

spritemate JavaScript 12

Sprite Mate

o_o JavaScript 11


sync_package JavaScript 11

Sync NPM package from remote registry to local.

fawave_mobile JavaScript 10

itodo JavaScript 10

TODO list

leakchecker JavaScript 10

A tool for check the memory leak.

landscape JavaScript 8

Tiny front-end framework.

geohasher * JavaScript 8

GeoHash Routines for Javascript

memeda JavaScript 8

eventbase JavaScript 8


yixin 8


hitaxi JavaScript 7

我要叫车 [我要车-乘客][我有空-司机]

gesture JavaScript 7


stone-lang Java 6


httpx JavaScript 6

http(s) module with power.

weixin-robot * JavaScript 6

微信公共帐号自动回复机器人 A Node.js robot for wechat.

datavjs * JavaScript 6


forward JavaScript 6

Forward request

pool JavaScript 5

Pool Stream

nounou JavaScript 5

Node.js process deamon.

wechat-enterprise * 5


nakupenda C 5

Learning OS

iquery JavaScript 5

select('*').from('table').where('1 = 1').groupBy('column').orderBy('count DESC').limit(0, 100)

dingbot JavaScript 4

DingTalk Group Bot for Node.js

_footprint JavaScript 4

A JavaScript template

loader-connect JavaScript 4

Loader middleware for connect

v 4


node-webdav-client JavaScript 4

CalDAV client

v5_weibo JavaScript 3

streamx JavaScript 3

Ultimate stream for ES6

tallybook JavaScript 3


iwalk JavaScript 3

Walk dictionary

alpha JavaScript 3

Node API search

jquery-autocomplete * JavaScript 3

The original jQuery autocompleter. Does not need any other plugins. Supports local and remote data sets, plain text and JSON data, various options and callback hooks.

V5UI JavaScript 3

UI widget library

boolex JavaScript 2

Bool Expression

columnpress JavaScript 2

Markdown blog

kitx JavaScript 2

A Node.js toolkit.

tinywork JavaScript 2

Just do a little tiny work for Promises

node-xml2js * CoffeeScript 2

Simple XML to JavaScript object converter.

readx JavaScript 2

Read stream like sync call

v8-bailout-reasons * 2

A list of Crankshaft bailout reasons with examples

loader-koa JavaScript 2

Loader for Koa

v8-profiler * C++ 2

node bindings for the v8 profiler

co * JavaScript 2

The ultimate generator based flow-control goodness for nodejs (supports thunks, promises, etc)

webdriverjs * JavaScript 2

Webdriver/selenium 2.0 javascript bindings for nodejs

panel JavaScript 2


elemento JavaScript 2


zepto * JavaScript 2

zepto.js is a minimalist inlinable framework for mobile WebKit browsers, with a jQuery-like chaining syntax

suncity JavaScript 2

LBS App. Build with NodeJS & MongoDB. Named as SunCity.

thinkjs * 1

基于Promise的Node.js MVC框架

node * JavaScript 1

Evented IO for V8 JavaScript

protobuf * C++ 1

Protocol Buffers for Node.JS

mah-jong JavaScript 1

libuv * C 1

Cross-platform asynchronous I/O

cachex JavaScript 1

Cache Hook

os-tutorial * C 1

How to create an OS from scratch

static * JavaScript 1

开放静态文件 - 为开源库稳定、快速的免费 CDN 服务

error-formatter * JavaScript 1

format an error into string or json for log

hookx JavaScript 1

Hook(x) with Power.

node-sequoiadb * JavaScript 1

Node.js Driver for SequoiaDB

node-qiniu * JavaScript 1

Qiniu Cloud Storage SDK for Node.js

jsDAV * JavaScript 1

jsDAV allows you to easily add WebDAV support to a NodeJS application. jsDAV is meant to cover the entire standard, and attempts to allow integration using an easy to understand API.

theta JavaScript 1


redye CSS 1

Press markdown

Understanding-Computation JavaScript 1


node-memwatch * C++ 1

A NodeJS library to keep an eye on your memory usage, and discover and isolate leaks.

node-inspector * JavaScript 1

Node.js debugger based on Blink Developer Tools

douban.fm * JavaScript 1

a tiny and smart cli player of douban.fm based on Node.js

user-agent JavaScript 1

User Agent String for mock client

cplusplus_homework C++ 1

Thinking in C++ homework.

koa-forward JavaScript 1

forward for koa

npmjs.org * JavaScript 1

The couchdb setup for registry.npmjs.org and search.npmjs.org

douban.fm.node JavaScript 1

Node.js Douban.FM SDK

douban.pod JavaScript 1


PNGDrive * JavaScript 1

Pack your files into a PNG.

gleak * JavaScript 1

Global variable leak detection for Node.js

nodejs-sdk * JavaScript 1

Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage SDK for Node.js

itier-client * JavaScript 1

client library for itier

dva * JavaScript 0

🌱 React and redux based, lightweight and elm-style framework. (Inspired by elm and choo)

ws * JavaScript 0

`ws`: The fastest RFC-6455 WebSocket implementation for Node.js.

lcc * C 0

The lcc retargetable ANSI C compiler

aliyun-sdk-js * JavaScript 0

footprint JavaScript 0

A very very small logger.

api-gateway-demo-sign-python * Python 0

gateway sign demo

runx JavaScript 0

Task runner

octokit.node JavaScript 0


node-apn * JavaScript 0

Apple Push Notification module for Node.js

plover-logger * JavaScript 0


plover-arttemplate * JavaScript 0


libebb * C 0

a lightweight high-performance HTTP server library for C

regexper-static * JavaScript 0

Regular Expression Visualization Site (static site version)

utf-8-validate * C++ 0

Validate UTF-8 for WebSocket messages.

