Jason Lee

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redis-search Ruby 703

Deprecated! High performance real-time prefix search, indexes store in Redis for Rails application

quora JavaScript 675

Quora.com like project with Ruby on Rails (不再维护)

rails-settings-cached * Ruby 625

This is improved from rails-settings, added caching for all settings

init.d 600

⚙️ Batch scripts for Rails production environment install on Ubuntu Server.

flora-kit Go 597

💐 基于 shadowsocks-go 做的完善实现,自动网络分流,完全兼容 Surge 的配置文件。

rucaptcha C 498

Captcha gem for Rails Application. No dependencies. No ImageMagick, No RMagick.

social-share-button CoffeeScript 478

Helper for add social share feature in your Rails app. Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Douban ...

PokemonGoMove Python 400

Pokemon GO iOS GPS Emulator - NO Jailbreak needed, lets you play the game on your Mac :)

imax.im Ruby 374

:clapper: Source code of IMAX.im

mediom Go 311

Forum web application, an example for from Rails to Go (Revel)

jquery.qeditor CoffeeScript 259

This is a simple WYSIWYG editor with jQuery.

carrierwave-aliyun Ruby 166

阿里云 OSS Ruby 上传组件,基于 Carrierwave

auto-correct Ruby 92


personlab Ruby 73


vimmate VimL 72

Custom vim like Textmate for Ruby on Rails development

mongoid_auto_increment_id Ruby 68

Override id field to MySQL like auto increment for Mongoid.

sails Ruby 66

Create a Thrift Server use like Rails

gobackup Go 65

🗄 Simple tool for backup your databases, files to FTP / SCP / S3 storages.

pasite Ruby 58

Share your sources code on the web, see the http://pasite.org

react-rails-example JavaScript 48

This is an example of using React in Rails application and use webpacker

rubygems-mirror * Ruby 36

The `gem mirror` RubyGems command, creates local mirrors of all gems from a remote gem source.

rails_templates Ruby 33

我对 Rails 默认模板的定制,下载放进 项目的 lib 目录

hello-go Go 30

入门 Go 编写应用

redmine-theme-innerboard 27

Innerboard theme for Redmine

cocoaout Ruby 26

Auto build and release tool for Cocoa projects.

redis-search-example JavaScript 25

An example for use redis-search gem

gitlab-mail-receiver Ruby 24

The way of allow your GitLab support Email receive and parse the email content, and find Issue/MergeRequest to create reply.

jquery.lazyimg CoffeeScript 23

Image lazy load plugin for jQuery, fork from jquery.unveil to improve performance with huge DOMs.

mongoid_taggable_on Ruby 17

Taggable on custom fields for Mongoid

acts_as_views_count Ruby 15

rails plugin help you easy to total views_count with Models, it can delay in cache.

backup-aliyun Ruby 13

Aliyun OSS storage with Backup

chinese_pinyin * Ruby 13

translate chinese hanzi to pinyin

jdialog JavaScript 12

a jQuery popup window plugin

ip-location Ruby 10

通过淘宝 IP 库查询 IP 所在地域位置 http://ip.taobao.com

has_messages * Ruby 9

Demonstrates a reference implementation for sending messages between users

html-pipeline Crystal 5

HTML processing filters and utilities for Crystal.

train * Go 5

Asset Management for web app using Golang.

booklib PHP 5

php + Codeigniter Library management tool

remarkdown Crystal 4

This is extends of Markdown lib from Crystal Stdlib for Support Markdown GFM.

huacnlee.github.com HTML 4

My blog html files.

tinytopic Ruby 3

clone with qiushibaike.com with Ruby on Rails, simple topic forum with mobile

jselectdate JavaScript 2

jQuery date choice control with dropdown list

sunspot_chinese_example * Shell 2

sunspot, solr and mmseg4j integration example

micro-web-simple Go 1

rails * Ruby 1

Ruby on Rails

capistrano-upload-configs Ruby 1

Capistrano plugin for Upload local config files to remote, and create soft link.

jimagelink JavaScript 1


iPress JavaScript 1

A multiple blog build on nyara framework.

rubygems.org * HTML 1

The Ruby community's gem hosting service.

timeago * Go 1

Go package for time formating based on current time (eg: "3 hours ago")

sequelpro * Objective-C 1

MySQL database management for Mac OS X

Colors * Objective-C 1

Colors is a small and convenient color snatcher for OS X.

jcaches JavaScript 1

client side cache with Javascript

book * Rust 0

The Rust Programming Language

cacheman * JavaScript 0

Small and efficient cache provider for Node.JS with In-memory, File, Redis and MongoDB engines

vscode-macos-classic.theme Makefile 0

macOS Classic theme for Visual Studio Code

textiler * Go 0

Textile converter for Go

homepage * HTML 0

rubyonrails.org site anno 2015

vscode-blackboard-plus.theme 0

Visual Studio Code - Blackboard Plus Theme

awesome-rails-gem * Ruby 0

A collection of awesome Ruby Gems for Rails development.

mackup * Python 0

Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)

Light-Classic.tmTheme 0

Improve of TextMate Light Theme from Mac Classic

heroku-buildpack-mediom * Shell 0

Go support for Heroku

aliyun-oss-ruby-sdk * Ruby 0

Ruby SDK for Aliyun Open Simple Storage

rouge * Ruby 0

A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments http://rouge.jneen.net/

gitlabhq * Ruby 0

GitLab is version control for your server

doorkeeper * Ruby 0

Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails and Grape

backup * Ruby 0

Backup is a RubyGem, written for UNIX-like operating systems, that allows you to easily perform backup operations on both your remote, as well as your local environment. It provides you with an elegant DSL in Ruby for modeling (configuring) your backups. Backup has built-in support for various databases, storage protocols/services, syncers, compressors, encryptors and notifiers which you can mix and match. It was built with modularity, extensibility and simplicity in mind.

cmd * Go 0

Command line tools for Revel.

revel * Go 0

A high productivity, full-stack web framework for the Go language.

gorm * Go 0

The fantastic ORM library for Golang, aims to be developer friendly

betterspecs * CSS 0

RSpec Best Practices

carrierwave * 0

Classier solution for file uploads for Rails, Sinatra and other Ruby web frameworks

redis-migrator * Ruby 0

Redis-migrator is a tool to redistribute keys in your redis cluster when its topography has changed.

www.ruby-lang.org * CSS 0

Source of the www.ruby-lang.org site

nyara * Ruby 0

Fast and fuzzy ruby web framework + server

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Ruby 6 99.96% 2426
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C 60 99.83% 498
JavaScript 259 99.64% 765
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