Yong Yuan

Beijing China

CNN-for-Image-Retrieval Matlab 460

:sunrise:The code of post "Image retrieval using MatconvNet and pre-trained imageNet"

awesome-cbir-papers 348

📝Awesome and classical image retrieval papers

hashing-baseline-for-image-retrieval Matlab 313

:octocat:Various hashing methods for image retrieval and serves as the baselines

pcv-book-code Python 268


flask-keras-cnn-image-retrieval Python 185

🚀CNN-based image retrieval built on Keras

cnn-cbir-benchmark Python 77

CNN CBIR benchmark (ongoing)

CNN-for-Face-Image-Retrieval Matlab 73

:apple:Face image rerieval

cvtk C 65

CVTK, a computer vision toolkit

practical-python-and-opencv TeX 65

:green_apple:Latex: translate the book practical python and opencv to Chinese

image-retrieval C++ 60

image retrieval

SeetaFaceLib C++ 56

:peach: SeetaFace for Xcode and Qt

opencv-practical-code C++ 55


py-cbir-image-search-engine Python 37

This is a image search engine based on BoW model

willard-yuan.github.io CSS 36

💎My homepage

my-awesome-awesomeness 14


pupil-vision C++ 10

my-cv-and-resume TeX 8

:coffee:My resume for a job

SoTu * Python 8

Bag of Visual Feature with Hamming Enbedding, Reranking

practical-cbir-handbook TeX 6

A book tries to give some guide for content-based image retrieval

pcvwithpython CSS 6

Programming Computer Vision with Python中译本

blcf Python 5

BoVW C++ 5

A c++ implemention of bag of virtual words

sparse-reconstruction-hashing Matlab 5

The code of "Learning Hash Functions Using Sparse Reconstruction"

pkbigdata-image-search 4


qt-learning C++ 3

Notes and codes to learn Qt

machine-learning-notebook Jupyter Notebook 3

:notebook:My machine learning notebook

dive-into-caffe 3

lost in caffe

sift-match-with-ransac C++ 2

mykit Python 1

Computer Vision ToolKit

BinaryCvMat * C++ 1

Save and Load cv::Mat as a binary file.

pic CSS 1

:globe_with_meridians: :tomato: PicSearch: CNN web demo for image retrieval

habir CSS 1

Project site of various hashing methods for image retrieval and serves as the baselines

zh-case-studies CSS 1

Case Studies 中译本

image-retrieval-based-on-Zernike Matlab 1

yael * C 0

Fork of INRIA's YAEL library

bytecoin * C++ 0

CryptoNote protocol implementation

dlib-practice C++ 0

ios-apps-learning Swift 0

libpupil 0

easyIDCards C++ 0

libvot * C++ 0

A multithread library for image retrieval

sha JavaScript 0

A university classmate

coding-training HTML 0


color-splash-web-service JavaScript 0

Pygmentize your code online!

simplePage CSS 0

awesome-website-design 0


matlab-utils Matlab 0

useful utils for myself

careerline HTML 0

wedding JavaScript 0

django-books-pro JavaScript 0

The website of chongchongshuba

utils-and-config-files Python 0

My config files to make life easy!

MultiIndex * C++ 0

Research code implementing inverted multiindex structure

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Matlab 4 99.93% 852
TeX 31 99.59% 79
C++ 214 99.55% 192
Python 244 99.64% 581
C 519 98.78% 65
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