Chen Yufei

Shanghai, China

cow Go 5073

HTTP proxy written in Go. COW can automatically identify blocked sites and use parent proxies to access.

PinYinNick Objective-C 40

给 Address Book 里包含中文姓名的联系人添加拼音缩写作为昵称,方便在 iOS 和 Address Book 中搜索

hanzi2pinyin C 38

Convert hanzi (Chinese character) to pinyin 汉字转换到拼音

mypass JavaScript 24

A password generator using the same algorithm with One Shall Pass.

spinlock C 22

Different implementations of spinlock.

cyf-util-conf C 19

Utility code and useful configuration

strongswan Shell 8

strongSwan setup for iOS and OS X

leakybuf Go 7

Leaky buffer based on examples in Effective Go.

openvpn-ipv6-osx-binary C 7

openvpn-ipv6 64bit binary for OS X

fullrss Ruby 6

Convert excerpt RSS feed to full RSS feed by fetching and parsing.

InstapaperBookmarklet JavaScript 5

Chrome and Safari extension run Instapaper bookmarklet from the toolbar.

StockTrader * C# 4


tst Go 4

A pure Go implementation of Ternary Search Trie (also called Ternary Search Tree)

traceopen C 4

Utilities to trace open files in a period of time. Useful for creating file list for ctags etc.

GoEmu Python 4

Hope I can make it

bufio Go 3

bufio package forked from go src, with more APIs to avoid copy and allow reuse of buffers.

google-concurrency-library C++ 3

Automatically exported from

bprint Go 3

Binary file printing. Hope this will be easier to use than hexdump.

color Go 3

Package color provides functions to generate colored text using ANSI color codes.

goalgs Go 2

Algorithms in Robert Sedgwick's book implemented in Go

build-web-application-with-golang * Go 2

A golang ebook intro how to build a web with golang

SaaS-class Ruby 2

Code for SaaS class homework and project

paperoo * Ruby 2

The missing collaborative paper discussing tool

shadowsocks-go * Go 2

go port of shadowsocks. not stable yet. use shadowsocks-nodejs instead

dot-vim VimL 1

My Vim configuration

cqueue C 1

Concurrent queue in C.

fpinscala * Scala 1

Code, exercises, answers, and hints to go along with the book "Functional Programming in Scala"

futex-exp C 1

Linux Futex experiment

SSMalloc * C 1

A Low-latency, Locality-conscious Memory Allocator with Stable Performance Scalability

ProgrammingAssignment2 * R 1

Repository for Programming Assignment 2 for R Programming on Coursera

goutil Go 1

Utility functions for Go.

python-lzo * 1

Fork from

ProxyMenu * Objective-C 1

Switch OS X system proxy settings in menubar

dnsmasq-chinadns * C 1

A patched version of dnsmasq which filters out some suspicious IP

mem-order C 1

Using sequence lock to record memory access order.

pearls Go 1

Problems in Programming Pearls (2nd edtion) solved in Go

justwords 1

Write blog in markdown, serve html on the fly.

homebrew-tap Ruby 1

Personal formulas for Homebrew.

concrete-math 1

Solutions to exercises in Concrete Mathematics, in J.

sicp Scheme 1

rwlock C 1

Almost fair rwlock

dnspool Go 1

dnspool uses a goroutine pool for DNS resolving to limit number of OS threads that will be spawned by the go runtime

microbench C++ 0

dockerfile Shell 0

hadoop * Java 0

Mirror of Apache Hadoop

stopwatch C++ 0

h5 * R 0

Interface to the HDF5 Library

kitten * Java 0

The fast and fun way to write YARN applications.

absmom R 0

oracle-java * Shell 0

Ansible role to install Oracle Java.

SparkInternals * 0

Notes talking about the design and implementation of Apache Spark

28 JavaScript 0

hash-test Go 0

atomic C 0

md5 0

iidr Go 0

ignore incorrect dns replies

Yastopwatch * C 0

Yet Another Stopwatch for C Language

luanet Lua 0

orzsz AppleScript 0 * Shell 0

The homepage for

scrntest CoffeeScript 0

A simple web page to test bad pixels on iPhone.

oneshallpass * JavaScript 0

A little self-contained web-page for making secure Web passwords. Works offline.

lunamark * C 0

Lua library for conversion between markup formats

lua-resty-http * Lua 0

Lua http client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API

mongol * Python 0

A simple python tool to pinpoint the IP addresses of machines working for the Great Firewall of China.

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Go 6 99.95% 5102
C 200 99.26% 96
Ruby 364 96.57% 11
Objective-C 925 94.22% 41
JavaScript 1909 96.25% 29
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