Jimmy Song

Beijing, China

kubernetes-handbook Shell 8998

Kubernetes中文指南/云原生应用架构实践手册 - https://jimmysong.io/kubernetes-handbook

kubernetes-vagrant-centos-cluster Shell 1710

Setting up a distributed Kubernetes cluster along with Istio service mesh locally with Vagrant and VirtualBox, only PoC or Demo use.

awesome-cloud-native HTML 1332

A curated list for awesome cloud native tools, software and tutorials. - https://jimmysong.io/awesome-cloud-native/

cloud-native-slides-share 427

Cloud Native slides and materials share

istio-handbook Shell 412

Istio 服务网格 —— 后 Kubernetes 时代的应用网络 - https://jimmysong.io/istio-handbook

kubernetes-hardening-guidance Shell 366

《Kubernetes 加固手册》(美国国家安全局出品)- https://jimmysong.io/kubernetes-hardening-guidance

migrating-to-cloud-native-application-architectures Makefile 219

《迁移到云原生应用架构》中文版 https://jimmysong.io/migrating-to-cloud-native-application-architectures/

eng-practices * HTML 208

谷歌工程实践文档 - https://jimmysong.io/eng-practices

docker-handbook Shell 138

Docker handbook

follow-me-install-kubernetes-cluster * 122


cloud-native-infra Makefile 112

Cloud Native Infrastructure《云原生基础架构》中文版 - https://jimmysong.io/cloud-native-infra

cloud-native-sandbox 111

Cloud Native Sandbox can help you setup a standalone Kubernetes and Istio environment with Docker on you own laptop.

serverless-handbook Shell 106

Serverless Handbook 无服务架构实践手册 - https://jimmysong.io/serverless-handbook

istio-tutorial * Shell 75

Istio Tutorial for Java Microservices - https://jimmysong.io/blog/istio-tutorial/

hugo-handbook Shell 67

Building static website with hugo - https://jimmysong.io/hugo-handbook

distributed-load-testing-using-kubernetes * Python 53


beautifulhugo * JavaScript 49

Theme for the Hugo static website generator of https://jimmysong.io

docker-images Dockerfile 39

My docker images repo

magpie Go 33

Yarn on Docker - Managing Hadoop Yarn cluster with Docker Swarm.

cheatsheets JavaScript 31

Jimmy's cheatsheet for developers https://jimmysong.io/cheatsheets

guide-to-cloud-native-app CSS 20

Guide to Cloud Native Application/云原生应用白皮书 - https://jimmysong.io/guide-to-cloud-native-app

k8s-app-monitor-agent Go 19

Kubernetes application monitor agent

docker-ipam-plugin Go 17

Docker network plugin to make a L2 flat network.

k8s-app-monitor-test HTML 17

A test application for monitoring in kubernetes

cloud-native HTML 13

Cloud Native Wiki 云原生百科|编年史 - https://jimmysong.io/cloud-native/

qa 12

Questions & Answers

rootsongjc.github.io HTML 8

Jimmy Song's blog

spark-on-kubernetes * Shell 8

Image building contents for running Spark standalone on Kubernetes

envoy-tutorial Python 8

Envoy mesh in kubernetes tutorial

rpi-handbook CSS 8

Raspberry Pi Handbook/树莓派实践手册 - https://jimmysong.io/rpi-handbook

kubernetes-client-go-sample Go 7

Kubernetes client-go sample

golang-handbook 7

Go practice.

cloudinary-go Go 4

A Go client library and CLI tool to upload static assets to Cloudinary service.

awesome * 3

😎 Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics

service-monitor Python 3

Monitor services and send SMS when them go down.

centos-vagrant * Shell 3

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster with Vagrant and VirtualBox

istio.io * HTML 2

Source for the istio.io site

cloud-native-go JavaScript 2

The official website for the book Cloud Native Go. https://jimmysong.io/cloud-native-go

spark-on-k8s CSS 2

Spark on kubernetes 中文文档 - https://jimmysong.io/spark-on-k8s

hadoop-cluster-monitor Python 2

Hadoop cluster monitor and alert

yarn-on-docker Shell 2

Create a hadoop yarn cluster based on docker containers.

rootsongjc-hugo HTML 1

Jimmy Song website source code

ambassadors * 1

CNCF Ambassadors

kubernetes * Go 1

Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management

awesome-electron * 1

Useful resources for creating apps with Electron

mosn * Go 1

MOSN is a powerful cloud-native proxy acts as edge proxy or service mesh's data plane.

docker-oracle-jdk * Makefile 1

Docker image which contains oracle jdk (7 and 8)

cloud-native-go-hugo Shell 1

Cloud Native Go hugo source.

cnwordcount Go 1

Count Chinese words in a file.

hadoop-all-in-one Shell 1

Build a hadoop-all-in-one docker image.

catalog-hadoop Shell 1

Dockerfile and docker compose files for Hadoop.

linux-practice 1

Linux practice.

hadoop-docker-client Shell 1

Build an hadoop-2.6.0-cdh5.5.2 docker client and run it through pass ENV to config.

nocalhost.github.io * HTML 0

getistio.io * HTML 0

GetIstio project website

istio * Go 0

Connect, secure, control, and observe services.

skywalking-website * CSS 0

Apache skywalking

meshery * Go 0

Meshery is a playground for testing performance and experimenting with functionality of various service meshes.

community * 0

Kubernetes community content

gitdm * 0

📜Fork for tracking CNCF projects

skywalking * 0

APM, Application Performance Monitoring System

md * 0

✍ 一款高度简洁的微信 Markdown 编辑器:支持 Markdown 所有基础语法、色盘取色、一键复制并粘贴到公众号后台、多图上传、一键下载文档、自定义 CSS 样式、一键重置等特性

inlets * Go 0

Cloud Native Tunnel for APIs

rootsongjc 0

GitHub banner

community-cluster * 0

Free OpenFaaS Cloud for Community

functions Go 0

Functions for OpenFaaS Community Cluster

openfaas-cloud * 0

Managed OpenFaaS for teams

whitepaper2020 * 0


spec * 0

The Open Application Model specification

landscape * 0

🌄The Cloud Native Interactive Landscape filters and sorts hundreds of projects and products, and shows details including GitHub stars, funding or market cap, first and last commits, contributor counts, headquarters location, and recent tweets.

mosn.io * CSS 0

Source for mosn.io site https://mosn.io

istio-service-mesh-handbook * Makefile 0

Istio Service Mesh Advanced Practical - Istio服务网格进阶实战 by ServiceMesher community https://www.servicemesher.com/istio-handbook/

layer5 * 0

The Service Mesh Community - characterizing and contrasting service mesh projects and related technologies.

manifesto * CSS 0

The Software Defined Delivery Manifesto

istio-community * Shell 0

Istio governance material.

cloudnativeinfra.github.io * HTML 0

cloudnativego.com website

toc * 0

Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)

docker-elk * Shell 0

The ELK stack powered by Docker and Compose.

awesome-go * Go 0

A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

gogo-service * HTML 0

A microservice that allows clients to play the game of Go

docker-base * Shell 0

Base image for docker container

centos-ssh * Shell 0

Docker build of CentOS-6 6.8 x86_64 / CentOS-7 7.2.1511 x86_64 - SCL, EPEL and IUS Repositories / Supervisor / OpenSSH. Base image includes: Public key authentication, Automated password generation and supports custom configuration via environment variables.

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