Googol Lee

Beijing, China
以下项目中名称有"*"标记的是forked项目;右边小圆圈里是星星数。 Go 2577 library for golang, a realtime application framework.

eviltransform Matlab 1602

Transport coordinate between earth(WGS-84) and mars in china(GCJ-02). Go 178 for golang, a transport-based cross-browser/cross-device bi-directional communication layer.

go-gcm Go 53

Go for GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) to push message to android device.

yaif Ruby 38

Yet Another IFttt

goimap Go 16

IMAP Library for Go

iaplocal Go 8

Go library that support Apple Local In-App Purchase (IAP) receipt processing.

proc Go 8

A command line tool to control processes during developing micro-service project.

git_immersion * Ruby 6

Git Immersion Training (initially given at RailsConf 2010)

wechat Go 6

WeChat framework in Golang

yyada2 PHP 5


styleguide * 4


oj Go 4

resolution of online judge challenges.

my_sys Shell 3

Some system files which created or used by me.

go_env Go 3

Talk in X to Go

go-zerodown Go 3

go-zerodown provides a listener which can shutdown gracefully and relaunch in another process.

air_on_g Makefile 1

my blog

machine-learning-ex Matlab 1

The program exercise of machine learning in coursera.

go-encoding Go 1

Some encoding implement for Go

codedeploy_test Shell 0 * Go 0

Mixin SuperGroup code

docker-filehost Dockerfile 0

File host

docker-frontend Dockerfile 0

Frontend in Docker

docker-transmission Dockerfile 0

My docker of transmission

benchmark_go_feature Go 0

homebrew-cask * Ruby 0

🍻 A CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries

dedrm-cask Ruby 0

The homebrew cask of DeDRM

unblock-media * JavaScript 0

A Chrome extension helping users access their web services while travelling outside mainland China.

sqlx Go 0

sql utility

dns-reverse-proxy * Python 0

A DNS server combined with a reverse proxy used for devices that cannot set up proxies easily

libdownload C 0

The library of download file

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Matlab 2 99.97% 1603
Go 25 99.90% 2857
Ruby 170 98.90% 44
Shell 1845 92.26% 3
PHP 2078 90.93% 5
更新于2019-02-07 05:43:18