Jimmy Song

Ant Financial
Beijing, China

kubernetes-handbook Shell 6116

Kubernetes中文指南/云原生应用架构实践手册 - https://jimmysong.io/kubernetes-handbook

kubernetes-vagrant-centos-cluster Shell 1195

Setting up a distributed Kubernetes cluster along with Istio service mesh locally with Vagrant and VirtualBox, only PoC or Demo use.

awesome-cloud-native JavaScript 731

A curated list for awesome cloud native tools, software and tutorials. - https://jimmysong.io/awesome-cloud-native/

cloud-native-slides-share 341

Cloud Native slides and materials share

istio-handbook Makefile 314

Istio Handbook - Istio Service Mesh Advanced Practical(Istio 服务网格进阶实战) - https://jimmysong.io/istio-handbook

migrating-to-cloud-native-application-architectures Makefile 145

《迁移到云原生应用架构》中文版 https://jimmysong.io/migrating-to-cloud-native-application-architectures/

follow-me-install-kubernetes-cluster * 123


docker-handbook Shell 110

Docker handbook

eng-practices * HTML 73

谷歌工程实践文档 - https://jimmysong.io/eng-practices

istio-tutorial * Shell 66

Istio Tutorial for Java Microservices - https://jimmysong.io/posts/istio-tutorial/

cloud-native-sandbox 65

Cloud Native Sandbox can help you setup a standalone Kubernetes and Istio environment with Docker on you own laptop.

hugo-handbook 48

Building static website with hugo - https://jimmysong.io/hugo-handbook

beautifulhugo * JavaScript 38

Theme for the Hugo static website generator of https://jimmysong.io

docker-images Dockerfile 33

My docker images repo

distributed-load-testing-using-kubernetes * Python 33


magpie Go 28

Yarn on Docker - Managing Hadoop Yarn cluster with Docker Swarm.

cheatsheets JavaScript 23

Jimmy's cheatsheet for developers https://jimmysong.io/cheatsheets

serverless-handbook Shell 19

Serverless Handbook 无服务架构实践手册 - https://jimmysong.io/serverless-handbook

kubernetes.github.io * HTML 16


docker-ipam-plugin Go 16

Docker network plugin to make a L2 flat network.

cloud-native-infra Makefile 14

Cloud Native Infrastructure《云原生基础架构》中文版 - https://jimmysong.io/cloud-native-infra

k8s-app-monitor-agent Go 12

Kubernetes application monitor agent

k8s-app-monitor-test HTML 11

A test application for monitoring in kubernetes

qa 9

Questions & Answers

cloud-native HTML 9

Cloud Native Wiki 云原生百科|编年史 - https://jimmysong.io/cloud-native/

envoy-tutorial Python 8

Envoy mesh in kubernetes tutorial

golang-handbook 6

Go practice.

spark-on-kubernetes * Shell 5

Image building contents for running Spark standalone on Kubernetes

cloudinary-go Go 3

A Go client library and CLI tool to upload static assets to Cloudinary service.

centos-vagrant * Shell 3

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster with Vagrant and VirtualBox

hadoop-cluster-monitor Python 2

Hadoop cluster monitor and alert

awesome * 2

😎 Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics

yarn-on-docker Shell 2

Create a hadoop yarn cluster based on docker containers.

rootsongjc.github.io HTML 1

Jimmy Song's blog

service-monitor Python 1

Monitor services and send SMS when them go down.

spark-on-k8s CSS 1

Spark on kubernetes 中文文档 - https://jimmysong.io/spark-on-k8s

cloud-native-go JavaScript 1

The official website for the book Cloud Native Go. https://jimmysong.io/cloud-native-go

cloud-native-go-hugo Shell 1

Cloud Native Go hugo source.

cnwordcount Go 1

Count Chinese words in a file.

hadoop-all-in-one Shell 1

Build a hadoop-all-in-one docker image.

catalog-hadoop Shell 1

Dockerfile and docker compose files for Hadoop.

linux-practice 1

Linux practice.

hadoop-docker-client Shell 1

Build an hadoop-2.6.0-cdh5.5.2 docker client and run it through pass ENV to config.

sofastack.tech * CSS 0

Source for the SOFAStack website https://www.sofastack.tech

istio.io * HTML 0

Source for the istio.io site

istio-official-translation * 0


sofa-mosn * Go 0

SOFAMosn is a modular observable smart network which can be used in service mesh deployed as a data plane sidecar.

pipeline-1 * 0

A K8s-native Pipeline resource.

website * CSS 0

ServiceMesher community website - https://www.servicemesher.com

istio-service-mesh-handbook * Makefile 0

Istio Service Mesh Advanced Practical - Istio服务网格进阶实战 by ServiceMesher community https://www.servicemesher.com/istio-handbook/

cloudnativego.com * CSS 0

Source code for Hugo to generate website - https://cloudnativego.com

kc-cloud-mesh-demo * HTML 0

Cloud Mesh Demo for SOFAStack Cloud Native Workshop on KubeCon China 2019

k8s-conformance * 0

🧪CNCF K8s Conformance Working Group

sofa-mesh * Go 0

A solution for large-scale Service Mesh based on Istio.

ambassadors * 0

CNCF Ambassadors

meshery * Go 0

Meshery is a playground for testing performance and experimenting with functionality of various service meshes.

layer5 * HTML 0

Service Mesh Comparison - characterizing and contrasting service mesh projects and related technologies.

manifesto * CSS 0

The Software Defined Delivery Manifesto

envoy * C++ 0

C++ front/service proxy

istio-community * Shell 0

Istio governance material.

cloudnativeinfra.github.io * HTML 0

cloudnativego.com website

toc * 0

Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)

kube-ps1 * Shell 0

Kubernetes prompt info for bash and zsh

docker-elk * Shell 0

The ELK stack powered by Docker and Compose.

awesome-go * Go 0

A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

gogo-service * HTML 0

A microservice that allows clients to play the game of Go

kubernetes * Go 0

Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management

docker-oracle-jdk * Makefile 0

Docker image which contains oracle jdk (7 and 8)

docker-base * Shell 0

Base image for docker container

centos-ssh * Shell 0

Docker build of CentOS-6 6.8 x86_64 / CentOS-7 7.2.1511 x86_64 - SCL, EPEL and IUS Repositories / Supervisor / OpenSSH. Base image includes: Public key authentication, Automated password generation and supports custom configuration via environment variables.

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