Kerry Jiang

Irvine, CA

SuperSocket C# 1158

SuperSocket is a light weight, cross platform and extensible socket server application framework.

WebSocket4Net C# 406

.NET WebSocket Client

SuperWebSocket C# 337

SuperWebSocket is a .NET implementation of WebSocket server.

SuperSocket.ClientEngine C# 204

A .NET library which can make your socket client development easier

LogMaster4Net C# 104

A central log server written in C#, which can ship your logs in your different applications and different locations to one place

NRack C# 32

NRack is a server application container, which can be used for your back end services' hosting and management.

dotnetcore-samples C# 25

dotnet core sample projects

SuperSocket.FtpServer C# 23

SuperSocket FTP Server

SuperSocket.ProtoBase C# 14

SuperSocket.ProtoBase is a protocol analysis library for stream data.

SuperSocket.ProxyServer C# 11

SuperSocket Proxy Server

AnyLog C# 9

A logging framework abstraction like Common.Logging but will be better than it in some aspects

Tailf C# 9

Tailf is a C# implementation of the tail -f command available on unix/linux systems. Differently form other ports it does not lock the file in any way so it works even if other rename the file: this is expecially designed to works well with log4net rolling file appender.

SuperSocket.Document 5

SuperSocket documentation

BouncyCastle.Crypto C# 4


CertificateCreator C# 3

Tor.NET * C# 2

A managed library to use the Tor network for SOCKS5 communications

TorSharp * C# 2

Use Tor for your C# HTTP clients. Tor + Privoxy = :heart:

SuperSocket.MQTT C# 2

MQTT protocol implementation base on SuperSocket

Orchard2 * JavaScript 2

Orchard vNext

aspnetcore-doc-cn * C# 2

dotNET Core Studying Group 关于 Asp.Net Core Documentation 简体中文翻译计划工作项目

WebSocketService * C# 1

Test WebSocket service utilizing WebSocket4Net

SocketIoClientDotNet * C# 1

Socket.IO Client Library for .Net

CruiseControl.NET * C# 1

CruiseControl.NET is an Automated Continuous Integration server, implemented using the .NET Framework.

egret-core * TypeScript 1

Egret is a brand new open mobile game engine which allows you to quickly build mobile games on Android,iOS and Windows Phone.

nBayes * C# 1

nBayes (based on Paul Graham's spam filter) makes it easy to introduce statistics based decision making into your application. Whether it's spam filtering, or something else like artificial intelligence learning ... this tool can do it. The project is written in C#

log4net * C# 1

Mirror of Apache log4net

protobuf-net * C# 1

Protocol Buffers library for idiomatic .NET

Blogs 1

DynamicMvc C# 1

JSON-js * JavaScript 1

JSON in JavaScript 1

langlab Go 1

DynamicViewModel C# 1

pusher-websocket-dotnet * C# 0

Pusher .NET client library for interacting with the Pusher WebSocket API

IrvineCSharpCourses C# 0

docker_files 0

SuperSocket.Schema 0

kafka4net * C# 0

C# client for Kafka



npoi * C# 0

a .NET library that can read/write Office formats without Microsoft Office installed. No COM+, no interop.

MusicStore * C# 0

Sample MusicStore application that uses MVC and Entity Framework.

storm-net-adapter * C# 0

A csharp adapter for apache storm.

X.PagedList * C# 0

Nugget for easily paging through any IEnumerable/IQueryable in Asp.Net MVC

CefSharp * C# 0

.NET (WPF and Windows Forms) bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework

cli-samples * C# 0

ASP.NET Core and the CLI working together in harmony

NLog * C# 0

NLog - Advanced .NET and Silverlight Logging

markdowndeep * JavaScript 0

Open-source implementation of Markdown for C# and Javascript

NRack.Docs 0

The documents of NRack

cli * C# 0

This repo contains the .NET Core command-line (CLI) tools, used for building .NET Core apps and libraries through your development flow (compiling, NuGet package management, running, testing, ...).

Metrics.NET * C# 0

The Metrics.NET library provides a way of instrumenting applications with custom metrics (timers, histograms, counters etc) that can be reported in various ways and can provide insights on what is happening inside a running application.

BouncyCastle-PCL * C# 0

PCL Version of BouncyCastle targetting .NET, SL, WP, WinRT, .NET Core and CoreCLR

Microsoft.IO.RecyclableMemoryStream * C# 0

A library to provide pooling for .NET MemoryStream objects to improve application performance.

Nancy * C# 0

Lightweight, low-ceremony, framework for building HTTP based services on .Net and Mono

supersocket.go Go 0

DotNetty * C# 0

DotNetty project – a port of netty, event-driven asynchronous network application framework

roslyn * C# 0

The .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs.

ftpd.go * Go 0

a ftp server written in go in order to learn the language * C# 0

Port of Akka actors for .NET

dotnet * 0

dotnet is the official home of .NET on GitHub. It's a great starting point to find many .NET OSS projects from Microsoft and the community, including many that are part of the .NET Foundation.

mvcforum * JavaScript 0

MVCForum is a fully featured responsive and themeable ASP.NET MVC 5 discussion board/forum and features similar to StackOverFlow

corefx * C# 0

This repo contains the .NET Core foundational libraries, called CoreFX. It includes classes for collections, file systems, console, XML, async and many others.

wcf * C# 0

This repo contains the client-oriented WCF libraries that enable applications built on .NET Core to communicate with WCF services.

Orchard * C# 0

Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

NuGet3 * C# 0

Mvc * C# 0

Model view controller framework for building dynamic web sites with clean separation of concerns, including the merged MVC, Web API, and Web Pages w/ Razor.

SignalR * C# 0

Incredibly simple real-time web for .NET

AspNetIdentity2GroupPermissions * C# 0

AspNet-Identity-2-Extending-Users-And-Roles * C# 0

socketio4net * 0

SocketIO4Net provides a .NET v4.0 & v4.5 (C#) client for Socket.IO.

SuperSocket.XMPP 0

A XMPP protocol implementation base on SuperSocket

Hanselman.Forms * C# 0

The most awesome Hanselman app

xunit * C# 0 is a free, open source, community-focused unit testing tool for the .NET Framework.

KODExplorer * PHP 0

a online file explorer; like a os interface; an with a very will file editor

mono * C# 0

Mono open source ECMA CLI, C# and .NET implementation.

flot * JavaScript 0

Attractive JavaScript charts for jQuery

angular.js * JavaScript 0

HTML enhanced for web apps

ng-grid * JavaScript 0

UI Grid: an Angular Data Grid

SuperSocket.ServerManager C# 0

testlab C# 0


common-logging * C# 0

A portable logging abstraction for .NET

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