Phodal Huang

Shenzhen China

growth-ebook HTML 4707

Growth Engineering: The Definitive Guide。全栈增长工程师指南

github-roam HTML 2103

GitHub 漫游指南- a Chinese ebook on how to build a good build on Github. Explore the users' behavior. Find some thing interest.

ideabook HTML 2081

一个全栈增长工程师的练手项目集. A Growth Engineering Idea in Action.

growth TypeScript 1892

Growth - App to help you Be Awesome Developer & Awesome Hacker

developer Makefile 1250

developer roadmap. use growth replace this

growth-in-action HTML 1238


designiot HTML 967

教你设计物联网系统。构建自己的Internet of Things 。

awesome-iot Python 777

Awesome IoT. A collaborative list of great resources about IoT Framework, Library, OS, Platform

skilltree JavaScript 756

Web Developer 技能树

booktree JavaScript 599

A Book Tree

ideas Python 540

Ideas of Phodal

repractise HTML 493


sherlock JavaScript 482

Skill Tree Sherlock

iot Python 465

IoT, 这是一个最小Internet of Things ,一个Internet of Things相关的毕业设计产生的一个简化的物联网系统。 。

toolbox HTML 413

Phodal's Toolbox

awesome-iot-document 311

Awesome IoT Documents. [Deprecated] Internet of Things Document

weapp-quick JavaScript 303


lan JavaScript 239

Internet of Things Server Layer with CoAP, WebSocket, MQTT, HTTP Protocol.

mole JavaScript 206

Mole - based-git cloud note | 墨乐 - GitHub上的云笔记

oculus-nodejs-threejs-example JavaScript 192

Oculus + Node.js + Three.js 打造VR世界

vmap JavaScript 172

location:china, GitHub most popular Chinese user in Map

eks 160

嵌入式知识总汇 Embedded Knowledge Structure

articles HTML 139

Article Publish in Wechat & Toutiao

weapp-webdemo JavaScript 134

A Hack of Weapp Framework

awesome-growth CSS 113

Growth APP' Project, Links, Blogs, Books, Resources

echoesworks JavaScript 94

Next-Generation Tech Blog/Presentation/Slider Framework

lettuce JavaScript 91

Mobile Framework for Romantic. 简约的移动开发框架 JavaScript 80


iot-coap JavaScript 79

IoT Learning with CoAP Protocol

diaonan CSS 79


js-refactor JavaScript 67


phodaldev JavaScript 59

person website

backbone-react JavaScript 50

Backbone React in Practice

brand Python 45

Design for Fun

ionic-elasticsearch JavaScript 45

Django ElasticSearch Ionic 打造 GIS 移动应用

mdpub JavaScript 44

A Markdown Editor for Wechat Public Platform

winv CSS 44

A mini compatible MINA for web

ebook-boilerplate CSS 41

A Markdown convert to Ebook :arrow_right: html、mobi、epub、pdf、rtf Template

congee JavaScript 40

A Web Editor design for Baimizhou

designiot-app JavaScript 37

Internet of Things APP

fe HTML 36

《我的职业是前端工程师》 - Ebook:I'm a FrontEnd Developer

growth-in-action-code Python 36

Growth In Action Django Code

django-elasticsearch JavaScript 35

Django ElasticSearch Ionic 打造 GIS 移动应用

growth-in-30-minutes 34

A Introduction for Growth Paper in Minutes - 真实世界的全栈工程师的十八项必备技能

awesome-practise-project JavaScript 33

Awesome Practise Project

learning-ionic JavaScript 27

learning-data JavaScript 26

Big data with ElasticSearch,Hadoop,Pig,Map,D3

freerice JavaScript 23

Moqi Mobile CMS Memo

jikeaiqing HTML 23

《极客爱情》一 备份

romantic JavaScript 18


valentine JavaScript 18

程序员情人节礼物示例, Valentine's Day Example

techstack JavaScript 18


echeveria-editor CSS 18

A Hybird Editor

resume JavaScript 17

RESUME Generator

growth-weekly 16

Powered by Growth Studio

growth-engineer HTML 16


app JavaScript 16

Personal blog App

echoes Python 16

:+1: CMS

ddm JavaScript 15

A simple DDD library by powerful. Design for Front-End to create Bounded Context Model.

