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Douban.fm.osx Objective-C 55

A native Mac osX client for Douban.fm

minesweeperever Objective-C 47

A OpenSource tradition Mine Sweeper game on iPhone platform

jailbreak-app-with-root-permission Objective-C 31

a demo app(theos) on how to build an app that runs with root permission

PlutoLand Objective-C 28

An iPhone library from pluto planet(In fact that mostly CoreFunctions work well on OSX too)

CocoaTemplateEngine Objective-C 24

lightweight template engine for objective-c

PLTranslator C 15

translator api that wrapped from Google Translator Ajax api. objective c version

LessAD Objective-C 12

LessAD . more ?

PLTabPreferencePanel Objective-C 12

easy configuable tab-style preference panel for mac osx apps

AppleJam Objective-C 5

it's the apple jam! A bridge between Javascript and Cocoa

CrazyText Ruby 5

A MacOSX app written in Macruby to create some funny effects for your texts..

MacCodes Objective-C 3

the git clone of maccode on the google code || Central repository for useful code for Mac developers

Pluto-CMS Ruby 2

a WYDIWYS CMS powered by Rails framework

OAuthOniPhone Objective-C 2

Oauth On iPhone Platform

AudioStreamer * Objective-C 2

A streaming audio player class (AudioStreamer) for Mac OS X and iPhone.

twui * Objective-C 1

Core Animation based UI framework for Mac

Chameleon * Objective-C 1

Chameleon is a port of Apple's UIKit for iOS (and some minimal related frameworks) to Mac OS X.

hubot * CoffeeScript 0

A customizable, kegerator-powered life embetterment robot.

macdown * Objective-C 0

Open source Markdown editor for OS X.

OAuth2 Objective-C 0

rubyrb Ruby 0

ruby -ne

FastImageCache * 0

iOS library for quickly displaying images while scrolling

ixhan.com Ruby 0

source code for my blog ixhan.com. provided by octopress

objc_inject Objective-C 0

with a template file( some fake grammar inside) to help myself write objective-c inject codes easier

authy-ssh * Shell 0

Easy two-factor authentication for ssh servers

Specs * Ruby 0

A repository of CocoaPods (cocoapods.org) specifications.

xhan.github.com 0

xhan's blog

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