Phodal Huang

Shenzhen, China

growth-ebook HTML 5445

Growth Engineering: The Definitive Guide。全栈增长工程师指南

ideabook HTML 2662

一个全栈增长工程师的练手项目集. A Growth Engineering Idea in Action.

github-roam HTML 2435

GitHub 漫游指南- a Chinese ebook on how to build a good build on Github. Explore the users' behavior. Find some thing interest.

growth-v2 TypeScript 2240

[v2.0 DEPRECATED, please update to Growth 3.0] Growth - App to help you Be Awesome Developer & Awesome Hacker

growth-in-action HTML 1584


developer Makefile 1383

developer roadmap. use growth replace this

awesome-iot Python 1221

Awesome IoT. A collaborative list of great resources about IoT Framework, Library, OS, Platform

designiot HTML 1153

教你设计物联网系统。构建自己的Internet of Things 。

fe HTML 1096

《我的职业是前端工程师》 - Ebook:I'm a FrontEnd Developer

skilltree JavaScript 801

Web Developer 技能树

booktree JavaScript 725

A Book Tree

ideas Python 684

Ideas of Phodal

toolbox HTML 612

Phodal's Toolbox

iot Python 577

IoT, 这是一个最小Internet of Things ,一个Internet of Things相关的毕业设计产生的一个简化的物联网系统。 。

repractise HTML 571


sherlock JavaScript 543

Skill Tree Sherlock

growth JavaScript 476

Growth 3.0 with React Native - an app to help you to be Awesome Developer

weapp-quick JavaScript 337


awesome-iot-document 318

Awesome IoT Documents. [Deprecated] Internet of Things Document

lan JavaScript 313

Internet of Things Server Layer with CoAP, WebSocket, MQTT, HTTP Protocol.

articles HTML 237

Article Publish in Wechat & Toutiao

growth-roadmap CSS 223

Growth APP' Project, Links, Blogs, Books, Resources

mole JavaScript 221

Mole - based-git cloud note | 墨乐 - GitHub上的云笔记

oculus-nodejs-threejs-example JavaScript 212

Oculus + Node.js + Three.js 打造VR世界

eks 176

嵌入式知识总汇 Embedded Knowledge Structure

vmap JavaScript 176

location:china, GitHub most popular Chinese user in Map

evolution HTML 165


weapp-webdemo JavaScript 160

A Hack of Weapp Framework

ebook-boilerplate CSS 114

A Markdown convert to Ebook :arrow_right: html、mobi、epub、pdf、rtf Template

lettuce JavaScript 108

Mobile Framework for Romantic. 简约的移动开发框架

echoesworks JavaScript 104

Next-Generation Tech Blog/Presentation/Slider Framework

iot-coap JavaScript 92

IoT Learning with CoAP Protocol

md JavaScript 88

A Markdown Editor for Wechat Media Platform

diaonan CSS 88

MQTT协议,CoAP协议,WebSocket,物联网协议测试平台 JavaScript 83


js-refactor JavaScript 70


phodaldev JavaScript 69

person website

smart-home C++ 58

Phodal's Smart Home Setup Guide:HomeBridge + Home Assistant + Amazon Echo

growth-in-30-minutes 58

A Introduction for Growth Paper in Minutes - 真实世界的全栈工程师的十八项必备技能

dou2 55


congee JavaScript 53

A Web Editor design for Baimizhou

brand Python 51

Design for Fun

winv CSS 51

A mini compatible MINA for web

ionic-elasticsearch JavaScript 50

Django ElasticSearch Ionic 打造 GIS 移动应用

backbone-react JavaScript 50

Backbone React in Practice

fed HTML 46

Ebook of Frontend.《我的职业是前端工程师》姐妹篇《前端进阶指南》

skillwheel CSS 44

A Skill List for Web Developer

licenses HTML 43

OpenSource License Explains

awesome-practise-project JavaScript 41

Awesome Practise Project

designiot-app JavaScript 41

Internet of Things APP

django-elasticsearch JavaScript 40

Django ElasticSearch Ionic 打造 GIS 移动应用

growth-in-action-code Python 37

Growth In Action Django Code

stepping TypeScript 35

Stepping - a tools for code design, event storming, domain model generate.

