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N-blog JavaScript 14989

《一起学 Node.js》

node-in-debugging 6078

《Node.js 调试指南》

N-chat JavaScript 1136

使用 Express + Socket.IO 搭建的多人聊天室

N-club JavaScript 515

使用 Koa + MongoDB + Redis 搭建论坛系统

mongolass JavaScript 428

Elegant MongoDB driver for Node.js.

node-wechat JavaScript 360

Node.js 微信公众平台 API

koa-mongo JavaScript 144

MongoDB middleware for koa, support connection pool.

N-weibo JavaScript 142

使用 Meteor 搭建微博网站

douyu-mac-app 130

逗鱼直播 Mac app

micro-scraper JavaScript 109

Node.js 爬虫示例 (for:百度百科)

config-lite JavaScript 85

A super simple & flexible & useful config module.

N-drifter JavaScript 80

使用 Redis 搭建漂流瓶服务器

maitian JavaScript 57


thunder-vip JavaScript 47

Get available thunder vips.

another-json-schema JavaScript 46

Another JSON Schema validator, simple & flexible & intuitive.

koa-scheme JavaScript 46

koa-scheme is a parameter validation middleware for koa.

koa-ip JavaScript 36

Ip filter middleware for koa, support whitelist and blacklist.

appoint JavaScript 27

Another Promise implementation. Inspired by [lie](https://github.com/calvinmetcalf/lie).

cpu-memory-monitor JavaScript 26

CPU & Memory Monitor, auto dump.

koa-await-breakpoint JavaScript 25

Add breakpoints around `await` expression especially for koa@2.

koa-frouter JavaScript 24

File/Folder as `path`, another router middleware for koa.

koa-router-cache JavaScript 22

Router cache middleware for koa.

koa-toobusy JavaScript 20

Toobusy middleware for koa.

proxy-hot-reload JavaScript 19

Node.js application hot reload with `Proxy`.

koa-redis-pool JavaScript 19

Redis middleware for koa, support connection pool.

node-wechat-expression JavaScript 16


kless JavaScript 15

A framework inspired by FaaS, based on `koa`.

cli-chat JavaScript 15

Cli-chat. Try it out ~

koa-res JavaScript 14

Format koa's respond json.

puppeteer-debug JavaScript 13


douban-movie-top250 JavaScript 13

豆瓣电影 Top 250 爬虫

muying HTML 13


koa-errorhandler JavaScript 12

Error handler middleware for koa.

repl2 JavaScript 11

Load third-party modules into REPL from `.noderc`.

koa-await-breakpoint-jaeger JavaScript 11

jaeger for koa-await-breakpoint.

objectid-to-timestamp JavaScript 10

objectId to timestamp, in `ms`.

co-cache JavaScript 10

Cache result in redis for GeneratorFunction or function that return a Promise.

ioredis-timeout JavaScript 9

Add timeout to ioredis

node-oschina JavaScript 9

Node.js 版开源中国 API

sublime-NodeRequire Python 9

A Sublime Text plugin for requiring modules (for: Node.js).

npm-user-downloads JavaScript 8

List npm user all modules download counts.

alfred-httpstatuses JavaScript 8

Alfred workflow for [httpstatuses.com](https://httpstatuses.com)

co-ejs JavaScript 8

Koa ejs view render middleware.

etcd-proxy JavaScript 7

Node.js service registry and discovery on top of etcd.

node-domains JavaScript 6

List of domains, include com, org ...

rtrie * JavaScript 6

Node.js trie based autocomplete backed by Redis

koa-version JavaScript 6

Mounting app by version to different router.

markdown-css JavaScript 6

add CSS to Markdown

koa-use JavaScript 5

Overwrite koa's `use()`, add `Array` support.

alfred-cnode Python 5

alfred workflow for cnodejs.org

node-category JavaScript 5

Files/Directorys categorization tool.

chrome-cnode-notifier JavaScript 4

CNode notifier extension for Chrome.

