Jason Lee

Alipay Inc.
Chengdu, China

flora-kit Go 826

💐 基于 shadowsocks-go 做的完善实现,自动网络分流,完全兼容 Surge 的配置文件。

redis-search Ruby 713

Deprecated! High performance real-time prefix search, indexes store in Redis for Rails application

rails-settings-cached * Ruby 702

This is improved from rails-settings, added caching for all settings

quora JavaScript 678

Quora.com like project with Ruby on Rails (不再维护)

init.d 630

⚙️ Batch scripts for Rails production environment install on Ubuntu Server.

rucaptcha C 552

Captcha gem for Rails Application. No dependencies. No ImageMagick, No RMagick.

social-share-button CoffeeScript 510

Helper for add social share feature in your Rails app. Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Douban ...

PokemonGoMove Python 399

Pokemon GO iOS GPS Emulator - NO Jailbreak needed, lets you play the game on your Mac :)

imax.im Ruby 372

:clapper: Source code of IMAX.im

mediom Go 350

Forum web application, an example for from Rails to Go (Revel)

jquery.qeditor CoffeeScript 261

This is a simple WYSIWYG editor with jQuery.

gobackup Go 180

🗄 Simple tool for backup your databases, files to FTP / SCP / S3 storages.

carrierwave-aliyun Ruby 178

阿里云 OSS Ruby 上传组件,基于 Carrierwave

auto-correct Ruby 105


vimmate VimL 72

Custom vim like Textmate for Ruby on Rails development

personlab Ruby 71


mongoid_auto_increment_id Ruby 69

Override id field to MySQL like auto increment for Mongoid.

sails Ruby 69

Create a Thrift Server use like Rails

react-rails-example JavaScript 57

This is an example of using React in Rails application and use webpacker

pasite Ruby 57

Share your sources code on the web, see the http://pasite.org

activestorage-aliyun Ruby 51

Wraps the Aliyun OSS as an Active Storage service.

hello-go Go 42

入门 Go 编写应用

redmine-theme-innerboard 27

Innerboard theme for Redmine

redis-search-example JavaScript 25

An example for use redis-search gem

cocoaout Ruby 25

Auto build and release tool for Cocoa projects.

gitlab-mail-receiver Ruby 24

The way of allow your GitLab support Email receive and parse the email content, and find Issue/MergeRequest to create reply.

jquery.lazyimg CoffeeScript 23

Image lazy load plugin for jQuery, fork from jquery.unveil to improve performance with huge DOMs.

mongoid_taggable_on Ruby 17

Taggable on custom fields for Mongoid

ip-location Ruby 13

通过淘宝 IP 库查询 IP 所在地域位置 http://ip.taobao.com

backup-aliyun Ruby 13

Aliyun OSS storage with Backup

jdialog JavaScript 12

a jQuery popup window plugin

rails-activestorage-example Ruby 11

Rails use Active Storage the right way

html-pipeline Crystal 7

HTML processing filters and utilities for Crystal.

huacnlee.github.com HTML 5

My blog html files.

docker-rails Ruby 5

Deploy Rails via Docker example

booklib PHP 5

php + Codeigniter Library management tool

train * Go 5

Asset Management for web app using Golang.

remarkdown Crystal 4

This is extends of Markdown lib from Crystal Stdlib for Support Markdown GFM.

jselectdate JavaScript 2

jQuery date choice control with dropdown list

vscode-macos-classic.theme Makefile 1

macOS Classic theme for Visual Studio Code

Light-Classic.tmTheme 1

Improve of TextMate Light Theme from Mac Classic

vscode-blackboard-plus.theme 1

Visual Studio Code - Blackboard Plus Theme

jimagelink JavaScript 1


jcaches JavaScript 1

client side cache with Javascript

micro-web-simple Go 1

capistrano-upload-configs Ruby 1

Capistrano plugin for Upload local config files to remote, and create soft link.

rubygems.org * HTML 1

The Ruby community's gem hosting service.

timeago * Go 1

Go package for time formating based on current time (eg: "3 hours ago")

rucaptcha-test Ruby 0

mobiledoc-html-renderer * Ruby 0

MobileDoc HTML Renderer for Ruby

test 0

rails * Ruby 0

Ruby on Rails

ruby-sass * Ruby 0

The original, now deprecated Ruby implementation of Sass

devise * Ruby 0

Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.

nokogiri * Java 0

Nokogiri (鋸) is a Rubygem providing HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parsers with XPath and CSS selector support.

sass * Ruby 0

Sass makes CSS fun again.

sidekiq-scheduler * Ruby 0

Lightweight job scheduler extension for Sidekiq

actiontext * Ruby 0

Edit and display rich text in Rails applications

rails-docker-build * Dockerfile 0

Dockerized AWS CLI

www.ruby-lang.org * Ruby 0

Source of the https://www.ruby-lang.org website.

marcel * Ruby 0

Find the mime type of files, examining file, filename and declared type

ruby.tmbundle * Ruby 0

TextMate support for Ruby

aliyun-oss-ruby-sdk * Ruby 0

Aliyun OSS SDK for Ruby

sequelize * JavaScript 0

An easy-to-use multi SQL dialect ORM for Node.js

homepage * HTML 0

rubyonrails.org site anno 2015

awesome-rails-gem * Ruby 0

A collection of awesome Ruby Gems for Rails development.

mackup * Python 0

Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)

heroku-buildpack-mediom * Shell 0

Go support for Heroku

cmd * Go 0

Command line tools for Revel.

revel * Go 0

A high productivity, full-stack web framework for the Go language.

gorm * Go 0

The fantastic ORM library for Golang, aims to be developer friendly

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Go 40 99.83% 1405
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