Lei Xiaohua

Communication University of China

simplest_ffmpeg_mobile C 1844

ffmpeg examples in Android / IOS / WinPhone

simplest_ffmpeg_player C 549

the simplest video player based on FFmpeg

VideoEye C++ 524

open-source stream analysis software

simplest_mediadata_test C++ 449

samples to handling multimedia data

simplest_ffmpeg_streamer C 359

Simplest streamer based on FFmpeg

simplest_librtmp_example C 268

Examples about usage of libRTMP

simplest_video_website Java 154

simplest video website based JavaEE and FFmpeg

YUVplayer C++ 147

Modified from a sourceforge project

simplest_ffmpeg_format C 144

FFmpeg's mux/demux/remux examples

simplest_ffmpeg_video_encoder C 132

the simplest video encoder based on FFmpeg

simplest_flashmedia_example JavaScript 124

simple examples about using flash player to play RTMP/HTTP/HLS

simplest_ffmpeg_video_filter C 122

use FFmpeg's AVFilter to add watermark in a video file

h264_analysis C++ 121

A H.264 stream analysis software based on MFC

simplest_ffmpeg_device C 97

FFmpeg's libavdevice examples

simplest_media_play C 97

Examples about video/audio's playing

simplest_ffmpeg_audio_player C 78

the simplest audio player based on FFmpeg

simplest_encoder C 72

Examples about video encoders

ffplaymfc C 72

leixiaohua1020.github.io Shell 66

simplest_libvlc_example C 58

Examples about libVLC

simplest_ffmpeg_mem_handler C 45

ffmpeg's example about read/write from memory

simplest_ffmpeg_audio_encoder C 38

the simplest audio encoder based on FFmpeg

simplest_ffmpeg_picture_encoder C 36

the simplest picture encoder based on FFmpeg

simplest_directshow_example C++ 36

Examples about DirectShow

simplest_ffmpeg_swscale C 28

Examples about handle pixel data using libswscale in FFmpeg.

TIandSI C 27

simplest_keyframe_extractor C 14

extract keyframe from input video data

simplest_ffmpeg_avutil C 14

Examples about using of FFmpeg's libavutil

FFmpeg * C 12

mirror of git://source.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git

ffmpegmfc 8

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C++ 58 99.91% 1277
Shell 389 98.97% 66
Java 2024 97.76% 154
JavaScript 2318 97.91% 124
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