Xiaoke Zhang

Beijing, China

android-volley Java 4289


packer-ng-plugin Java 2295


RxDocs 1766


gradle-packer-plugin Groovy 1142


mqtt HTML 775

MQTT 3.1.1 Protocol Chinese Translation

Android-Next Java 665

Android Next 公共组件库

awesome-kotlin 568

A curated list of awesome Kotlin frameworks, libraries, documents and other resources

minicat Java 530


fanfouapp-opensource Java 403


xBus Java 266

Simple EventBus Implementation for Android

kotlin-koi Kotlin 168

Koi, a lightweight kotlin library for Android Development.

GeoPhotos Swift 40

Exif GPS metadata editor for Mac OS X.

ffmpeg-ndk C 28

build ffmpeg with ndk for android

android-ndk-notes C++ 26

Android NDK Notes

pyfanfou Python 24


apptoolkit Java 23

a android app tool, to backup/manage app/data.

boost-ndk C++ 14

boost library build with ndk for android

kotlin-notes Kotlin 12

Kotlin Notes

Dapenti-iOS Swift 9

A simple dapenti.com App, written in Swift.

scrypto C 8

A Lightweight Crypto Library (NDK), support AES/DES/MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA512/Base64

learning-ios Swift 6

Learn iOS Programming

python-labs Python 5

some python scripts

boringssl-android C 3

fixed build for android-platform-external-boringssl

oauth-simple * Java 3

another version of Simple OAuth library for Java

gradle-mvn-push * 3

Helper to upload Gradle Android Artifacts to Maven repositories

ApkSigner Java 2

ApkSigner and ApkVerifier, modified from https://android.googlesource.com/platform/tools/apksig/.

DanmakuFlameMaster * Java 2

Android开源弹幕引擎·烈焰弹幕使 ~

okhttp * Java 2

An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.

kotlin-web-site * JavaScript 2

The Kotlin Programming Language Website

KindleUnpack * Python 2

python based software to unpack Amazon / Kindlegen generated ebooks

dsaac C 2

Learn Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C

DroidPlugin * Java 1

A plugin framework on android,Run any third-party apk without installation, modification or repackage

box2d-ndk C++ 1

box2d build with ndk for android

Small * Java 1

A small framework to split app into small parts

the-swift-programming-language-in-chinese * CSS 1

中文版 Apple 官方 Swift 教程《The Swift Programming Language》

unp3e-notes C 1

Code and notes for Unix Network Programming Volume 1 (3e).

urlexpander Java 1

An Android App for Expanding shorten urls

java-tcpip Java 1

Java demos

hardmode JavaScript 1

gfw files

learning-web JavaScript 1

Web Develop Notes: HTML, CSS, Javascript

mcxiaoke.github.io.source CSS 1

Xiaoke's Blog

douban-client * 1

Python client library for Douban APIs (OAuth 2.0)

fantalk Java 1


tinker * Java 0

Tinker is a hot-fix solution library for Android, it supports dex, library and resources update without reinstall apk.

cmdb Python 0

CallMaster Caller ID Databases.

ijkplayer * C 0

Android/iOS video player based on FFmpeg n3.1, with MediaCodec, VideoToolbox support.

KSYStreamer_Android * Java 0

金山云Android采集推流SDK(Livestream SDK),支持内置/自定义美颜(Beauty Filter)、美声(Beauty Voice)、软硬编(Software/Hardware Encoder) 、网络自适应(Network Auto Adapt)、混音(Voice Mixer)、混响(Reverb)、画中画(PIP)

CallCat 0

CallCat iOS App database and feedback.

Alamofire * Swift 0

Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift

Issues 0

Issue Tracker for my iOS/macOS/Android/Win applications.

Pods 0

Private CocoaPods Specs Repo

mcxiaoke.github.io HTML 0


apue2e-notes C 0

APUE 2e Notes

hexo-theme-casper * CSS 0

Ghost Casper hexo port

MultiChannelPackageTool * Java 0

Android Multi channel package tool (安卓多渠道打包工具)

openssl-android * C 0

a version of the official Android openssl setup to build standalone for use in app

RemarkKeynotes * 0

Remark Keynotes, render markdown remarkise(https://gnab.github.io/remark/remarkise)

doubanhelper JavaScript 0

a Chrome extension for developers working with douban api.

learning-cpp C++ 0

learning cpp

doubandaily Python 0

Douban Daily Simple Mobile Web

jodd * Java 0


android-scripts Shell 0

android small scripts

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Groovy 1 99.92% 1142
Java 7 99.98% 8485
Kotlin 8 98.57% 180
HTML 31 99.92% 775
Swift 189 97.33% 55
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