Mort Yao

Stockholm, Sweden

you-get Python 27852

:arrow_double_down: Dumb downloader that scrapes the web

translate-shell Awk 3697

:speech_balloon: Command-line translator using Google Translate, Bing Translator, Yandex.Translate, etc.

wiki HTML 64

python-romkan Python 59

:sa: A Romaji/Kana conversion library for Python

GrassMudHorse Haskell 44

An implementation of GrassMudHorse programming language in Haskell HTML 28

Copycat-Rootkit-Demo Shell 14

Website-Terminal Copy-Paste can be dangerous.

dotfiles Python 13

Mort's dotfiles

nyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyan Shell 12

horseshit * Python 9

Small script to configure your hosts file so you don't get distracted during the day

SciTE-properties Awk 9

Mort's SciTE editor configuration files

mayuki Ruby 8

[INACTIVE] A minimalist Markdown/YAML-based static wiki generator

akb48.js JavaScript 7

AKB48 member profiles as a JavaScript library

awkunit C 7

Unit Testing Framework for GNU Awk

idris-commonmark Idris 6

Idris wrapper for jgm's Markdown parser

becat Tcl 5

Better cat(1), split(1) and cmp(1)

pi.clj Clojure 5

Calculates π to arbitrary precision using Machin's Formula.

pride C 4

:rainbow: Simple testing and logging with pride

pi Ruby 4

A simple pandoc wrapper that does the trick

p99 Ruby 4

P-99: Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems (Mort's Solutions)

resave Tcl 4

An image downloader

anthy-kaomoji Ruby 4

Mort's collection of everyday use kaomojis

codejam-commandline Python 4

Automatically exported from

Arduino-Synth Arduino 4

Yet another Arduino Synthesizer

my-ftpd Java 3

Very minimal FTP server / client

hit-and-run Shell 3

Handy tool for competitive programming

pandoc-filters Python 3

Mort's pandoc filters

sfntwari Java 2

Strip TrueType fonts and convert to WOFF for use in web pages

google_plus_archiver Ruby 2

[INACTIVE] A simple command-line tool to archive Google+ profiles and public streams

status JavaScript 2

soimort Status


[INACTIVE] An Educational Game for Synthetic Biology

project-euler Python 2

Mort's Solutions to Project Euler

cpcat Shell 2

a simple package management, file backup and synchronization script

waifu2x-converter-cpp * C++ 1

waifu2x(original : re-implementation in C++ using OpenCV [NO LONGER UPDATED]

frs48 Java 1

Flight Reservation System in 48 hours

mate-terminal * C 0

The MATE Terminal Emulator

moe * C 0

An image viewer for MATE

mi-caja C 0

just my own fork of the Caja file manager

caja * C 0

Caja, the file manager for the MATE desktop

some-proofs Coq 0

mutter * C 0


idris-mode * Emacs Lisp 0

Idris syntax highlighting, compiler-supported editing, interactive REPL and more things for emacs.

Idris-dev * Haskell 0

A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Python 1 100.00% 27942
Awk 1 98.98% 3706
Haskell 14 99.03% 44
HTML 398 99.56% 92
Shell 542 98.50% 31
更新于2019-11-07 03:22:54