zen Swift 2835

iOS, macOS, Swift, Objective-C 心得

SwiftNotificationCenter Swift 631

A Protocol-Oriented NotificationCenter which is type safe, thread safe and with memory safety

SwiftTimer Swift 606

Simple and Elegant Timer

Celluloid Swift 548

The Best Photo Extension APP on iOS.

QRCatcher Objective-C 283

SwiftCssParser Swift 269

A Powerful , Extensible CSS Parser written in pure Swift.

MangoTools Objective-C 124

ColorPicker Objective-C 101

SwiftXMLParser Swift 3

Parse XML To Dictionary, Dictionary To XML.

BTSimpleRippleButton * Objective-C 3

This is a custom button with Ripple effect

the-swift-programming-language-in-chinese * CSS 1

中文版 Apple 官方 Swift 教程《The Swift Programming Language》

3D Swift 1

SwiftLayout Swift 1

CocoaHTTPServer * Objective-C 1

A small, lightweight, embeddable HTTP server for Mac OS X or iOS applications

antlr4 * Java 0

ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) is a powerful parser generator for reading, processing, executing, or translating structured text or binary files.

ImportSanitizer * 0

Files * 0

A nicer way to handle files & folders in Swift

kindaSyntax 0

Potatso * Swift 0

Potatso is an iOS client that implements Shadowsocks proxy with the leverage of NetworkExtension framework in iOS 9.

100mango.github.io HTML 0

go-common * Go 0

哔哩哔哩 bilibili 网站后台工程 源码

MMKV * C++ 0

An efficient, small mobile key-value storage framework developed by WeChat. Works on iOS and Android.

Hello Swift 0

Bond * Swift 0

A Swift binding framework

MZFormSheetPresentationController * Objective-C 0

MZFormSheetPresentationController provides an alternative to the native iOS UIModalPresentationFormSheet, adding support for iPhone and additional opportunities to setup UIPresentationController size and feel form sheet.

Async * Swift 0

Syntactic sugar in Swift for asynchronous dispatches in Grand Central Dispatch

BlocksKit * Objective-C 0

The Objective-C block utilities you always wish you had.

Surf * C 0

YYText * Objective-C 0

Powerful text framework for iOS to display and edit rich text.

UIColor-Hex-Swift * Swift 0

Convenience method for creating autoreleased color using RGBA hex string.

objc-zen-book-cn * Ruby 0

ObjC Zen Book 中文翻译

bezierPath Objective-C 0

PythonPractice Python 0

DataStructuresAndAlgorithm C 0

hackShanghai Objective-C 0

remind Objective-C 0

PythonChallenge OpenEdge ABL 0


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