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Meizhi Java 3145

gank.io unofficial client, RxJava & Retrofit. (The project is no longer actively maintained, we have a better project: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-android)

MaterialDialog Java 1805

(Deprecated)An Android dialog library, has strong extensibility, customizability, and for conveniently building Material Design Dialog in Android version 2.2 ~ L.

MultiType Java 1593

An Android library to retrofit multiple item view types

SmsCodeHelper Java 780

Can automatically copy the SMS code to the user's clipboard, when the user receives the message verification code. Material Design and open source: http://fir.im/codehelper (or Google Play "SmsCodeHelper")

CrashWoodpecker Java 532

A nice and strong uncaught exception handler library, supports showing logs both on Logcat & Woodpecker and set an AlertDialog to help user to download a new stable application.

RecyclerViewWithHeaderNewPractice Java 528

A new implement of RecyclerView with HeaderViews

Seashell-app 473

(Deprecated)贝壳单词 APP Android 客户端。下载地址:http://app.mi.com/detail/65475 【开源的是初期版本,已经不推荐】

AndroidUIView Java 401

It's a very simple custom views library according to UIButton of iOS, all of the views can be automatically set a pressed effect to a button with a simple background image without writing a selector.xml

LayoutFormatter Java 390

Retrofit your Android layout XML files. More powerful, and easier to use.

FingerTransparentView Java 349


TimeMachine Java 287

It's an SDK that looks like IM, and the App module based on Agera & MultiType.

MailOtto Java 252

A mail box.

rebase-android Java 217

Re-invent WordPress for mobile phone. API Document: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-api

Effective-MultiType 208

LabelView Java 192

Inherits from TextView, can set vertical and horizontal label to TextView // 继承 TextView,能够在 TextView 上下左右固定设置文本的 View

BreathingViewHelper Java 119

It's a ViewHelper for setting a breathing effect background color of views. //一个简单的小工具类,用来设置警示 View 的呼吸式背景颜色

retrofit-agera-call-adapter Java 107

Retrofit Agera Call Adapter

QQSliddingMenu Java 105

和 QQ5.0 完全一模一样的侧滑菜单

rebase-server Java 96

RESTful API server, based on Jersey 2, Java 8, MongoDB. API Document: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-api

MaterialSettingsActivityDemo Java 93

Material Design 风格的设置页面

agera-event-bus Java 91

Agera Event Bus

about-page Java 89

A nice about page based on MultiType, material design and easy to use.

MultiTypeTemplates Java 81

An intellij idea plugin to generate MultiType Item and ItemViewProvider easily.

SmartisanNote Kotlin 76

An unofficial Smartisan Notes, developed in Kotlin programming language.

ShapeLayout Java 51

通过 Path 将内容 views 切割成任意形状.

RecyclerQuickReturnDemo Java 47

A quick return demo like as Seashell app's English Corner effetct

BlackLight * Java 45

A light Sina Weibo Android client

GenerousRecyclerView Java 41

解决 RecyclerView 使用 paddingTop & clipToPadding = false 时,上方透明区域 Touch 事件无法下传

DrakeetLoveBot Python 36

rebase-api 35

A RESTful API for everyone. Open Source: https://github.com/drakeet/rebase-server

Tel4Drakeet C 35

Telegram(unofficial, and base on official v3.1.3) by drakeet

Lunei Java 22

Lu Nei.

drakeet.github.io CSS 8

AndroidLife * Java 6

Android Life

TelegramFork * C 6

Telegram for Android source

kotlin-web-site-cn * JavaScript 6


avalon-python Python 4


tabwrangler * JavaScript 3

google chrome extension to close some tabs at a user defined time

AndroidProcesses * Java 2

Get running processes on Android

smooth-app-bar-layout * Java 2

Smooth version of Google Support Design AppBarLayout

the-kotlin-programming-language 2

android-testing * Java 1

A collection of samples demonstrating different frameworks and techniques for automated testing

agera * Java 1

Reactive Programming for Android

greedo-layout-for-android * Java 1

Full aspect ratio grid LayoutManager for Android's RecyclerView

android-agera * Java 0

android-fat-aar * 0

Gradle script that allows you to merge and embed dependencies in generted aar file

FindViewByMe * Java 0

A plugin for android developer, with the plugin you can generate "findViewById" code quickly.

AndFix * C++ 0

AndFix is a library that offer hot-fix for Android App.

android-xml-sorter * Java 0

Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for sort xml by name="xxx".

objectify * Java 0

Android Object Preference Loader

doc * JavaScript 0


shadowsocks-go * Go 0

go port of shadowsocks

shadowsocks-auth * Go 0

带有用户和流量统计的 shadowsocks

shadowsocks * Python 0

Something happened

shadowsocks-android * C 0

A Shadowsocks client for Android

markers * Java 0

Sample app demonstrating use of Android touch APIs for pressure-sensitive drawing.

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