Wei Zhu

Hangzhou China

jquery-jsonview CoffeeScript 365

[MAINTENANCE ONLY]View JSON in a more readable format

tmuxrc Shell 52

My configuration for tmux.

redux-modal JavaScript 38

Redux based modal

rspec-snapshot Ruby 25

RSpec snapshot testing.

hexdocset Elixir 18

Convert hex doc to Dash.app's docset format.

dotbox Ruby 8

Backup your dotfiles to dropbox and restore them easily.

star Ruby 6


rx-hackernews JavaScript 5

HackerNews clone built with React/Redux/redux-observable.

formsy-react-inputs JavaScript 4

A set of formsy-react inputs without any fancy.

toby Ruby 4

Ruby 版淘宝 API SDK

douban_fm_hotkey Ruby 4

Douban FM 全局快捷键

redux-polymorphic JavaScript 4

Reuse your reduers

redux-form * JavaScript 2

A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store

bookmarklets JavaScript 2

Chrome bookmarklet extension

vim-tips.org Ruby 2

The source for vim-tips.org.

vimrc Vim script 1

My very personal vimrc

react-vue-antd-demo JavaScript 1

tips.vim VimL 1

Show vim tips everytime when you enter vim.

antd-enzyme JavaScript 1

huami.rb Ruby 1

A CLI version of flower password.

hubot-tianqi CoffeeScript 1

Hubot 天气查询

hubot-xiexie CoffeeScript 1

A hubot script that accepts your 谢谢

Sublime-IDE Python 1

My configuration for using Sublime Text as an IDE.

backbone-cellar * JavaScript 1

A Backbone.js tutorial

modman * Shell 1

Mirror of Google Code project: Module deployment script geared towards Magento development (supports subversion and git integration)

gulp-preprocess * JavaScript 0

Gulp plugin to preprocess HTML, JavaScript, and other files based on custom context or environment configuration

dora * JavaScript 0

:steam_locomotive: A fully pluggable server for development.

atool-build * JavaScript 0

:hammer: Build tool based on webpack.

next.js * JavaScript 0

Framework for server-rendered React apps

babel-plugin-resolve-es6-module JavaScript 0

rails_best_practices * Ruby 0

a code metric tool for rails projects

test-prop-types HTML 0

render-test JavaScript 0

hello 0

roadhog * JavaScript 0

🐷 Cli tool for creating react apps, configurable version of create-react-app.

buttercup * JavaScript 0

:lock: Javascript Password Vault - Multi-Platform Desktop Application

DefinitelyTyped * TypeScript 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

react-native * JavaScript 0

A framework for building native apps with React.

scaffold-market * JavaScript 0

scaffold market of ant design

antd-table-profile JavaScript 0

isv-init * JavaScript 0

Isv-init Is An Antd-Mobile-Oriented Scaffold Management Tool For ISV.

dva-boilerplate-typescript * TypeScript 0

Dva boilerplate for typescript.

dva * JavaScript 0

🌱 React and redux based, lightweight and elm-style framework. (Inspired by elm and choo)

yarn-upgrade-test 0

dva-knowledgemap * 0

Knowledge map for dva.

react-redux-universal-hot-example * JavaScript 0

A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using express, react, redux, webpack, and react-transform

tree-select * JavaScript 0

React Tree Select

tree * JavaScript 0

React Tree

space-vim-dark * VimL 0

:purple_heart: A vim colorscheme derived from spacemacs-dark theme

bisheng-plugin-antd * JavaScript 0

To support ant.design-like websites.

space-vim * VimL 0

:seedling: Another vim distribution

trigger * JavaScript 0

Abstract React Trigger

react * JavaScript 0

A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

menu * JavaScript 0

React Menu

antd-tools * JavaScript 0

tools for antd

jstraining * JavaScript 0


dva-cli * JavaScript 0

The dva command line utility.

phantomjs-node * JavaScript 0

PhantomJS integration module for NodeJS

antd-dash JavaScript 0

checkbox * JavaScript 0

React Checkbox

util * JavaScript 0

Common Utils For React Component

git-phpcs-hooks Shell 0

tabs * JavaScript 0

React Tabs

rc-tools * JavaScript 0

Tools For React Component

bisheng * JavaScript 0

Transform Markdown files into a SPA website using React.

select * JavaScript 0

React Select

create-react-app * JavaScript 0

Create React apps with no build configuration.

