Fengyuan Chen

Hangzhou, China

cropper JavaScript 7737

⚠️ [Deprecated] No longer maintained, please use https://github.com/fengyuanchen/jquery-cropper

cropperjs JavaScript 6404

JavaScript image cropper.

viewerjs JavaScript 4431

JavaScript image viewer.

compressorjs JavaScript 1862

JavaScript image compressor.

distpicker JavaScript 1447

A simple jQuery plugin for picking provinces, cities and districts of China. (中国 / 省市区 / 三级联动 / 地址选择器)

datepicker JavaScript 1011

A simple jQuery datepicker plugin.

viewer JavaScript 924

⚠️ [Deprecated] No longer maintained, please use https://github.com/fengyuanchen/jquery-viewer

photo-editor Vue 616

A simple photo editing application.

vue-qrcode JavaScript 511

QR code component for Vue.js

jquery-cropper JavaScript 303

A jQuery plugin wrapper for Cropper.js.

vue-countdown JavaScript 269

Countdown component for Vue.js.

pickerjs JavaScript 245

JavaScript date time picker.

jquery-viewer JavaScript 132

A jQuery plugin wrapper for Viewer.js.

vue-barcode JavaScript 100

Bar code component for Vue.js

vue-carousel Vue 93

Carousel component for Vue.js.

vue-number-input JavaScript 82

Number input component for Vue.js.

completer JavaScript 81

A simple jQuery auto complete plugin.

submitter JavaScript 65

A simple jQuery form submitting plugin.

simpleui CSS 56

A simple UI framework for building simple web projects.

prettydate JavaScript 55

A simple jQuery date prettify plugin.

countdown JavaScript 52

A simple jQuery countdown plugin.

formcache JavaScript 51

A simple jQuery form cache plugin.

vue-feather JavaScript 47

Feather component for Vue.js.

uploader JavaScript 46

A simple jQuery file uploading plugin.

wordcounter JavaScript 35

JavaScript word counter.

previewer JavaScript 31

A simple jQuery page preview plugin.

exif JavaScript 18

JavaScript Exif reader.

markdown-to-vue-loader JavaScript 15

Markdown to Vue component loader for Webpack.

validator JavaScript 15

A simple jQuery form validation plugin.

slider JavaScript 15

A simple jQuery slide plugin.

load-scripts JavaScript 12

Dynamic scripts loading for modern browsers.

htmlcomb JavaScript 12

HTML attributes formatter.

tooltip JavaScript 11

A simple jQuery tooltip plugin.

loader JavaScript 10

JavaScript image loader.

strmin JavaScript 10

A simple tool for compressing JavaScript string.

lifecycle.js JavaScript 9

JavaScript lifecycle manager.

create-vue-component JavaScript 7

Convert anything to a Vue component.

tools JavaScript 6

A series of simple tools.

is-array-buffer JavaScript 5

Check if the given value is an ArrayBuffer.

create-banner JavaScript 5

Create a banner from a package.json file.

code-guide * CSS 4

Standards for flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS.

vue-countly JavaScript 4

Countly plugin for Vue.js.

is-blob-url JavaScript 2

Check if the given value is a Blob URL.

postcss-header JavaScript 2

Add a header to a file.

is-data-url JavaScript 1

Check if the given value is a Data URL.

fly-htmlcomb JavaScript 1

HTMLComb plugin for Fly.

randomarray JavaScript 1

An extension of JavaScript's Array for handling array randomly.

postcss-footer JavaScript 0

Add a footer to a file.

is-empty-string JavaScript 0

Check if the given value is an empty string.

is-empty-array-buffer JavaScript 0

Check if the given value is an empty array buffer.

gulp-htmlcomb JavaScript 0

The Gulp plugin of HTMLComb.

grunt-htmlcomb JavaScript 0

The Grunt plugin of HTMLComb.

is-non-null-object JavaScript 0

Check if the given value is a non-null object.

is-vue-component JavaScript 0

Check if the given value is a valid Vue component.

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