learning-ionic JavaScript 34

2md JavaScript 31

A Converter for Copy/Paste content to Markdown

growth-code Python 30

The Source Code of Growth Paper - 《全栈应用开发:精益实践》源码

learning-data JavaScript 28

Big data with ElasticSearch,Hadoop,Pig,Map,D3

jikeaiqing HTML 24

《极客爱情》一 备份

awesome-iot-projects 22

Awesome IoT Projects. A collaborative list of great resources about IoT Demos

freerice JavaScript 22

Moqi Mobile CMS Memo

techstack JavaScript 21


romantic JavaScript 20


resume JavaScript 20

RESUME Generator

ddm JavaScript 19

A simple DDD library by powerful. Design for Front-End to create Bounded Context Model.

valentine JavaScript 18

程序员情人节礼物示例, Valentine's Day Example

echeveria-editor CSS 18

A Hybird Editor

motree CSS 17

Growth Mobile Tree

beautiful-content HTML 16

内容之美. Beautiful Content: How to Write & Marketing.

growth-weekly 16

Powered by Growth Studio

app JavaScript 16

Personal blog App

echoes Python 16

:+1: CMS

growth-in-action-hybird TypeScript 15

Hybird App with Growth In Action

designiot-code JavaScript 13

Source Code of Design IoT

learingphp JavaScript 13

Learing php with angular d3 laravel framework

piwik-issues 12

The issue about Chinese Tibet display in Piwik's map

ml Python 12

Python Github

awesome-wechat-weapp * 10

微信小程序开发资源汇总 wechat weapp

onmap Python 9

python exifread cartodb build self small image data

unwx JavaScript 8

A WeApp wx file unpackage command line


Resume for Job

awesome-couplet 7

A Couplet for programmer -- 程序员春节对联

iotks 6

IoT Knowledge Structure. Internet of Things Knowledge Structure. 物联网知识总汇

beageek Assembly 6

how to be a geek

awesome-hardware-cheatsheet 5

Awesome Hardware Development CheatSheet

slides 5


growth-api-awesome JavaScript 5

A API of Awesome Projects

flarum-ionic JavaScript 5

Flarum with Ionic

xunta JavaScript 5

Snowhall Server

architecture CSS 5

Architecture 101 for Fun

intellij-learing Java 5

Intellij Learing with Refactor

workspace Arduino 4

the source code my workspace program

growth-paper-hybrid TypeScript 4

Growth Paper Hybrid APP

lumia JavaScript 4

Lumia Editor

luffa JavaScript 4

Virtual-Dom test framework helper for fun

iot-rest PHP 4

The RESTful Part of IOT

vmap-four JavaScript 4

VMap Four: The Data Crawl of V Map

tmall-x1-home-assistant-example 3

天猫精灵 X1 + Home Assistant 示例

awesome-smart-speaker 3

A Awesome List for Smart Speaker(智能音箱)

growth-materials 3

Growth project's material

gmap-solr JavaScript 3

Solr Polygon Search

20k JavaScript 2

Try WeChat HTML5

snowhall JavaScript 2

A Application for Programmer to Share life

mothings HTML 2

A secret solution example for novel

colors HTML 2

A Collection of Phodal's usage in design

radar-backup 2

A Tech Radar Backup

growth-studio Python 2

The Demo Code of Book Growth Enginner Paper

ebook-mobile JavaScript 2

A Editor on Mobile Devices

vmap-fang Python 2

Data Miming of V Map

rn-cordova-test-native JavaScript 1

beacode JavaScript 1

Beautiful Code

phodal 1


growth-marketing-html5 JavaScript 1

A Growth's Marketing in WeChat HTML5 Page

growth-resources 1

Growth Paper Resources File


Ask My Anything

awesome-solutions HTML 1

Awesome Solutions

growth-web JavaScript 1

Growth - Web App to help you Be Awesome Developer & Awesome Hacker

startup CSS 1

A Quick Overview of Computer Science

vmap-bang JavaScript 1

The Generator of V Map

vmap-bot JavaScript 1

VMap Bot: Index Data to ElasticSearch

xunv JavaScript 1

Find a Big V

learning-ionic2 JavaScript 1

tips 1

A Notebooks of some tips

generator-fay JavaScript 1

Fay CMS Generator

fay-cli JavaScript 1


fay 1

A CMS for Next Repractise

smart-lan 1

mvc-collection JavaScript 1

Collection MVC for learning

oculus-leap-motion-example JavaScript 1

react-native-fetch-blob * JavaScript 0

A project committed to making file access and data transfer easier, efficient for React Native developers.