dns.js.org * JavaScript 0

Free and short JS.ORG domains for GitHub Pages

table * JavaScript 0

React Table

awesome-redux * 0

Awesome list of Redux examples and middlewares

letsencrypt-nosudo * Python 0

Free HTTPS certificates without having to trust the letsencrypt cli with sudo/root

babel-plugin-antd * JavaScript 0

Modular antd build plugin for babel.

hypernova * JavaScript 0

A service for server-side rendering your JavaScript views

yesmeck.github.com CSS 0

My blog.

elm-flatris * Elm 0

A Flatris clone in Elm language

react-transform-render-visualizer * JavaScript 0

A React Transform equivalent to React Render Visualizer

hotelbar JavaScript 0

Yet another hotel OS X menu bar app

git-graph CSS 0

Graph git commits.

react-router-scroll-behavior JavaScript 0

react-dnd-html5-backend * JavaScript 0

HTML5 backend for React DnD

upload * JavaScript 0

React Upload

dialog * JavaScript 0

React Dialog

minimal-react-starter JavaScript 0

A minimal react starter boilerplate

enzyme * JavaScript 0

JavaScript Testing utilities for React

cdnjs * 0

Our goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.

react-widgets * JavaScript 0

An à la carte set of polished, extensible, and accessible inputs built for React

multireducer * JavaScript 0

A utility to wrap many copies of a single Redux reducer into a single key-based reducer.

ads-rails * Ruby 0

Adds a simple helper to create the google adsense include tag.

babel-resolver-bug JavaScript 0

react-lite * JavaScript 0

an implementation of React that optimizes for small script size

es6tutorial * JavaScript 0

《ECMAScript 6入门》是一本开源的JavaScript语言教程,全面介绍ECMAScript 6新增的语法特性。

react-responsive-carousel * JavaScript 0

React.js Responsive Carousel (with Swipe)

react-pagify * JavaScript 0

Simple pagination for React (MIT)

why-immutable JavaScript 0

A little example shows why should state immutable.

react-portal * JavaScript 0

Simple React component for transportation of your modals, lightboxes, etc. to document.body

redux-portal * JavaScript 0

A redux/hot-reload compatible Portal

ruby-china * Ruby 0

ruby-china.org website source code.

amazeui-sass * JavaScript 0

Official Sass port of Amaze UI

formsy-react * JavaScript 0

A form input builder and validator for React JS

bootstrap-datetimepicker * JavaScript 0

Both Date and Time picker widget based on twitter bootstrap (supports Bootstrap v2 and v3)

ngInfiniteScroll * CoffeeScript 0

Infinite Scrolling for AngularJS

validate-obj.js * JavaScript 0

simple way to validate object in javasciprt

angular-semantic-ui * JavaScript 0

[WiP] AngularJS native directives for Semantic UI

react-native-udp * Objective-C 0

node's dgram for react-native

angular-modal-service * JavaScript 0

Modal service for AngularJS - supports creating popups and modals via a service.

angular-repeat-n * JavaScript 0

Angular directive used to repeat a DOM element n times.

user_notification * Ruby 0

User notifications for your Rails application

rails * Ruby 0

Ruby on Rails

activerecord-typedstore * Ruby 0

ActiveRecord::Store but with type definition

sinatra-contrib * Ruby 0

Collection of common Sinatra extensions

keyhub Ruby 0

Self-hosted key manager.

activewarehouse-etl * Ruby 0

Extract-Transform-Load library from ActiveWarehouse

vim-vroom * VimL 0

A vim plugin for running your Ruby tests

activewarehouse * Ruby 0

ActiveWarehouse for Rails - Implement data warehouses with Rails

etltest * Ruby 0

a sample application that uses ActiveWarehouse-ETL

chnroutes * Python 0

scripts help chinese netizen, who uses vpn to combat censorship, by modifying the route table so as routing only the censored ip to the vpn

oauth2 * Ruby 0

A RubyMotion wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

chef-linux-basic 0

Setup a new linux server

my-magnum * JavaScript 0

Monitor your projects builds from TravisCI within Chrome.

grape * Ruby 0

An opinionated micro-framework for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby.

grape-rabl * Ruby 0

Use rabl with grape

vim-autoswap * VimL 0

Please Vim, stop with these swap file messages. Just switch to the correct window!

til 0

Today I Learned

grape-swagger-rails * JavaScript 0

Integration swagger to grape in rails

redirect_vulnerability Ruby 0

Rails redirect_to vulnerability sample

huami.ex Elixir 0

A CLI version of flower password writing in Elixir.