koa-router-validator JavaScript 4

Validator middleware for [koa-router](https://github.com/alexmingoia/koa-router).

koa-router-schema JavaScript 4

Schema validate middleware for [koa-router](https://github.com/alexmingoia/koa-router).

npm-package-downloads JavaScript 4

Get packages download counts.

koa-forward-request JavaScript 4

Forward request for koa.

rename_github_title JavaScript 3

For someone who open soooooo many github repos in chrome.

node-hump JavaScript 3

convert a string(like: hello-world) to hump-style string(to: helloWorld)

ioredis-ratelimit JavaScript 3

Generic ratelimit tool on top of ioredis.

node-linereader JavaScript 3

Reading a url or file line by line.

article_spider * TypeScript 2


koa-raven JavaScript 2

raven middleware for koa.

sublime-open-require Python 2

Open file in sublime, specifically for Node.js's `require()`.

rust-NAPI-fibonacci Rust 2

A fibonacci demo of [rust-node-api](https://github.com/jupp0r/node-api).

douban-robot JavaScript 2


supervisor-hot-reload * JavaScript 2

validator-it JavaScript 2

Just validate it, based on [validator](https://github.com/chriso/validator.js).

qs-mongodb JavaScript 2

Parse URL querystring to MongoDB query.

co-slowlog JavaScript 2

slowlog for GeneratorFunction or function that return a Promise.

is-gmail JavaScript 1

Check if an given email is google apps email.

bushishiren.com HTML 1


node-nana JavaScript 1

node nanananana ~ node nanananana ~

promise-a-plus-plus * 1


koa-format JavaScript 1

A koa middleware format `this.request` and `this.response`.

TimLiu-iOS * 1


stackoverflow-retime JavaScript 1

StackOverflow Retime

rust-napi-demo C 1


grafana-to-elk JavaScript 1

Telegraf(StatsD) + InfluxDB + Grafana + ELK

path-to-mongodb JavaScript 1

Express style path to mongodb query.

koa-slowlog JavaScript 1

slowlog for koa, based on [co-slowlog](https://github.com/nswbmw/co-slowlog).

koa * JavaScript 0

Expressive middleware for node.js using generators

woodbird.net HTML 0

fcm-node * JavaScript 0

A Node.JS simple interface to Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android & iOS & Web Notification and data push

ali-cloudmonitor JavaScript 0

Aliyun cloudmonitor sdk for node.js

node-html-to-text * JavaScript 0

Advanced html to text converter

ali-acm JavaScript 0

mongolass-plugin-populate JavaScript 0

[mongolass](https://github.com/mongolass/mongolass) `.populate` plugin

ali-sms * JavaScript 0

Nodejs sdk for Aliyun SMS service

nswbmw.com 0

My Home.

ajv-errors * JavaScript 0

Custom error messages in JSON-Schema for Ajv

ajv * JavaScript 0

The fastest JSON Schema Validator. Supports draft-04/06/07

node-sls-logger * 0

Node.js logger for aliyun SLS with minimal dependencies

BaiDuMapDemo * 0

McPicker-iOS * Swift 0

McPicker is a customizable, closure driven UIPickerView drop-in solution with animations that is rotation ready.

ava * PHP 0

Ava WordPress Theme

PageMenu * Swift 0

A paging menu controller built from other view controllers placed inside a scroll view (like Spotify, Windows Phone, Instagram)

in-app-purchase * JavaScript 0

A Node.js module for in-App-Purchase for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.

koa-request-id * JavaScript 0

Add a request id

swift-demo Swift 0

SpotMenu * Swift 0

Spotify and iTunes in your menu bar

ejs * JavaScript 0

a koa view render middleware, support all feature of ejs

tracer2 * JavaScript 0

A powerful and customizable logging library for node.js

escodegen * JavaScript 0

ECMAScript code generator

PomoNow-iOS * Swift 0

A Pomodoro timer app(swift)

LiveUseful * Swift 0

Make your lock screen useful!