diy-private-smart-speaker Python 0

How to DIY a Chinese Smart Speaker

awesome-home-automation 0

Awesome lists for Home Automation

draft 0

a sync draft article sync - 一个简易的云笔记,啊哈哈哈

giveup 0

A backup for some special software in DaQing

play-app JavaScript 0

broadlink-http-rest * Python 0

Broadlink RM/RM2/RM Pro/RM3/BlackBean/A1 Web server with REST API (like..)

aligenie-demo 0

A Demo of AliGenie project

wasm-notes HTML 0

a notes of wasm

dili 0

The draft version of Oan

oan 0

wdsm-code-pieces Arduino 0

playmd 0

a custom markdown convert for play

moimage JavaScript 0

a image pre-processor for artist

growth-ui 0

A React Native UI library for Growth APP

tutorials 0

A Tutorials of Phodal's hello world application in different Platform

test-android-hljs-issue HTML 0

Test Android Hightlight js Oneline Issue

moLiterature 0

a literature tools for analytics, generate article

growth-algorithm-api JavaScript 0

Growth Algorithm Visualizer API

growth-dp-api JavaScript 0

Growth Design Patterns API

moregex HTML 0

A RegEx Helper for Growth APP, Design for mobile UI

ms-workshop Java 0

A Homework for MicroServices workshop

demo-config 0

chrome-59-show-setinterval-issue-code JavaScript 0

alexa-echo-wechat 0

Alexa Echo with Wechat Examples

growth-leetcode-api JavaScript 0

A Growth API of LeetCode Questions

growth-algorithms CSS 0

A Web Demo for Sorting Algorithms

GrEditor HTML 0

Growth Editor

pstyle 0

Phodal Custom Style for Images

growth-api-gitbook JavaScript 0

A API of Awesome GitBook CN

advanced-fe-code JavaScript 0

the code of ebook Advanced FE

growth-weapp JavaScript 0

rn-cordova-test-web HTML 0

test for Cordova with React Native intergration

esdsl JavaScript 0

helper * C 0

yacc & flex ( flex & bison )实现markdown的解析

EventStorming.UI TypeScript 0

A Website for EventStorming UI

ss Python 0

A Script to Mock Screen for Mac OS

mockfall JavaScript 0

A Mock Server for Snowfall

answer 0

A Backup Answer for Xiaomiquan

snowfall-server 0

object CSS 0

homepage CSS 0

Homepage 5.0 in Design

moGraph JavaScript 0

The Motree Graph Generator of SVG

growth-app-in-growth 0

Growth App Step by Step

os CSS 0

The OpenSource Page Of Phodal

ionic2-with-react-demo JavaScript 0

A Try Of Ionic 2 with React

phoword JavaScript 0

A Password Generator for Phodal 0

Phodal's OpenSource Project Page

impact 0

mole-web JavaScript 0

Mole App Web Page

mole-test HTML 0

Mole Test Repo for Commit

react-electron-cordova-boilerplate 0

A React Boilerplate for Web, Mobile, Desktop

arch-code Java 0

Source Code of

dream-coastline 0

A Story

solutions-content 0

solutions-editor JavaScript 0

Growth Solution Online API

solutions JavaScript 0

A Static API Builder

xo 0

:couple_with_heart: :point_left: :couple: ... :dog: :point_right: :sleeping: ... :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:...

learning-scala HTML 0

Learning Scala

designiot-refs 0

Design IoT Refrences

designiot-images 0

Design IoT Images

padbot JavaScript 0

A Hack for padbot

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Makefile 1 99.97% 1383
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Python 23 99.95% 2641
JavaScript 24 99.96% 5164
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