Hangzhou, China

Meizhi Java 3399

gank.io unofficial client, RxJava & Retrofit. (The project is no longer actively maintained, we have a better project: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-android)

MultiType Java 2499

An Android library to create multiple item types list views easily and flexibly

MaterialDialog Java 1962

(Deprecated: This library is deprecated and you should use android.support.v7.app.AlertDialog instead. ) An Android dialog library, has strong extensibility, customizability, and for conveniently building Material Design Dialog in Android version 2.2 ~ L.

SmsCodeHelper Java 806

Can automatically copy the SMS code to the user's clipboard, when the user receives the message verification code. Material Design and open source: http://fir.im/codehelper (or Google Play "SmsCodeHelper")

CrashWoodpecker Java 566

(Deprecated) A nice and strong uncaught exception handler library, supports showing logs both on Logcat & Woodpecker and set an AlertDialog to help user to download a new stable application.

RecyclerViewWithHeaderNewPractice Java 547

A new implement of RecyclerView with HeaderViews

Seashell-app 485

(Deprecated)贝壳单词 APP Android 客户端。下载地址:http://app.mi.com/detail/65475 【开源的是初期版本,已经不推荐】

Floo Java 475

:octocat: An URL router supporting AOP, stack control, cross-page message, and dynamic routing.

rebase-android Java 438

Re-invent WordPress for mobile phone. API Document: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-api

LayoutFormatter Java 438

A formatter for your Android layout XML files. More powerful, and easier to use.

AndroidUIView Java 426

It's a very simple custom views library according to UIButton of iOS, all of the views can be automatically set a pressed effect to a button with a simple background image without writing a selector.xml

TimeMachine Java 388

It's an SDK that looks like IM, and the App module based on Agera & MultiType.

FingerTransparentView Java 359


Effective-MultiType 357

MailOtto Java 250

A mail box.

LabelView Java 203

Inherits from TextView, can set vertical and horizontal label to TextView // 继承 TextView,能够在 TextView 上下左右固定设置文本的 View

about-page Java 128

A nice about page based on MultiType, material design and easy to use.

BreathingViewHelper Java 119

It's a ViewHelper for setting a breathing effect background color of views. //一个简单的小工具类,用来设置警示 View 的呼吸式背景颜色

MultiTypeTemplates Java 118

An intellij idea plugin to generate MultiType Item and ItemViewBinder easily.

rebase-server Java 116

RESTful API server, based on Jersey 2, Java 8, MongoDB. API Document: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-api

QQSliddingMenu Java 115

和 QQ5.0 完全一模一样的侧滑菜单

retrofit-agera-call-adapter Java 115

Retrofit Agera Call Adapter

MaterialSettingsActivityDemo Java 94

Material Design 风格的设置页面

agera-event-bus Java 91

Agera Event Bus

SmartisanNote Kotlin 81

An unofficial Smartisan Notes, developed in Kotlin programming language.

ShapeLayout Java 52

通过 Path 将内容 views 切割成任意形状.

RecyclerQuickReturnDemo Java 46

A quick return demo like as Seashell app's English Corner effetct

BlackLight * Java 46

A light Sina Weibo Android client

DrakeetLoveBot Python 45

rebase-api 43

A RESTful API for everyone. Open Source: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-server

GenerousRecyclerView Java 43

解决 RecyclerView 使用 paddingTop & clipToPadding = false 时,上方透明区域 Touch 事件无法下传

Tel4Drakeet C 35

Telegram(unofficial, and base on official v3.1.3) by drakeet

Lunei Java 23

Lu Nei.

proguard-dict 14


drakeet.github.io CSS 9

kotlin-web-site-cn * JavaScript 7


AndroidLife * Java 6

Android Life

TelegramFork * C 6

Telegram for Android source

avalon-python Python 4


tabwrangler * JavaScript 3

google chrome extension to close some tabs at a user defined time

resources 2

My private resources

AndroidProcesses * Java 2

Get running processes on Android

smooth-app-bar-layout * Java 2

Smooth version of Google Support Design AppBarLayout

the-kotlin-programming-language 2

condom * Java 1

一个超轻超薄的 Android 工具库,阻止三方 SDK 中常见的严重影响用户体验的『链式唤醒』行为。(对应用自身的功能无影响)

android-testing * Java 1

A collection of samples demonstrating different frameworks and techniques for automated testing

agera * Java 1

Reactive Programming for Android

greedo-layout-for-android * Java 1

Full aspect ratio grid LayoutManager for Android's RecyclerView

side-project-marketing * HTML 0

A checklist of tactics for marketing your side projects.

github-desktop-protocol-fix * JavaScript 0

Github Desktop Protocol Handler Fix

pysonar2 * Java 0

interpreters * Scheme 0

Example interpreters for education purposes

android-agera * Java 0

android-fat-aar * 0

Gradle script that allows you to merge and embed dependencies in generted aar file

FindViewByMe * Java 0

A plugin for android developer, with the plugin you can generate "findViewById" code quickly.

AndFix * C++ 0

AndFix is a library that offer hot-fix for Android App.

android-xml-sorter * Java 0

Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for sort xml by name="xxx".

objectify * Java 0

Android Object Preference Loader

doc * JavaScript 0


shadowsocks-go * Go 0

go port of shadowsocks

shadowsocks-auth * Go 0

带有用户和流量统计的 shadowsocks

shadowsocks * Python 0

Something happened

shadowsocks-android * C 0

A Shadowsocks client for Android

markers * Java 0

Sample app demonstrating use of Android touch APIs for pressure-sensitive drawing.

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