motree CSS 14

Growth Mobile Tree

learingphp JavaScript 14

Learing php with angular d3 laravel framework

beautiful-content HTML 13

内容之美. Beautiful Content: How to Write & Marketing.

growth-code Python 12

The Source Code of Growth Paper - 《Growth: 全栈Web开发思想》源码

designiot-code JavaScript 11

Source Code of Design IoT

growth-in-action-hybird TypeScript 11

Hybird App with Growth In Action

ml Python 11

Python Github

awesome-wechat-weapp * 10

微信小程序开发资源汇总 wechat weapp

onmap Python 9

python exifread cartodb build self small image data


Resume for Job

iotks 7

IoT Knowledge Structure. Internet of Things Knowledge Structure. 物联网知识总汇

awesome-couplet 6

A Couplet for programmer -- 程序员春节对联

beageek Assembly 6

how to be a geek

architecture CSS 5

Architecture 101 for Fun

intellij-learing Java 5

Intellij Learing with Refactor

xunta JavaScript 5

unwx JavaScript 4

A WeApp wx file unpackage command line

lumia JavaScript 4

Lumia Editor

luffa JavaScript 4

Virtual-Dom test framework helper for fun

flarum-ionic JavaScript 4

Flarum with Ionic

iot-rest PHP 4

The RESTful Part of IOT

vmap-four JavaScript 4

VMap Four: The Data Crawl of V Map

growth-paper-hybrid TypeScript 3

Growth Paper Hybrid APP

gmap-solr JavaScript 3

Solr Polygon Search

20k JavaScript 2

Try WeChat HTML5

colors HTML 2

A Collection of Phodal's usage in design

radar-backup 2

A Tech Radar Backup

growth-studio Python 2

The Demo Code of Book Growth Enginner Paper

ebook-mobile JavaScript 2

A Editor on Mobile Devices

vmap-fang Python 2

Data Miming of V Map

snowhall JavaScript 1

A Application for Programmer to Share life

phodal 1


growth-marketing-html5 JavaScript 1

A Growth's Marketing in WeChat HTML5 Page

growth-resources 1

Growth Paper Resources File


Ask My Anything

awesome-solutions HTML 1

Awesome Solutions

growth-web JavaScript 1

Growth - Web App to help you Be Awesome Developer & Awesome Hacker

startup CSS 1

A Quick Overview of Computer Science

workspace Arduino 1

the source code my workspace program

vmap-bang JavaScript 1

The Generator of V Map

vmap-bot JavaScript 1

VMap Bot: Index Data to ElasticSearch

xunv JavaScript 1

Find a Big V

learning-ionic2 JavaScript 1

tips 1

A Notebooks of some tips

generator-fay JavaScript 1

Fay CMS Generator

fay-cli JavaScript 1


fay 1

A CMS for Next Repractise

smart-lan 1

mvc-collection JavaScript 1

Collection MVC for learning

oculus-leap-motion-example JavaScript 1

object CSS 0

homepage CSS 0

Homepage 5.0 in Design

moGraph JavaScript 0

The Motree Graph Generator of SVG

growth-app-in-growth 0

Growth App Step by Step

os CSS 0

The OpenSource Page Of Phodal

ionic2-with-react-demo JavaScript 0

A Try Of Ionic 2 with React

phoword JavaScript 0

A Password Generator for Phodal 0

Phodal's OpenSource Project Page

impact 0

mole-web JavaScript 0

Mole App Web Page

mole-test HTML 0

Mole Test Repo for Commit

mock-screen Python 0

A Script to Mock Screen for Mac OS

react-electron-cordova-boilerplate 0

A React Boilerplate for Web, Mobile, Desktop

arch-code Java 0

Source Code of

dream-coastline 0

A Story

solutions-content 0

solutions-editor JavaScript 0

Growth Solution Online API

solutions JavaScript 0

A Static API Builder

xo 0

:couple_with_heart: :point_left: :couple: ... :dog: :point_right: :sleeping: ... :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:...

slides 0


learning-scala HTML 0

Learning Scala

designiot-refs 0

Design IoT Refrences

designiot-images 0

Design IoT Images

padbot JavaScript 0

A Hack for padbot

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
TypeScript 1 99.96% 1906
Makefile 1 99.95% 1250
HTML 2 99.99% 12232
Python 23 99.93% 1915
JavaScript 25 99.95% 4083
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