500lines * Python 0

500 Lines or Less

cli * 0

Rapidly build command line apps with node

luna * C 0

luna programming language - a small, elegant VM implemented in C

duktape * JavaScript 0

Duktape - embeddable Javascript engine with a focus on portability and compact footprint

micro * JavaScript 0

Micro — Async HTTP microservices

david-www * JavaScript 0

David helps keep your Node.js project dependencies up to date.

ChakraCore * JavaScript 0

ChakraCore is the core part of the Chakra Javascript engine that powers Microsoft Edge

doxmategen_site HTML 0

Used host doxmate documents

browser Objective-C 0


koa-redis * JavaScript 0

koa session with redis

node-tunnel * JavaScript 0

Node HTTP/HTTPS Agents for tunneling proxies

accesslog * JavaScript 0

Middleware for common log format access logs

context-ex JavaScript 0

Context Expression

iterator Makefile 0

Get all values of iterator

google-breakpad 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/google-breakpad

parameter * JavaScript 0

A parameter verify tools.

little.js JavaScript 0


ali-oss * JavaScript 0

aliyun OSS(open storage service) node client

js-bson * JavaScript 0

BSON Parser for node and browser

ProtoBuf.js * JavaScript 0

Protocol Buffers for JavaScript. Finally.

wukong 0

koa-memcached * JavaScript 0

pinpoint * Java 0

Pinpoint is an open source APM (Application Performance Management) tool for large-scale distributed systems written in Java.

doxmategen HTML 0

cfork * JavaScript 0

cluster fork and restart easy way

uint32.js * JavaScript 0

An javascript implementation of bitwise uint32 operations

node-gyp * Python 0

Node.js native addon build tool

spam_check JavaScript 0


esprima * JavaScript 0

ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis

iojs.rocks 0


picture JavaScript 0


generic-session * JavaScript 0

koa session store with memory, redis or others.

gypsum * 0

An experimental new programming language

sails * 0

Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js

urllib * 0

Help in opening URLs (mostly HTTP) in a complex world — basic and digest authentication, redirections, cookies and more. Like python's _urllib_ module.

mocha * 0

mocha - simple, flexible, fun javascript test framework for node.js & the browser. (BDD, TDD, QUnit styles via interfaces)

clean-css * CSS 0

A fast, efficient, and well tested CSS minifier for node.js.

node-webkit-agent * 0

NodeJS agent for WebKit devtools front-end

dox * JavaScript 0

JavaScript documentation generator for node using markdown and jsdoc

cut_bom JavaScript 0

Cut the BOM.

cordova-cli * JavaScript 0

Mirror of Apache Cordova CLI

connect-render * JavaScript 0

Template Render helper for connect: res.render(view, options).

top * JavaScript 0

Taobao Open API Client

player * JavaScript 0

a simple wrapper of node-speaker, support play `.mp3`s both from url and local songs.

fill JavaScript 0

Fill the missed item

linked JavaScript 0


userauth * JavaScript 0

user auth abstraction layer middleware.

regions 0


evernote-sdk-js * JavaScript 0

Evernote SDK for JavaScript

han * JavaScript 0

a module for tanslating Chinese(汉字) into /\w+/ or pinyin

pi_home JavaScript 0

My RaspBerry Pi Home

geo-npm-contributions * JavaScript 0

mapping npm contributions by geography

lina JavaScript 0

Lina programming language

sum_stream 0

Get a readable stream's hash value

uvbook * C 0

An Introduction to libuv

ejs * JavaScript 0

Embedded JavaScript templates for node

nirvana C 0


minify 0


leach JavaScript 0


push 0

Apple Push Notification Services Client in Node.js

nodebox * JavaScript 0

A file box base on nodejs.

octokit.rb * Ruby 0

Simple Ruby wrapper for the GitHub API

blanket * JavaScript 0

blanket.js is a simple code coverage library for javascript. Designed to be easy to install and use, for both browser and nodejs.

hehe JavaScript 0


jsfoo-pune-2012 * C++ 0

Native Bindings to node.js - Slides and code for the talk at jsfoo

deployd * JavaScript 0

a toolkit for building realtime APIs

webot * JavaScript 0

An easy-to-use robot for web services.

options.js * JavaScript 0

A very light-weight in-code option parsers for node.js.

istrap * JavaScript 0

a lightweight MVC javascript framework for mobile web app

node-dev * JavaScript 0

Zero-conf Node.js reloading

liteview * JavaScript 0

javascript template engine , node template engine , viewer(MVC)

HTMLHint * JavaScript 0

A Static Code Analysis Tool for HTML

grunt-mocha-hack * JavaScript 0

A hacky wrapper to run node.js lib Mocha tests via grunt. (fork of grunt-simple-mocha)

raphael * JavaScript 0

JavaScript Vector Library

pm * JavaScript 0

A graceful node library to contribute a permanent "master-worker" server.

underscore * JavaScript 0

JavaScript's utility _ belt

URImalformed JavaScript 0

URI malformed attack

connect * JavaScript 0

Connect is a middleware layer for Node.js

solo * JavaScript 0

独唱团 Party

pdfkit * CoffeeScript 0

A PDF generation library for Node.js

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