SmartAppUpdates C 2157


HeaderAndFooterRecyclerView Java 1250

A RecyclerView solution, support addHeaderView、addFooterView

ZhihuPaper Java 912

Zhihu Daily Android App

MemoryMonitor Java 243


blog 103

Cundong's Android blog

ViewDragHelperDemo Java 6


WeChatLuckyMoney * Java 4

:moneybag: 微信抢红包插件, an Android app that helps you snatch virtual red envelopes in WeChat group chat. 帮助你在微信群聊抢红包时战无不胜, 附带详细文档.

ViewPagerInsideListView Java 4

ViewPager Inside ListView

android-common * 4

Android common lib, include ImageCache, HttpCache, DropDownListView, DownloadManager, Utils and so on

clip-bitmap-for-android * Java 3


android-async-http * Java 2

An Asynchronous HTTP Library for Android

RePlugin * Java 1

RePlugin - A flexible, stable, easy-to-use Android Plug-in Framework

WebPageClip * Java 1

Clip the whole webpage

9GAG * Java 1

Android unofficial REST Client of 9gag.

ListViewInsideScrollView Java 1

ListView Inside ScrollView

FragmentTabHostDemo Java 1


SwipeBackLayout * Java 1

An Android library that help you to build app with swipe back gesture.

map 0


VirtualAPK * Java 0

A powerful and lightweight plugin framework for Android

learngit 0


apk-parser * Java 0

Apk parser lib for java

platform_frameworks_base * Java 0

understand-plugin-framework * Java 0

demos to help understand plugin framwrok

AndroidPractice Java 0


Magnet * Java 0

A library that makes it very simple to create a window icon, similar to Facebooks chat icon.

android-dynamic-load-awesome * 0

Android-ParallaxHeaderViewPager * Java 0

NewsStand Application for Android's view of play, such as a pager function that implements the code.

HeaderRecyclerView * Java 0

HeaderRecyclerView is an Android library created to be able to use RecyclerView.Adapter with a header in a easy way. To use this library create your RecyclerView.Adapter classes extending from HeaderRecyclerViewAdapter.

http-request * Java 0

Java HTTP Request Library

MusicPlayerView * Java 0

Android custom view and progress for music player

Practice Java 0

Cundong's Practice

AndroidViewAnimations * Java 0

Cute view animation collection.

blog-1 * 0

Blog for android-cn, 微信公众号:codekk, 网站:

ShowTipsView * Java 0

Highligth specific points of interest of your app

Android-Notification-Example * Java 0

A simple sample showing the different types of notifications on Andoid

InnerListview * Java 0


android-wheel * Java 0

Android Wheel Picker. * 0

AKParallax-Android * Java 0

AKParallax-Android is a Library Project that provides a parallax effect to an imageView in a ScrollView or a ListView.

BaseAdapter 0

BaseAdapter for ListView

android-open-project * 0

Collect and classify android open source projects, 交流 QQ 群:6322(入群理由必须填写群介绍问题答案)4677

AnimatedExpandableListView * 0

An extendable, flexible ExpandableListView widget that supports animations.

avatar-android * 0

Rounded and Squared Avatar for Android Applications

AnimeTaste * 0

Taste global original animation

Android-ProgressFragment * 0

Implementation of the fragment with the ability to display indeterminate progress indicator when you are waiting for the initial data.

weiciyuan * Java 0

Sina Weibo Android Client

Android-PullToRefresh * 0


sina_wyx_android_sdk * Java 0

新浪微游戏 Android SDK

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