picsum-photos * HTML 0

Lorem Ipsum... but for photos.

streamlink * Python 0

CLI for extracting streams from various websites to a video player of your choosing

img2smms * Swift 0

Uploading images to sm.ms

asch-docs * 0

Asch documents

asch * JavaScript 0

Asch is an efficient, flexible, safe and decentralized application platform, which was initially designed to lower the barrier to entry for developers.The services provided by the Asch platform include a public chain and a set of application SDKs.

asch-core * JavaScript 0

Core components of asch framework

grafana-to-elk-extension JavaScript 0

Chrome extension for Telegraf(StatsD) + InfluxDB + Grafana + ELK

styleguide * HTML 0

Style guides for Google-originated open-source projects

pangu-cli JavaScript 0

pangu cli.

jaeger-client-node * JavaScript 0

Jaeger Bindings for Javascript OpenTracing API

koa-pass JavaScript 0

Conditionally skip a middleware when a condition is met.

Redoctor * JavaScript 0

Redis doctor for understanding how the memory is used in your Redis server

npm-user-packages * JavaScript 0

Get packages by a npm user

co-eval JavaScript 0

Eval with co.

console-inspect JavaScript 0

A shortcut to `console.log(util.inspect(...))`.

parse-phabricator-git-log * JavaScript 0

Parse a `git log` output of a repository into an object with useful commit data. Supports plugins, streaming, promises and callback APIs.

rust-generator JavaScript 0

Rust application generator.

neon-class Rust 0

A class demo of Neon

neon-fibonacci Rust 0

A fibonacci demo of [Neon](https://github.com/neon-bindings/neon).

mailparser * JavaScript 0

Decode mime formatted e-mails

condition-appoint JavaScript 0

Condition Promise, based on [appoint](https://github.com/nswbmw/appoint).

named-appoint JavaScript 0

Named Promise based on [appoint](https://github.com/nswbmw/appoint).

awesome-promises * 0

A curated list of useful resources for JavaScript Promises

lie * JavaScript 0

A basic but performant promise implementation.

node-randomjs JavaScript 0

Generate a random string that matches a given RegExp JavaScript object.

fn-args * JavaScript 0

Get the arguments of a function

koa-yield-breakpoint-mongodb JavaScript 0

mongodb backend store for [koa-yield-breakpoint](https://github.com/nswbmw/koa-yield-breakpoint)

bottlejs * JavaScript 0

A powerful dependency injection micro container for JavaScript applications

ioredis-tree * JavaScript 0

A robust tree structure implementation for Redis

nrm * JavaScript 0

NPM registry manager, fast switch between different registries: npm, cnpm, eu, au, sl, nj, pt

github-markdown-menu * JavaScript 0

Browser extension that adds a navigation menu to any readme or Markdown file in GitHub.

front-matter * JavaScript 0

Extract YAML front matter from strings

ioredis-etcd JavaScript 0

ioredis for etcd, for connecting different redis/codis dynamically.

is-my-json-valid * JavaScript 0

A JSONSchema validator that uses code generation to be extremely fast

node-pool * JavaScript 0

Generic resource pooling for node.js

ioredis * JavaScript 0

A robust, performance-focused and full-featured Redis client for Node and io.js.

gen-cli JavaScript 0

Generate project seed tools.

angular.js * JavaScript 0

HTML enhanced for web apps

rewrite * JavaScript 0

URL rewriting middleware

co-noop JavaScript 0

function* noop(){}

koa-notifier JavaScript 0

Wrap `node-notifier` for koa, cute for test.

require-prefix JavaScript 0

Require file relative to `process.cwd()` or options `root`

ls-sync JavaScript 0

`ls` files under the `dir` synchronously.

package_control_channel * Python 0

Default channel file for Package Control. Follow the directions at:

node-dequire JavaScript 0

dequire is a useful tool for debug environment. Avoiding writing tons of 'require()'

array-norepeat JavaScript 0

return an array that removing duplicate elements of the given array, still keep the order of the elements.

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