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IPAPatch Objective-C 3777

Patch iOS Apps, The Easy Way, Without Jailbreak.

WBWebViewConsole Objective-C 1336

In-App debug console for your UIWebView & WKWebView

HackingFacebook Objective-C 400

Kill Facebook for iOS's SSL Pinning

MPOFinderFileDownloader Objective-C 160

A simple file downloader adds progress indicator to finder file icon when downloading

CoreMLDemo Objective-C 149

Demo for CoreML & Vision Framework

CutTheNotch Objective-C 91

A magic trick to hide the iPhoneX "Notch"

SpriteKitWatchFace * Objective-C 79

SpriteKit-based faux analog watch face example for watchOS

iPhoneAvailability Objective-C 70

iPhone7 大陆零售店预约店取监控 for macOS

WeiboX 34

Weibo 问题追踪 / Issue Tracking for WeiboX

MPOProgressBar Objective-C 24

A material design progress bar, supports both determinate and indeterminate modes

GitUp * C 24

The Git interface you've been missing all your life has finally arrived.

MetalEDR-iOS Objective-C 10

Demo of using Metal to render EDR / HDR content on iOS platform

Cronet-Mac C++ 8

Basic Version of the Chromium Net Stack for Mac, With CocoaPods Support

WTScreenCapturer Objective-C 8

Cocoa : Take screenshots using OSX's built in 'screencapture' function

DemoAVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate Objective-C 7

Demo AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate No Cancel Problem

bfdecrypt * C 5

Utility to decrypt App Store apps on jailbroken iOS 11.x

twui * Objective-C 5

A framework for developing interfaces on the Mac.

dumpdecrypted * C 4

Dumps decrypted mach-o files from encrypted iPhone applications from memory to disk. This tool is necessary for security researchers to be able to look under the hood of encryption.

Beans Objective-C 2

ARKit Face Game

RegexKitLiteDebugger Objective-C 2

asi-http-request * Objective-C 1

Easy to use CFNetwork wrapper for HTTP requests, Objective-C, Mac OS X and iPhone

AudioQueueDeadlock Objective-C 1

This project reproduces a deadlock when using AudioToolbox API

FlapFlap * Objective-C 1

Flappy Bird Clone for learning purposes—feel free to play along.

FlappyBirdClone * Objective-C 1

A Sprite Kit Sloppy Flappy Bird Clone

AVPlayerSeekBehaviour Objective-C 1

RegexKitLite Objective-C 1

bfinject * Objective-C++ 1

Dylib injection for iOS 11.0 - 11.1.2 with LiberiOS and Electra jailbreaks

set_image_hash 1

ios-twitter-image-pipeline * Objective-C 1

Twitter Image Pipeline is a robust and performant image loading and caching framework for iOS clients

SDWebImage * Objective-C 1

Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category

GraphicsSmoothTest Objective-C++ 1

PageBuilder JavaScript 1

naituw.github.io CSS 1

Theses-API-Documents 0


pop * Objective-C++ 0

Extensible iOS and OS X animation library.

PINRemoteImage * Objective-C 0

A thread safe, performant, feature rich image fetcher

PINCache * 0

Fast, non-deadlocking parallel object cache for iOS, tvOS and OS X

libextobjc * Objective-C 0

A Cocoa library to extend the Objective-C programming language.

EYEAtos * Objective-C 0

GUI atos for re-symbolicating Cocoa method calls in crash log.

115 * JavaScript 0

Assistant for 115 to export download links to aria2-rpc

hexo-theme-apollo * CSS 0

a clean and delicate hexo theme

BlogComments 0

YRKSpinningProgressIndicatorLayer * Objective-C 0

A clone of the spinning NSProgressIndicator, written using Core Animation

nodegit * JavaScript 0

Native Node bindings to Git.

Surf * C 0

MCLog * Objective-C 0

Xcode plugin for filtering the console area.

HockeySDK-Mac * Objective-C 0

The official Mac SDK for the HockeyApp service. It contains a crash reporter that checks at startup whether your application crashed last time it was launched, then offers to send that information to the HockeyApp service. It supports Mac OS X >= 10.6, Intel architectures and also the Mac Sandbox.

gfwlist * 0

The one and only one gfwlist here

broccoli-metascript JavaScript 0

MetaScript filter for broccoli

QTLogViewer JavaScript 0

Viewer for .qtlog file (WBQueueTests)

NSDictionary-Accessors * Objective-C 0

Type safe accessors for NSDictionary, better used with dictionary parsed from JSON.

oauthconsumer * Objective-C 0

An iPhone ready, Objective-C implementation of an OAuth consumer.

Sparkle-Fork Objective-C 0


Theses-for-iPhone Objective-C 0

论文管理系统iPhone客户端 (毕业设计)

Theses-Frontend JavaScript 0


PhoenixProject Objective-C 0

lwapi * Java 0

FastCoding * Objective-C 0

A faster and more flexible binary file format replacement for NSCoding, Property Lists and JSON

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