select2 * JavaScript 0

Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results.

grape-on-rails * Ruby 0

Sample Grape API mounted on Rails.

issues CSS 0

seed-fu * Ruby 0

Advanced seed data handling for Rails, combining the best practices of several methods together.

compass-rails * Ruby 0

compass rails integration

elasticsearch-definitive-guide * 0

redis-search * Ruby 0

High performance real-time search (Support Chinese), indexes store in Redis for Rails application

activerecord-postgis-adapter * 0

ActiveRecord connection adapter for PostGIS, based on postgresql and rgeo

capistrano3-unicorn * Ruby 0

spoiler-alert * CSS 0

SPOILER ALERT! A happy little jquery plugin to hide spoilers on your site.

todo Ruby 0

douban-console Ruby 0

homebrew-cask * Ruby 0

a friendly homebrew-style CLI workflow for the administration of Mac applications distributed as binaries

19wu * Ruby 0

19屋 - 专注于技术社区的活动平台, Based on Rails and AngularJS

minitest-rails-capybara * Ruby 0

Capybara integration for MiniTest::Rails

campo * Ruby 0

Campo 3

simba * Ruby 0

ruby off rails best practice.

lanaya JavaScript 0

A HTTP debugger (WIP)

Adkill-and-Media-Download * JavaScript 0

migrator_web Ruby 0

Web Interface for Rails Migrator.

activerecord_hstore_boolean Ruby 0

Store boolean in hstore

neovim * C 0

Vim's rebirth for the 21th century

paloma * Ruby 0

page-specific javascript for Rails done right

capistrano-local-precompile * Ruby 0

Fast asset compilation and deployment for your Rails app

themoviedb * Ruby 0

A Ruby wrapper for the The Movie Database API.

imax.im * Ruby 0

Source code of IMAX.im

private_pub * Ruby 0

Handle pub/sub messaging through private channels in Rails using Faye.

backbone-validator * JavaScript 0

Backbone model-view validator

readable_number Ruby 0

Human readable number


This project is still under development.

jquery-modal * JavaScript 0

The simplest possible modal for jQuery

codebreaker Ruby 0

Codebreaker example from The RSpec Book

douban-popmail CoffeeScript 0


doufuru Ruby 0

Simple Ruby wrapper for the Douban v2 API

huami 0


octokit.rb * Ruby 0

Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API

money * Ruby 0

Library for dealing with money and currency conversion

ckeditor * Ruby 0

Ckeditor integration gem for rails

happycasts * Ruby 0

happycasts.net code

letsrate * JavaScript 0

The best way to add rating capabilities to your rails application and your activerecord models.

unread * Ruby 0

Ruby gem to manage read/unread status of ActiveRecord objects - and it's fast.

social-share-button * Ruby 0

Helper for add social share feature in your Rails app. Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Douban, QQ ...

loofah-activerecord * Ruby 0

ActiveRecord sanitization using Loofah and Nokogiri

capistrano-foreman * Ruby 0

Capistrano tasks for foreman and upstart.

capistrano * Ruby 0

Remote multi-server automation tool

no-ie7-rails * Ruby 0

Display non-blocking suggestion to upgrade IE6 browser.

sisyphus * JavaScript 0

Gmail-like client-side drafts and bit more. Plugin developed to save html forms data to LocalStorage to restore them after browser crashes, tabs closings and other disasters.

taobaorb * Ruby 0

Ruby wrapper for the Taobao API

stephen-chow * JavaScript 0

Stephen Chow

PHP_CodeSniffer * PHP 0

PHP_CodeSniffer tokenises PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

phpmig * PHP 0

Simple migrations system for php

snipmate.vim * VimL 0

snipMate.vim aims to be a concise vim script that implements some of TextMate's snippets features in Vim.

saas-class * Ruby 0

PDV-revised * VimL 0

revised, fixed and more featured version of pdv

octopress * JavaScript 0

Octopress is an obsessively designed framework for Jekyll blogging. It’s easy to configure and easy to deploy. Sweet huh?

xkcdfools * JavaScript 0

xkcd CLI + jQuery terminal implementation

git-achievements * Shell 0

Aquire achievements while using git.

codeigniter-migrations * PHP 0

A database migration utility for Codeigniter inspired by Ruby on Rails.

magneto-debug * PHP 0

Magento Debug

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