Shenzhen, China

writings Ruby 965

[Closed] Source code of

alipay Ruby 719

Unofficial alipay ruby gem

campo Ruby 450

[Closed] Campo 3

code_campo Ruby 291

[Closed] Source code of

campo1 Ruby 113

[Closed] A lightweight BBS base on RoR and Mongodb

scribble * CSS 88

A really clean and minimal Jekyll theme.

asciidoctor-pdf-cjk-kai_gen_gothic Ruby 61

active_service Ruby 58

ActiveService is a service object framework.

vimrc VimL 49

my vimrc deploy backup

wmd-rails Ruby 32

WMDEditor for rails 3.1

asciidoctor-htmlbook Ruby 27

Asciidoctor HTMLBook is an Asciidoctor backend for converting AsciiDoc documents to HTMLBook documents.

qtalk C++ 16

*no longer maintained* A xmpp gui client base on Qt and qxmpp library.

rubyconfchina2015 Ruby 14

asciidoctor-pdf-cjk Ruby 13

nginx-init-ubuntu-passenger * Shell 13

Nginx init script for passenger on ubuntu

alipay-demo Ruby 12

asciidoctor-book-template Ruby 7

highlight_js-rails Ruby 7

[No maintained] Rails pipeline wraper for highlight.js

wmd * JavaScript 7

ChiperSoft fork of Open Library's branch of the WMD Editor. WMD is a javascript code editor and parser for the Markdown formatting language.

qxmpp C++ 5

*no sync with qxmpp svn repository*, use for my xmpp client

todomvc-stimulus * JavaScript 4

Stimulus TodoMVC example

snipmate-snippets * VimL 3

A collection of snippets for snipmate

campo-ui CSS 3

UI tookit for campo project

ruby-china * HTML 2

:circus_tent: Ruby China website source code.

blog_converter Ruby 2

a blog archive file converter. [Not be maintained]

rails-guides * HTML 1

The source of

turbolinks * CoffeeScript 1

Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster (use with Rails Asset Pipeline)

rubygems-mirror-verify Ruby 1

carrierwave-google-storage * Ruby 0

Carrierwave storage adapter that supports Google Cloud Storage and is based on gcloud library from Google

google-cloud-ruby * Ruby 0

Google Cloud Client Library for Ruby

rails * Ruby 0

Ruby on Rails

wechat * Ruby 0

API, command and message handling for WeChat in Rails

andor-rails-guides * Ruby 0

Rails Guides 中文版

asciidoctor-reveal.js * HTML 0

reveal.js backend templates for Asciidoctor, implemented in Slim

rails-frontend CSS 0

jekyll-kramdown-gfm Ruby 0

rails-application-templates * Ruby 0

rails application template应用模板,定制scaffold的i18n, 自带mina, devise, rails_settings_ui支持

atom * CoffeeScript 0

The hackable text editor

jquery-ujs * JavaScript 0

Ruby on Rails unobtrusive scripting adapter for jQuery

shadowsocks * 0

asciidoctor-epub3 * Ruby 0

:blue_book: Asciidoctor EPUB3 is a set of Asciidoctor extensions for converting AsciiDoc to EPUB3 & KF8/MOBI.

progit2-zh * CSS 0

guides * CSS 0

An effort to provide awesome documentation for the RubyGems ecosystem.

.atom CoffeeScript 0

My atom editor config

client_side_validations-mongoid * Ruby 0

Mongoid plugin for ClientSideValidations

asciidoctor-pdf * Ruby 0

Asciidoctor PDF: A native PDF renderer for AsciiDoc based on Asciidoctor and Prawn, written entirely in Ruby.

clojure-cookbook * 0

This is the home of O'Reilly's Clojure Cookbook -

middleman-base CSS 0

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